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If today is your birthday, you are a Cancer.

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Forecast for: June 8, 2019 - July 5, 2019

Sagittarius (the Archer)
November 23 - December 22

There's certain stability in the general atmosphere that makes it safe to say what you feel, but not too much. Conservation of emotion might be the phrase. It's a time to be mutually reassuring, rather than wildly supportive; projects launched will be stable, though, perhaps not very showy.

* * * * * EMPHASIS FROM YOUR RULING PLANET “JUPITER”: During quiet moments this cycle – try repeating this AFFIRMATION in order to increase your finances, expand your SELF-knowledge and achieve your most important objective: “I AM WILLING TO LISTEN AND I AM WILLING TO MAKE THE KINDS OF CHANGES THAT WILL GIVE ME BETTER RESULTS SO I CAN GAIN WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY MINE”.

a) 06-05-2019 THRU 06-19-2019: - 0029
b) 06-20-2019 THRU 07-05-2019: - 9002

a) 06-05-2019 THRU 06-19-2019: - Because your Sun sign is “Sagittarius” --- the Moon is ruling “the thigh portions of the body” for your sign, and your star message from the cosmos is this: Spiritual deeds are done without a second thought and life as usual has a certain glow. Stop the worry – stress causes mishaps! Filling out earlier-imagined schemes pays off and keeping good company comes with ease. (But health check ups are something that needs to be considered)!

** * * * STAR MESSAGE FROM THE COSMOS (Healing Stone) IS:
b) 06-20-2019 THRU 07-05-2019: - Because your Sun sign is “Sagittarius” --- Star Power and Healing Stone is “the Amethyst and also the Turquoise gem” … … for your sign, and your star message from the cosmos is this: Use the everyday reality around you as fuel for the ideal world of your imagination and you'll find yourself a general inspiration to all.

a) 06-05-2019 THRU 06-19-2019: - 15 19
b) 06-20-2019 THRU 07-05-2019: - 20 30 and July 2nd

a) 06-05-2019 THRU 06-19-2019: - showing more fondness to friends
b) 06-20-2019 THRU 07-05-2019: - getting more exercise

** * * * WEDNESDAY, JUNE 10TH – PLANET JUPITER AT OPPOSITION: - This gigantic planet is at its closest approach to the Earth and will be fully illuminated by the Sun. For your birth sign the star message is this cycle is this: - When hope and belief are applied hands-on to the real world, the inner self can make its mark on the outer and the stuff of dreams coming true becomes your instrument to play.

a) 06-05-2019 THRU 06-19-2019: failing to keep your word
b) 06-20-2019 THRU 07-05-2019: neglecting your health check up

** * * * SUNDAY - JUNE 21ST – “2019 SUMMER SOLSTICE” –This is the first day of the 2019 summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere – north pole of the Earth will be tilted toward the Sun – and for your birth sign your star message is this: By refining your concentrate and shifting mental-gears often, you’ll get so much done with ease - - try to not be too busy for relaxing and enjoying those you love. What’ is possibly necessary may be a need for setting aside more time to spend with family! Find the time for family social time!

a) 06-05-2019 THRU 06-19-2019: Demeanor
b) 06-20-2019 THRU 07-05-2019: Attitude

** * * * SUNDAY, JUNE 23RD - MERCURY AT GREATEST EASTERTN ELONGATION: Watch for this planet low in the western skies – your star message from Mercury is this: The influences from the communication planet Mercury as well as other planet aspects … … … … … these stars are indicating that you are an individual who prefers sharing unconventional ideas … … so find time to do that! – If possible, try to catch-up on long overdue (return) phone calls and make time to do “relax-time” things of interest that will make you happy!

** * * *AFFIRMATION DURING MEDITATION IS THIS: During quiet moments this cycle – try repeating this AFFIRMATION in order to increase your finances, expand your SELF-knowledge and achieve your most important objective: “I WILL GAIN AND I WILL RECEIVE A JUST REWARD WITH EASE ”.

a) 06-05-2019 THRU 06-19-2019: 6:00 am
b) 06-20-2019 THRU 07-05-2019: 9:00 am

** * * * TUESDAY – JULY 2ND NEW MOON - On tonight the Moon will be located on the same side of the Earth as the Sun – remember this is the date for all signs of the Zodiac to do a “WISH LIST” --- GOOD LUCK! --- “PEN THOSE DESIRES” and believe your requirements will come true! – (Make a list of not more than 8 requests)!

06-05-2019 THRU 06-19-2019:
Personal Relationship – “Allegiances” --------- @ 65.00%
Business Related Relationship “Associates” --- @ 80.00%

06-20-2019 THRU 07-05-2019:
Risk (Gaming, where applicable) “Chances” --- @ 00.00%
Investments “Savings” Financial-Planning ---- @ 00.20%

** * * * TUESDAY – JULY 2ND TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE – The Moon will completely block the Sun and this eclipse will be visible in central Argentina, central Chile and in part of the southern Pacific Ocean. - Message for your birth sign is this: Unhelpful incidents are issues that necessitate action. Negative issues need to be dealt with on an immediate basis in order to finish this 30+ day forecast cycle with ease.

** * * * MONTHLY HOROSCOPE POSTINGS: This horoscope posting for each zodiacal sign is based “specifically” on new planetary effects for the time period specified for this particular posting. Also, a close look at slower moving “outer planets” around each zodiacal sign is taken into consideration in order to give you accuracy for this forecast cycle … … new planet aspects re the transit of “inner planets” and transit of the toggling Moon phases were noted as well for each particular zodiacal sign as well.

** * * * IMPORTANT… … … Check the Menu and click-on for Review all other pages on this site: #1) PASSAGE … … … Make time for self - where possible - utilize time and set aside quiet moments and read the “PASSAGE” page that’s on this website for a renewed Inspirational feeling; and, #2) WORLD FORECAST AND PREDICTIONS: … … Review the POINT OF VIEW PAGE and take a look at the WORLD EVENTS page for world forecast and predictions effective this 2019-year cycle thru midnight 30 April 2020.

** * * * NEXT POSTING DATE: Saturday, July 6th 2019

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