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If today is your birthday, you are a Sagittarius.

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Forecast for: November 2, 2018 - December 31, 2018

Pisces (the Fishes)
February 20 - March 20

Calm down! New planet aspects indicate strongly that you may feel emotionally frustrated. Your feelings are going against much of what you value, so make way for possible difficulty. Your enjoyment of life may be temporarily blocked. – get those emotions in check and deal with current circumstances and wash away uncertainties because you know you’ve paved a positive path … … end results will be in your favor!

A drive to probe and penetrate may find you examining and working through some strong internal changes. Push too hard and you could be too dominating, even oppressive, to yourself and others – so take your time – and all will work out in your favor.

***** POWER DAYS -
1) Nov 03 thru Nov 30 2018: November 6 9 11 15
2) Dec 01 thru Dec 31 2018: December 4 8 11 15 19 22

***** SPECIAL EMPHASIS FROM THE CONSTELLATION “FOMALHAUT”: The best-laid plans are likely to be working and even those you didn't give much thought to find support. Organizing yourself and others is the name of the game and you can do it without unnecessary struggle. Just assume agreement will come and you'll find that it does -- watch for things to reach consensus, then move.

1) Nov 03 thru Nov 30 2018: November 6 9 11 15
2) Dec 01 thru Dec 31 2018: December 4 8 9 12 21

- Allegiance/Loyalty: @ 75.00%
- Personal Interests: @ 65.75%
- Personal Growth: @ 89.75%
- Commitment: @ 0.25%

*****NOVEMBER 5-6 2018: “TAURIDS METEOR SHOWERS: - These beautiful stars will radiate from the constellation “Taurus”- On tonight you’ll see a thin Crescent Moon in the evening leaving dark skies for viewing this beautiful star dance – your star message for these 2 days is this: - A strong urge for the social life may find you out and about. However, you will walk a fine line this forecast cycle between good company and disapproval, so beware.

1) Nov 03 thru Nov 30 2018: November @ 11am
2) Dec 01 thru Dec 31 2018: December @ 09am

*****November 07 2018 – NEW MOON: GET PEN AND PAPER AND WRITE YOUR WISH LIST TODAY – NOT LESS THAN 10 DESIRES: - Tonight the Moon will be located on the same side of the Earth as the Sun and will “not” be visible tonight in the skies – however – this is an important day: - “pen those desires” and believe your requirements will come true! – GOOD LUCK!

- Awareness and Motivation @ 99.25%
- Focus Word this cycle is this: Awareness

***** NOVEMBER 23 2018 – “FULL MOON” – This moon has many names but most known... this moon is called: “FULL BEAVER MOON” ….. “FROSTY MOON” ….. “HUNTER’S MOON” ….. On tonight this full moon will be located on the opposite of the earth as the Sun and its face will be fully illuminated tonight – your message from the Cosmos re this Full Noon is this: - You will be able to be understanding and handle this very volatile material. You are able to cut through the red tape and get at what is beneath and behind.

Extremely-Superb - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius
Superior - Aries, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces
Reasonable - Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius

1) Nov 03 thru Nov 30 2018: November 9965 2325
2) Dec 01 thru Dec 31 2018: December 1589 1452 2265

***** DECEMBER 7 2018 – NEW MOON – (Remember get pen and paper and write your Wish List today) … … You won’t be able to see this moon because it will be located on the same side of the Earth as the Sun – that will cause it not to be visible in the night skies – however, your message from the Cosmos on today is this: New ways to communicate or an easy manner will make conversations and interactions go well for you; however, you may find yourself more talkative and facile than otherwise. “A dialogue with an older adult may give you better explanations to something you’re currently contemplating!”

These are the most beautiful of the star dances – the showers are multi-colored and radiates from the constellation Gemini – the star message for your sign is this: - You may enjoy probing into your inner-workings or some good solid gossip – but try to not cloud your mind with too much foolishness!

***** DECEMBER 15 2018 – MERCURY IN THE HORIZON – this planet will reach its greatest elongation from the Sun … … your star message on this date is this: You value your darker, more secretive areas and don't mind working through some sensitive problems – and this is good

***** DECEMBER 21 2018 – WINTER SOLSTICE: Today is the first day of the winter season in the Northern Hemisphere – your star message is this: Events taking place around your lately could make it easy for you to be original, and unexplained-situations taking place now could also initiate a break-through for you in positive ways!

***** December 21 – 22 2018: URSIDS METEOR SHOWERS - These are considered as minor shooting stars; however, these Dancing stars tonight will radiate from the constellation Ursa Minor; and, your star message is this: – “you will definitely have a need to be more realistic and sort through the mist areas in order to find correct answers that are positive for your particular situation.

1) Nov 03 thru Nov 30 2018: November 4 9 10
2) Dec 01 thru Dec 31 2018: December 8 9 11 15

***** DECEMBER 22 2018 – FULL MOON – The toggling MOON will be directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and will be illuminated as seen from Earth – this MOON has been called “FULL COLD MOON” because this is the time of year nights become long and dark and the cold winter season settles in … … but, on today and tonight, for your sign, your moon message is: (Re: Career areas): - This is definitely one of those good times for initiating changes and reaching new levels.

***** MESSAGE FROM THE COSMOS 11-03-2018 THRU 12-31-2018:
You will prosper by pursuing your ideals and most deep-seated dreams of how life could be if and only if you cease discussing your plans before you initiate them. Also, where possible try to not be afraid to project an image of aloofness, and it’s really a necessity for you to continue doing those things that make ideas turn into realities!

***** SPECIAL NOTATION: - This wonderful 2018 year is closing …. To all or web viewers a note and greeting of appreciation to you. From all of us at Venus by Evelyn to you and those you love we bid you peace: … Hold firm for “good health” … … “take care of yourself and be safe out there” … … … if you are gonna be on the highways or in the air remember to allow the angels to guard and protect your pathways! Blessings to you! Hold great expectations for the coming New 2019 Year! Retain your glow!

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