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If today is your birthday, you are a Sagittarius.

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Forecast for: November 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019

Libra (the Scales)
September 24 - October 23

You feel successful and able to cope. Good advice from a guide or older person may be forthcoming – so be receptive to advice. All of this cycle try to have a “take-it-easy-attitude”! These will be easy, calm days … … this is the kind of cycle that should find everything running in a smooth manner might go off course. Ideas and interaction with authority figures or older people may be in the fore. Working with -- rather than against -- the flow should be easy to do.

- Harmonious Colors: - Blue, Yellow White (and Black)
- Lucky Stone for your sign: - Opal (and Tourmaline)
- Lucky Flower for your sign: - Marigold (Calendula)
- Lucky (MOON) day this cycle: - Saturday

*** *** NOV. 5TH AND 6TH 2019 – “TAURIDS METEOR SHOWERS” – The Taurids is a long running (minor) star dance and the dance of the Taurids will radiate from the constellation “TAURUS” – these beautiful shooting stars can appear anywhere in the skies tonight – and the Cosmic message for your sign for these 2 days and nights is this: You need some relaxing time – and those good late night movies or all other all forms of escape could prove very enjoyable – so try do get some R&R (if you can)..

1) November 02 thru November 30 - 7896 9878
2) December 01 thru December 31 - 0023 159 887

*** *** NOTATION FROM YOUR RULING PLANET “Venus”: You night be a bit more impulsive than usual, and sometimes you might come across as curt. So, watch your words and make better choices with your personal endeavors.

1) November 02 thru November 30 - @ 10:00am
2) December 01 thru December 31 - @ 9am

*** *** NOV 11TH – RARE TRANSIT OF “PLANET MERCURY” ACROSS THE SUN – This is a very-very rare planet event that occurs only once every few years – this rare transit has meaning for all signs of the zodiac – but the Cosmic message for your sign is this: (If you can) don’t take unnecessary risk this cycle with finances because later, you are more than likely to regret your actions.

1) November 02 thru November 30 - Abundance
2) December 01 thru December 31 - Self-evaluation

*** *** NOV. 12TH “FULL MOON” – Tonight the full moon will be on the opposite side of the Earth as the Sun and its face will be will illuminated - this Full Moon has many names to some it is the BEAVER MOON and some people call this full moon FROSTY MOON and to a vast number of people this full moon is known as the HUNTER’S MOON … … Regardless to its many names; your Cosmic message for this date is this: Prevent fault-finding by placing yourself in the shoes of those around you. And where possible – try to keep negative opinions to your self – remember, any self-serving advice received or given is really non-productive.

- 1) “Financial Lucky Streaks” – Re: Wage Increase: @ -0.02%
- 2) “Financial Gains” Re, Gaming, if applicable: @ +0.15%
- 3) “Financial Gains” Re, Additions to Savings: @ +0.02%

*** *** COSMIC NOTATION THIS FORECAST CYCLE - New planet influences this cycle, in fact aspects from the expansiveness of the great planet Jupiter indicates for your sign “money may be tight right now” – so everything you do my not come with a price - right now and you need to be creative and you’ll find lots of fun things you can do for free.

1) November 02 thru November 30 - listening before you decide
2) December 01 thru December 31 - communicating more

“Exceptional” - Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn
“First-rate” - Aries, Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius
“Exceptable” - Cancer, Aquarius, Pisces

*** *** NOV 17TH - NOV 18TH “LEONIDS METEOR SHOWERS” This is a unique star dance in the skies even though the 2nd Quarter toggled MOON will block the dance in some parts if the world; and, these meteor showers will radiate from the constellation LEO; but for these dates, the Cosmic message for your sign is this: (Watch the spending) Make time to treat yourself to a favorite activity that has little cost or no dollar cost attached.

*** *** (for enhanced successes) – TRY TO AVOID:
1) November 02 thru November 30 – changes that unsettle security
2) December 01 thru December 31 - interpreting things negatively

*** *** NOV 24TH PLANETS VENUS AND JUPITER “CONJUNCTION” - this is a Cosmic impressive sight in the Western skies after sunset and considered by many as an impressive occurrence for all signs of the zodiacal but, for your sign the Cosmic message is this:

1) November 02 thru November 30 –
a. Physical Well-being: @ 89.25%
b. Financial Gains: @ +0.02%
2) December 01 thru December 31 -
a. Physical Well-being: @ 90.00%
b. Financial Gains: @ 00.00%

*** *** NOV 28TH PLANET “MERCURY” … … Mercury reaches its greatest “western longitude” from the Sun; and what this aspect means for your sign is this: (watch the well-being) try going to bed earlier than usual on weekend nights because you really might need additional hours of sleep!

*** *** *** ** *** INSPIRATION “meditation” “focuses” THIS CYCLE:
1) November 02 thru November 30 – somebody wants to give you a gift
2) December 01 thru December 31 - somebody thinks you are a gift

*** *** DEC 12TH – “FULL MOON”... This particular Moon will be toggled on the opposite side of the Earth as the Sun – and it is called by some “COLD MOON” and some call it the LONG NIGHTS MOON – the goodness is – it will be illuminated very bright; and, the Cosmic message for your sign is this: - If your close friends make a decision for a fun night out this week – it will be to your advantage to count the dollars before you commit to lots of socializing that have high cost attached.

1) November 02 thru November 30 – Somebody wants to see you smile
2) December 01 thru December 31 - Somebody is thankful for you

*** ***DEC 13TH – “GEMINIDS METEOR SHOWERS” – The toggled full moon will block this star dance in the skies in many parts of the world – but the dance will radiate from the twins constellation “Gemini” – the Cosmic message for your sign is this: Visualizing is good if those visuals are noteworthy! … Try not to do too much day-dreaming ……. Instead try to visualize your way toward positive fulfillment. (And cease investigating every little thing) – remember “what will be is just that… it will be”!

1) November 02 thru November 30 – (begin the process)
“If” you are involved in a wrong relationship, release it for good!
2) December 01 thru December 31 – (begin the process)
“If” you are waiting to close (hurt) wounds release them now for good!

*** *** DEC 21ST – DEC 22ND – “URSIDS METEOR SHOWERS” – this star dance radiates from the constellation Ursa-Minor and in the skies will be a waning “crescent moon” – what it all means for your zodiacal sign is this:

*** *** DEC 22ND – “2019 WINTER SOLSTICE” – what an awesome occurrence – the South Pole of planet EARTH wall be tilted toward the SUN – it is the first day of the winter season in the Northern Hemisphere – this planet aspect will be directly over the Tropic of Cancer in the skies – the Cosmic message for your sign has meaning and your message is this:

*** ***DEC 26TH – “NEW MOON” – You may not get a chance to see this New Moon tonight because it’s located on the same side of the Earth as the Sun – However, by all means please remember to do your “Wish List” … … … “pen not more than 8-10 desires” and believe all 10 of your necessities will come true! … … Special notation: MAKE YOUR FINAL 8-10 ITEM WISH LIST FOR THIS YEAR TODAY – – Good Luck!

*** *** DEC 26TH – “ANNUAL SOLAR ECLIPSE” – (Path of this eclipse begins in Saudi Arabia and then begins its travel through Southern India, Northern Sir Lanka, across parts of the Indian Ocean into Indonesia and eclipses over the Pacific Ocean). This has meaning for all signs of the zodiac – but for your sign the Cosmic Message is this: (There are really wolves that wear sheep clothing)! New aspects indicate a need to be alert! It is possible “you will notice how extremely unpleasant power struggles can really become” … so, you need to be extremely alert because all smiles may not mean “all is well”!

1) November 02 thru November 30 – (finish the process)
ACTION: Do your Note this cycle of that one thing (that has been holding you back from being successful) … make sure on your Note write down precisely WHAT you intend to “remove from your life” -

2) December 01 thru December 31 - (finish the process)
YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENT: “If” a particular negative situation been lingering in your life all this year; the planet aspects during this closing forecast cycle will allow you to begin anew …. …. Therefore, “if” that negative situation seems NOW to bee stuck in place – you can outgrow it “if” you release it during this 2019 cycle.

Set aside time for quiet moments to reflect and remain positive when it comes to your INTENTIONS. Believe in yourself!
Hold firm to your belief that you will (with certainty) obtain ALL your needs. “Continue to allow the guardian angels to guard your pathways”.
“Peace, lots of success and good health to you.
Remain positive! Pay closer attention to your still inner-voice!
And most of all “approach the New 2020 Year with new perspectives!

*** *** IMPORTANT… … … Check the Menu and click-on for Review all other pages on this site: #1) PASSAGE … … … Make time for self - where possible - utilize time and set aside quiet moments and read the “PASSAGE” page that’s on this website for a renewed Inspirational feeling; and, #2) WORLD FORECAST AND PREDICTIONS: … … Review the POINT OF VIEW PAGE and take a look at the WORLD EVENTS page for world forecast and predictions effective this 2019-year cycle thru midnight 30 April 2020. …………….. New predication updates coming soon!

*** *** SPECIAL INDICATION re HOROSCOPE POSTING: - Horoscope postings this cycle is based “specifically” on planetary effects for the time period specified. A close look at the outer planets is taken into consideration in order to give you accuracy interpretations for this time period. Note: all planet influences precisely 12-noon (Universal time) 11-02-2019 thru midnight 12-31-2019 that pertains to your SUN sign and the placement of the Moon’s toggle is also noted in these horoscope interpretations!


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