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If today is your birthday, you are a Libra.

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Forecast for: August 29, 2020 - October 2, 2020

Capricorn (the Goat)
December 23 - January 20

This is a good time to let your hair down and enjoy before someone else lets it down instead. Let urge carry you, as tight schedules will get snarled if you fight it. R&R is not just time off, its renewal, putting more in the pipeline on return. Feelings and desires may tug and roil around you, and trying to cut an even balance may be a challenge. This cycles’ beginnings may mature into tomorrow's turmoil, so don't fly off the handle and don't jump into something you're not sure of. Let the waters settle until tomorrow, (or until another time) then decide on it.

a) Best Connector: Virgo, Taurus, Libra and Cancer
b) Key: Always seeking common-ground; dislikes chaos
c) Symbol: The Goat – believes in rules and order
d) Planet Ruler: Saturn: loyal when it comes to friendships
e) Sign Element: Earth: Cardinal – serious-minded; loves structure

You've got extra support if you look for it. It's a good time to crank up your creativity and give birth to something new and exciting. You can do it by yourself, but you might find you get further if you draw other people into your plans and use their willing help to propel your propositions forward. Also, a note to place in memory is this: For goodness sake stop and look at where you are now and put initiatives in place NOW for the future. In the past, you’ve made some very unstable decisions that cost you mentally and financially … … stop and reflect … … for goodness sake do not make the same mistake a fourth time! - [this is just a word of caution, you gotta start making better decisions when it comes to your personal life … .. don’t just accept anything cause it makes you feel good … … get ah life and make better decisions moving forward cause right now … … you don’t have a lotta time to make correct adjustments].

Stupendous - Aries, Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius
First-rate - Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Capricorn
Tolerable - Virgo, Scorpio

a) 08-28-2020 thru 09-11-2020 – am hours: Aug. 28 29 31 and Sept. 5 6 9
b) 09-12-2020 thru 10-02-2020 – pm hours: Sept. 15 and Oct. 02

** ** ** FULL MOON – SEPTEMBER 2ND 2020 – The Moon will be located on the opposite side of the Earth as the Sun and fully illuminated. This full moon has another name – it is the “Corn Moon” to some people – but, for your natal sign, your Cosmic Message during this forecast cycle is this: Occasional outbursts can get your "startle reflex" going and you may feel a bit jumpy for no particular reason. Welcome or unwelcome, surprises could be around the corner, so perk up your ears and give a listen so you won't get taken by surprise. Those footsteps you hear might herald welcome aid or annoying trouble.

a) 08-28-2020 thru 09-11-2020 – Strength
b) 09-12-2020 thru 10-02-2020 – Passion

** ** ** RISK (GAMING, ETC.)
Message from the Cosmos: Taking chances may not be something want to do this cycle - remember, if you decide to take a risk – caution and wise thinking is imperative. New knowledge of the Solar System and the movement of the ruling planet for all signs of the zodiac gives greater breath and new vitality for taking risk of all kinds; however, being wise is extremely imperative; and, at all cost: “prudence” must be heeded with all “risk” undertakings! For your Sun sign the following information is currently applicable when it comes to taking “risk” … (*SEE BELOW)

** ** ** GREEN “Light” DATES: (*SEE ABOVE)
a) 08-28-2020 thru 09-11-2020 – Aug 29 31 and Sep 9 10
b) 09-12-2020 thru 10-02-2020 – Sep 14 22 28 and Oct 1st

** ** ** PLANET NEPTUNE AT OPPOSITION – SEPTEMBER 11TH 2020: - Planet Neptune will be at its closest approach to the Earth and will be fully illuminated to the Sun; so, for your natal sign, your Cosmic Message today and the balance of this forecast cycle is this: Friends and acquaintances smile on you and compliments received now are worth putting on your resumé. Give as well as you receive and the circle of admiration will continue. You don't have to struggle to look good, and a casual appearance will do just as well as dress up.

a) 08-28-2020 thru 09-11-2020 – making better choices
b) 09-12-2020 thru 10-02-2020 – select wisely “think before you act”

** ** ** NEW MOON – SEPTEMBER 17TH 2020 – This Moon will be located on the same side of the Earth as the Sun and will “not” be visible in the night skies; – (THIS IS YOUR TEST . . “PUT YOUR FAITH FIRST”) - this is the date to do that “WISH LIST” for this forecast cycle. Even though the Moon will be located on the same side of the Earth as the Sun and will not be visible tonight in the sky – “pen those desires” NOT LESS THAN 8-10 ON YOUR LIST - believe your requirements will come true! – Good Luck!

a) 08-28-2020 thru 09-11-2020 – Self-assurance
b) 09-12-2020 thru 10-02-2020 – Self-preservation

** ** ** (SUN ASPECTS) % Avg. Re NEW TRANSITS:
a) Career ----------------Allegiance/Dependability ------- @ 100%
b) Prudence--------------Financial Growth ---------------- @ 00.75%
c) Commitment----------Devotion/Relationships --------- @ 00.25%
d) Personals -------------Devotion/Time for Self --------- @ 00.05%

a) 08-28-2020 thru 09-11-2020 – Silent Moments @ 8am
b) 09-12-2020 thru 10-02-2020 – Silent Moments @ 3pm

** ** ** THE AUTUMNAL EQUINOX – SEPTEMBER 22ND 2020 - amount of day and night throughout the entire world. This is the 2020 first day of the “FALL” season; in the Northern Hemisphere. … there are new planet influences (with message from the cosmos) BEGINNING TODAY for your sign, and emphasis lasting throughout this forecast cycle. – Your Cosmic Message is this: Unself-conscious beauty is the order of the day. … … … Feature your most unique and original accomplishments and you'll be surprised how attractive they are. Don't be afraid to go beyond the fringe to the totally unusual -- it will only enhance your desirability. The more different, the better, as you'll be seen as a much-needed breath of fresh air.

** ** ** THE TOGGLE PLANET MOON’S INFLUENCES: Aspects from the beautiful toggling planet Moon (which governs the tides) also have overwhelming impacts on the actions of man; as such, the following ratings apply for your birth sign due new planet influences touching your sign during the first week days of this cycle-----------------------------------------
Forecast Days: 08-28-2020 thru 09-11-2020 –
-Personal Relationship – “steadfastness” -------- @ 85.25%
-Willingness to care more for self “R&R” ---------@ 00.25%

a) 08-28-2020 thru 09-11-2020 – feeling or being over-burden for nothing
b) 09-12-2020 thru 10-02-2020 – Making relationship choices

** ** ** SUPERIOR PLANET INFLUENCES: Aspects from Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have orbits larger than planet Earth, as such, the following ratings apply for your birth sign due these new planet influences for the second week days of this cycle ---------------------------
Forecast Dates: 09-12-2020 thru 10-02-2020 –
-Risk “entertainment” (Gaming, Secret Chances)-@ 00.75%
-Prospects (unexpected financial gains) ---------- @ 00.05%

** ** ** SPECIAL NOTATION – August 28th 2020 thru October 2nd 2020:
If you find yourself being pushed into situations that tax your limits, make sure they're worth the energy you expend. Repetitive stress injury, so to speak, is something you want to avoid, so do enough to get the job done properly and no more. The price of perfection may be dislocation elsewhere, so don't overdo it.

1) World Events …. (Predictions – information for around the world)
2) Point of View …. (Forecast of what’s to occur around the world)
3) Passage … … … … (Cosmic Messages … “words of inspiration:”)

** ** ** MONTHLY HOROSCOPE for August 29th thru October 02nd POSTINGS: - This horoscope posting for each zodiacal sign is based “specifically” on new planetary effects for the time period specified for this particular posting. Also, August 29th thru October 02nd 2020 - a close look at slower moving “outer planets” around each zodiacal sign is taken into consideration in order to give you accuracy for this forecast cycle … … new planet aspects re the transit of “inner planets” and transit of the “toggling Moon phases” re its aspects for each zodiacal sign are also given special notation for accurate interpretation.

** ** ** ** NEXT POSTING: - SATURDAY – October 3rd 2020

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