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If today is your birthday, you are an Aquarius.

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Forecast for: November 26, 2020 - December 31, 2020

Cancer (the Crab)
June 22 - July 22

By focusing yourself on others, you stand to gain much more than by openly promoting yourself -- and as others will gain also, it's a policy that bears consideration.
a) Best Connector: Scorpio, Pisces, (good with Virgo)
b) Key: Inconsistent (if they dislike you)
c) Symbol: The Crab -emotional and can be manipulative
d) Planet Ruler: Moon – family-oriented, not comfortable with much fire
e) Sign Element: Water: Cardinal – imitators of the zodiac

12-01-2020 thru 12-15-2020: Leisure
12-16-2020 thru 12-31-2020: Travel

*** *** COSMIC SUGGESTION re YOUR RULING PLANET “Moon” … …… ……………… You are in an in-out, love/hate relationship with the more conservative sides of life. As soon as a bright idea looks acceptable, it gets cut down again. Best to make your plays short and sweet so you can get out before things start to turn around again. For success, mobility will be everything.

12-01-2020 thru 12-11-2020: 08 10
12-12-2020 thru 12-24-2020: 13 14 16
12-25-2020 thru 12-31-2020: 23 26 28

----- Special Notation ----------MESSAGE FROM THE COSMOS: Taking chances may not be something want to do this cycle - remember, if you decide to take a risk – caution and wise thinking is imperative. (Risk, Gaming, Etc. for all sign) New knowledge of the Solar System and the movement of the ruling planet for all signs of the zodiac gives greater breath and new vitality for taking risk of all kinds; however, BEING WISE IS EXTREMELY IMPERATIVE; and, at all cost: “PRUDENCE” MUST BE HEEDED WITH ALL “RISK” UNDERTAKINGS!

*** *** “GREEN LIGHT” DATES FOR TAKING RISK: (i.e. Risk, Gaming, Etc.) Interpretation of new planet aspects this forecast cycle shows a positive indication for the following dates when it comes to taking all types of entertainment “risk”:
12-01-2020 thru 12-11-2020: 08 010 11
12-12-2020 thru 12-24-2020: 23 24
12-25-2020 thru 12-31-2020: 29 30

*** *** THE “NORTH NODE” is a COSMIC FORCE – for your zodiacal Sun sign – The “north Node” aspect represents the path needed to cultivate a life that will have great worth as you prepare for the months ahead. – As such; specifically, for this particular forecast, the Cosmic Message for your birth sign is this: You may have to spend some time combating overinflated or erroneous tales about who you are or what you do -- or, on the other hand, you could go about living up to them! Probably neither will have much long-term effect and things will return to normal before long, so be ready to stabilize when it comes.

12-01-2020 THRU 12-15-2020:
a) Love/love-commitment: ------------------@ 90.00% …
b) Emotions during crisis moments:---------@ 00.15% …
c) Intuition and inner-voice guidance: ------@ 00.75% …

12-16-2020 THRU 12-31-2020:
a) Creativity and inspiration and inventiveness ----------@ 85.00% …
b) Career advancement probabilities: ----------------- -- @ 80.00%…
c) Savings for the future /current Investment-gains: --- @ 00.12%…

*** *** SUPERIOR PLANET INFLUENCES: Aspects from the Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have orbits larger than planet Earth, as such, the following ratings apply due to their new influences this cycle: -
Personal Relationship – “steadfastness” -------- @ 84.25%
Prospects (unexpected gains) -------------------- @ 00.25%
Risk “entertainment” (Gaming, Secret Chances)- @ 00.01%

These showers are the king of the meteor showers – they will radiate from the constellation Gemini tonight – the Cosmic Message for your sign is this:
Where you would like the world to be (and believe it to be) finds grappling conflict with perceived reality, forcing a periodic reworking of inner drive to fit things as they are.

12-01-2020 thru 12-15-2020: Understanding
12-16-2020 thru 12-31-2020: Cooperative

12-01-2020 thru 12-10-2020: @ 9am
12-16-2020 thru 12-31-2020: @ 6am

*** *** NEW MOON – DECEMBER 14TH… …---- On today - you have the beginning of “the money cycle” for all signs of the zodiac - due to the position of the “Outer Planets” and their effect of a toggling New Moon; as such ... ... “DO YOUR WISH LIST TODAY AND INCLUDE FINANCES” --- “PEN NOT LESS THAN A TOTAL OF 8-10 DESIRES” --- the Moon will be located on the same side of the Earth as the Sun and will not be visible in the night skies - HAVE FAITH AND BELIEVE YOUR DESIRES WILL BE MET WITH SUCCESSFUL OUTCOMES! --- ITS THAT TIME AGAIN – BUT FOR THIS PARTICULAR NEW MOON YOU NEED NOT LESS THAN 8-10 DESIRES ON YOUR WISH LIST:

12-01-2020 thru 12-15-2020: 15
12-16-2020 thru 12-31-2020: 20 22

*** *** TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE – DECEMBER 14TH – The path of this eclipse will only be visible in most part of Southern South America – over the South eastern Pacific Ocean and across the Southern Atlantic Ocean. You have a Cosmic Message due to the eclipse completely blocking the Sun. For today, your Cosmic Message is this: You may be thinking that your physical appearance needs fixing, but you're not satisfied with what can be done about it. This may not be of your own making, but rather from feedback in
other areas you're paying more attention to. Don't let others, or your involvement in them, dictate your image.

*** *** WINTER SOLSTICE – DECEMBER 21ST – this is the first day of the WINTER SEASON in the Northern Hemisphere – the South Pole is tilted toward the Sun … … your Cosmic Message todays is this: Do it yourself, in your own time, to your own satisfaction. You may find your inner and outer realities coming into often serious but actually pointless conflict, so your best bet may be to separate them insofar as you are able.

** ** ** (for better successes) “AVOID THE FOLLOWING”:
12-01-2020 thru 12-15-2020: revealing plan too soon
12-16-2020 thru 12-31-2020: being overly possessive

12-01-2020 thru 12-15-2020: keeping things more secretive
12-16-2020 thru 12-31-2020: being more thrifty

*** ***URSIDS METEOR SHOWERS – DECEMBER 21ST – 22ND this is the last major shooting star dance of the year 2020; and because the star dance radiates from the constellation Ursa Minor there’s a Cosmic Message for your sign which is this: For the moment, they will be mutually self-defeating, simply causing confusion and bewilderment when reality
betrays fantasy.

- Personal Relationships: --- -@ 80.00%
- Physical Well-being: ------ ---@ 90.75%
- Lucky Breaks:------------------@ 00.75%
- Financial Gains: ------------ --@ 00.50%

*** *** FULL MOON – DECEMBER 30TH – This Moon has 4 names, it is called the Cold Moon, Full Moon, Long Night Moon and the Yule Moon … … The Moon will be located on the opposite side of the Earth as the Sun and will be fully illuminated – your “Cosmic Message is this: Long, regular pumps of energy will be flowing into your system for a time, with a new major
surge coming along just when you need a major boost to carry you along a notch further

*** *** (Sun Aspects) 12-01-2020 thru 12-15-2020
Re: Profession ---------- Allegiance/Dependability --- @ 100
Re: Forethought ------ - Financial Growth ------------ @ 00.50%

*** (Sun Aspects) 12-15-2020 thru 12-31-2020
Re: Obligation ---------- Devotion) -------------------- @ 90.00%
Re: Declarations ------- Set-asides/time for self ----- @ 00.25%

- “Miracle” Blessing – unexpected gain------- ------@ 75.00%
- “Financial Gain” Re, Additions to Savings: --- - ----@ 00.25%
- “Lucky Streaks” – Re: Wage Increase: ------------ -@ 00.05%
- “Unexpected” Re, Gaming, (gains if applicable): ---@ 00.01%

Just a reminder, the “winter equinox” – is Tuesday - Decenber21st 2020 – on this night you will be able to witness the awesomeness provided by a Higher Power. These 2 planets align with each other every 20 years forming a “conjunction” in the skies. Planet Jupiter is generous (in my opinion) and it’s expansive – I believe it allows for growth and planet Saturn is rather restrictive, it guarantees one the benefits of “karma” – I also believe planet Saturn allow situations that are challenging and the situations allows you the benefit to overcome. So … on the night of the 2020 Winter Solstice, December 21st … … the solar system’s largest two planets will be on top of each other in the sky … … (I think you can see this conjunction in the southwestern sky.
BOTTOMLINE: “try not to miss this awesome force of nature”. (planet placements like this) … because conjunctions that are similar won’t be this close in the skies again until year 2080 close to the Spring Ingress … around the 14th or 15th of the month of March.

*** *** 2020-ADVERSE “Alert” COSMIC EFFECTS
(re: the Jupiter Saturn “conjunction” in the skies)
– Alert message is this: Please, please, please if you can “wear a mask” – social distance – be repetitive with the washing of your hands, - try to avoid large crowds – follow the rules from the scientist – because the Rider of a Pale Horse is still making its long ride across the land – his name is “death”. Also, we still have very bad effects taking hold – and that is the Rider of a Black Horse and his name is “famine”. – Effective “now” … … There is an unexplained overwhelming hunger and starvation occurrence taking hold – please-please-please if you can “store your survival foods” – even if you have enough food – there are masses out of work and these are people with families that will be starving and so many children that will be hungry in overwhelming numbers. (Be alert is the message for all signs of the zodiac). BOTTOM LINE: (it’s all in the numbers) I am placing this notice in the horoscopes because some of you may not be listening. “HARSHNESS – SEVERITY and BLEAKNESS” DEATH AND FAMINE IS COVERING THE LAND!

** ** ** IMPORTANT… … … Check the Menu and click-on for Review all other pages on this site: PASSAGE … … … Make time for self - where possible - utilize time and set aside quiet moments and read the “PASSAGE” page that’s on this website for a renewed Inspirational feeling; and, WORLD FORECAST AND PREDICTIONS: … … Review the POINT OF VIEW PAGE and review the WORLD EVENTS page for forecast and predictions effective this cycle and beyond!

A close look at slower moving “outer planets” around each zodiacal sign is taken into consideration in order to give you accuracy for this forecast cycle … new planet aspects re the transit of “inner planets” and transit of the toggling Moon are noted as well for each particular sign as well. … … … …NOVEMBER 26TH THROUGH DECEMBER 31ST 2020 horoscope posting for each zodiacal sign is based “specifically” on new planetary effects for the time period specified for this particular posting.

** ** ** NEXT POSTING DATE: - January 1st 2021

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