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If today is your birthday, you are a Sagittarius.

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Forecast for: November 2, 2018 - December 31, 2018

Virgo (the Virgin)
August 22 - September 23

Any actions you take during this forecast cycle will guide you protectively through the adverse hurdles. (Sometimes we don’t respect the feelings our bodies are affording us – sometimes we just don’t know when to take a time-out and rest! So what it all means is this: Disregard those stress ideas – everything will work out to your advantage – so, there’s no reason to stress the body.) Also this cycle, on another front, it’s mandatory for you to continue working-on career/personal interest; but, there’s also a physical need to begin taking MORE time for self – by getting some much needed sleep! Take a time out with a friend during this Holiday Season and enjoy some laughs! The days ahead will definitely allow you time to do some relaxing (which is not a bad idea).

This is a good forecast cycle to get noticed … … … “get out there and take charge”. Things will generally get busier; however, make sure to reserve extra time on your (business) schedule for unanticipated appointments or prolonged, profitable personal engagements.

***** POWER DAYS -
1) Nov 03 thru Nov 30 2018: November
2) Dec 01 thru Dec 31 2018: December

***** SPECIAL EMPHASIS RE YOUR RULING CONSTELLATION “SPICA”: - This is a time to really be happy. Occurrences around you will afford successful outcomes when it comes to your business, your career and your personal interest – You’ve some strength from the other Earth signs due to the dancing stars high in the Alpha skies this cycle!

1) Nov 03 thru Nov 30 2018: November 15 19 and 27
2) Dec 01 thru Dec 31 2018: December 13 14 15 19 and 24

- Allegiance/Loyalty: @ 99.25%
- Personal Interests: @ 100%
- Personal Growth: @ 75.99%
- Commitment: @ 100%

*****NOVEMBER 5-6 2018: “TAURIDS METEOR SHOWERS: - These beautiful stars will radiate from the constellation “Taurus”- On tonight you’ll see a thin Crescent Moon in the evening leaving dark skies for viewing this beautiful star dance – your star message for these 2 days is this: - It may be to your advantage to be thankful for all the good you have received from these new pathways of success afforded by the cosmos! A higher power have been good to you – so stop the worry – this star dance along with the brightness from a Crescent Moon will afford you a chance to refocus – then you can move ahead with mental ease!

1) Nov 03 thru Nov 30 2018: November @ 7am
2) Dec 01 thru Dec 31 2018: December @ 9am

*****November 07 2018 – NEW MOON: GET PEN AND PAPER AND WRITE YOUR WISH LIST TODAY – NOT LESS THAN 10 DESIRES: - Tonight the Moon will be located on the same side of the Earth as the Sun and will “not” be visible tonight in the skies – however – this is an important day: - “pen those desires” and believe your requirements will come true! – GOOD LUCK!

- Awareness and Motivation @ 99.75%
- Focus Words this cycle is this: “alternatives” and “new beginnings”!

***** NOVEMBER 23 2018 – “FULL MOON” – This moon has many names but most known... this moon is called: “FULL BEAVER MOON” ….. “FROSTY MOON” ….. “HUNTER’S MOON” ….. on tonight this full moon will be located on the opposite of the earth as the Sun and its face will be fully illuminated tonight – your message from the Cosmos re this Full Noon is this: - (Awareness)… … There definitely is no reason to back-down on a commitment you made that you knew in advance you would not be able to keep!

Extremely-Superb - Aries, Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius
Superior - Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces
Reasonable - Taurus, Leo, Capricorn

1) Nov 03 thru Nov 30 2018: November 894 2321
2) Dec 01 thru Dec 31 2018: December 3256 859 421

***** DECEMBER 7 2018 – NEW MOON – (Remember get pen and paper and write your Wish List today) … … You won’t be able to see this moon because it will be located on the same side of the Earth as the Sun – that will cause it not to be visible in the night skies – however, your message from the Cosmos on today is this: Now is the time to initiate ideas you know can work … … “you will be more than pleased with end results when you look at the achievements you’ve made”.

These are the most beautiful of the star dances – the showers are multi-colored and radiates from the constellation Gemini – the star message for your sign is this: - you really need to watch your debits today … … where possible try to avoid all persuasions to purchase luxury or big ticket items.

***** DECEMBER 15 2018 – MERCURY IN THE HORIZON – this planet will reach its greatest elongation from the Sun … … your star message on this date is this: Make time to use some form of visualization and persist in implementing former plans.

***** DECEMBER 21 2018 – WINTER SOLSTICE: Today is the first day of the winter season in the Northern Hemisphere – your star message is this: Where possible try to take a broader look at what needs to be done and then without a tarry – get about the business of “doing what must be done”!

***** December 21 – 22 2018: URSIDS METEOR SHOWERS - These are considered as minor shooting stars; however, these Dancing stars tonight will radiate from the constellation Ursa Minor; and, your star message is this: Sometimes uncertainty takes its own course in our lives – check on those unfinished projects and place “Need-Action” things on your To-Do-List that can be moved from page to page ….

1) Nov 03 thru Nov 30 2018: November 19 and 27
2) Dec 01 thru Dec 31 2018: December 22 and 28

***** DECEMBER 22 2018 – FULL MOON – The toggling MOON will be directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and will be illuminated as seen from Earth – this MOON has been called “FULL COLD MOON” because this is the time of year nights become long and dark and the cold winter season settles in … … but, on today and tonight, for your sign, your moon message is: Think things through before you make firm decisions – keep a perfect pace and don’t push to hard and everything will fall into place in your favor.

***** MESSAGE FROM THE COSMOS 11-03-2018 THRU 12-31-2018:
Overt understandings and understood arrangements are the tools of the moment for accrued payoffs. So stop the worry – minor adverse circumstances from the past will come full force – and all those old situations usually work themselves out (within a timely fashion) for the better. Remember, to case the stress and worry … … “enjoy this forecast cycle” because the better things in life are yet to occur!

***** SPECIAL NOTATION: - This wonderful 2018 year is closing …. To all or web viewers a note and greeting of appreciation to you. From all of us at Venus by Evelyn to you and those you love we bid you peace: … Hold firm for “good health” … … “take care of yourself and be safe out there” … … … if you are gonna be on the highways or in the air remember to allow the angels to guard and protect your pathways! Blessings to you! Hold great expectations for the coming New 2019 Year! Retain your glow!

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