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If today is your birthday, you are a Capricorn.

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I have for many years always offered "Passage" during my lectures. Now, I am offering "Passage" to you, the web viewer. This 30+ day passage serves as a Silent Voice of Inspiration. "Passage" is provided as a chapter to help you make the most of your 24-hour day. Among numerous major changes that take place within a 24-hour cycle, often times "Passage" becomes necessary so that a minor challenge doesn't become a major challenge. "Passage" is identified as "taking a mental journey toward betterment" and "using positive focused assessments to defuse sudden-challenges, frustrations, disappointments, minor-apprehensions, uneasiness and anxieties". I believe these entries of "Passage" can add encouraging ideas and bring positive mental breakthroughs that can brighten the shadows, pessimism and gloominess that cloud the mind.

Words of Inspiration

If you want to be successful and obtain rewards that are rightfully yours, “you will need to become MORE in tune with the Universe; and you will also have a mandatory need to adhere more often to your still inner-voice. Utilizing set-aside time allows more understanding of SELF. Take time to “visualize more”! With visualization it is necessary to keep in mind the exact image of success that is wished to attain (by picturing down to the last detail your desires). You are the master of your soul! No force but YOUR OWN can direct actions. You cannot act without first THINKING! … Think and cease reacting so much! By thinking you allow the Universe to comply! You will be a step closer to achieving good health, realistic goals, achieving peace-of-mind, and achieving prosperity, if and only if, “you become more attentive to your thoughts! … … …

As we look forward to newness it is extremely consequential to acknowledge negative personal actions; personal flaws; and try to initiate the necessary corrections in order to make life more meaningful. The time has long past when it is necessary to get even with those that have initiated unjust actions toward you. Make sure (if you can) to respect the laws of karma! It is a factual proverb “as you sow; you shall reap”! Try (if you can) and forgive those that unjustly caused you heartfelt-pain. Remember, in order to provide SELF with the tools necessary for gainful successes … it is wise to not allow petty issues to cloud your ways of thinking.

“when you utilize the right directives and begin to practice visualizing, you accurately create new destinies (for SELF)”. The reason you can create a new destiny or a new destiny for SELF is “sacrifice” …. As such, by setting aside time for SELF to visualize you allow the Universe to comply for you”!


Every day the thoughts that flow through the mind are visuals you have created ….


Physical environment, material; prosperity and general state-of- happiness or sate-of-unhappiness are a surety. You can modify negative conditions in your life by thinking circumstances through before you take physical actions. Depending on how well we learn to control our minds we either bring about continued changes for the better or continued deterioration in our state of well-being.



Really now! How you see yourself is not the way people within your immediate surroundings see you. Take an inventory of SELF and then begin the healing process of correcting what’s (noticeably) wrong and get read for newness. In life, there are times we (all) make incorrect choices because it is something that makes us feel good; or, we make incorrect choices because it is something that we do out of lust. Yet, there are various stages in life where we allow ourselves to go back and forth repeating the same old silly actions over and over and over again.

Try to go beyond what you feel is normal and seek out personal advancements that are rewarding – not advancements that are short in duration. Love is key! This is a year to do something against others out of spite; but, do something (GOOD) to and for others because you care.


We all have QUESTIONS …. But when we figure out the answer to our own questions … … are we willing to comply with that is “right”? In the past, if you have been one of those individuals that always initiate “questions” for EVERYTHING …. You must realize you are a burden not only to SELF but you are a burden to those within your immediate environment. This is a time to answer the question – (am I willing to change)? Do not be one of those individuals in 2016 where friends (and love ones) detest your presence. People tire of your questions! (GUESS WHAT: your friends hate to see you coming”). So, during the days ahead …. … … … now is a time to “look more at SELF and create necessary improvements in order to gain the respect you realistically deserve by keeping your questions to yourself for a change.


*** *** “BECOME "more" IN TUNE WITH SELF
(Do you count self-respect a priority in your life)… …

When you are in tune with self you can cash-in on personal (successful) rewards. How can you disguise self respect when you are always bottled down with unrealistic thoughts and the doer of negative actions? Let’s explore being in tune with self in a somewhat different manner. Instance, oft times, you may desire for something that is totally outta reach … realistic thinking has much to do with being in tune with self! It is not necessary to count self-respect as demanding … self-respect is EARNED … self-respect is not always produced by your actions; but self-respect can be initiated by thought! The occurrences you encounter that follow your thoughts have much to do with how you see self-respect. Take the mind to higher levels … … … think realistic occurrences and try to not think some ridiculous outta-the-blue transformations you want to occur in your life.

Bottom line is this: (Some respect is not realistic … people smile in your face and when you leave there’s a sigh of relief that YOU ARE GONE! Bottom line is this: You are DIS-RESPECTING yourself when you think unrealistically and you are DIS-RESPECTING your self when you initiate silly actions. It is necessary to become MORE intone with self by being realistic.

At times in life it is not necessary to go through a change or seemingly negative circumstance. -

Great friendships can come within your existence and change an alone life into a rewarding life with new personal relationships that are long-lasting. Your new actions and how you see self-respect allows you to be mentally prepared to accept personal (financial) advancements; your new actions and how you see self-respect allows you to sow good seeds and reap prosperous harvests!


There are times for adjustments in life when you may need to release pent-up feelings of sadness or pent-up feelings of distress about SELF or about someone dear to you. It is correct for you to let go sad feelings and allow yourself to be compassionate. You can release negatives by taking time out for QUIET MOMENTS. Use those quiet moments to VISUALIZE! Always


Get in touch with SELF! You have observable facts working on your behalf when you see the results of making time for self … making time for moments to reflect on HOW and WHAT you want changed in your life. There is always a great power at hand hen you know you are in harmony with life and in tune with change. These results can only come about if you have reflected on SELF first and corrected what was wrong in order to gain achievement! There is without doubt during your journey towards gaining a successful life, you have encountered individuals that fake happiness. Facing change is of importance during year 2016. Know within what you want to achieve and become in tune with what is realistic.

Remember change is not always peaceful or rewarding! … … There are times when challenges are not removed from your presence. There will be during this cycle year when the results you think are best do not immediately become apparent. Bottom line is this: Get in tune with self and do not take every defeat as a challenge ………………. Become more in tune with change when your mind and heart are established upon your faith in self! Your rewarding result will be this: “you will find any seeming difficulty turned into good”.



There is no greater reward than an understanding friend. A true friend is one who is there in times of dilemma and a true acquaintance is one that you can depend? An acquaintance can become a dear friend when you are in need. An acquaintance can become a true friend because when you need someone that CLOSE FRIEND is not always around! True friendship takes on care! A friend is one who shares joy with you and does or say things that brightens those cloudy days that you might have.

During this cycle year, look at one who is slow to criticize and will NOT share your secrets! Look at the individual this year that is (or that have been) loyal. Your end result this year will be; that very special kind of friend that will understand you regardless to what you do! So, this year, even in the midst of adversity allow that true friend to continue and shows your courage and understanding! BUT YOU HAVE TO DO THE SAME FOR THAT FRIEND!

We all need encouragement. Just think about the times! These are difficult times for so may people and encouragement is needed = but we oft times are to busy or do not have time to offer a smile. A smile on your face can bring encouragement to individuals when they are facing difficult decisions or overwhelming occurrences in life. We are living in complicated times; such times where people within our immediate environment are feeling unenthusiastic and don’t want to discuss their problems; some are feeling unworthy and unloved because there’s no one around to speak an encouraging world and, we see each day people that feel over-whelmed by circumstances they must encounter and they have no shoulder to lean on for encouragement. This is when the need for seeking-out the angels. The angels will guard pathways and bring joy even in the midst of the unknown and evident uncertainty. Where possible try to make a difference not only for SELF but for those around you! (This is the year to birth foundations of inspiration and bring MORE encouragement, “you can make a difference”)!


Enthusiasm facilitates! Passion will assist with your personal (romantic) relationships; have an incentive to be happy; use disappointments or sadness in your personal (love) relationship to bring into existence contentment and ecstasy. … In order to enjoy a MORE rewarding romance you must put something into the relationship in order to be able to withdraw “bliss” and “satisfaction”. Praise should be given freely ….. Giving praise will benefit you and the one you love and you can quietly fall asleep knowing you had an effect on changing your romantic life on a journey of betterment.



If your love life is on the rocks … don’t blink! … Physically and mentally move forward with your eyes and ears open to the fact that “rightful” change in your romantic life is a priority! Share some words of inspiration with each other if the romance is in the tank! You got to have faith! Believe! … Push your faith to the limit … (the limit you seek is: change for betterment) … change is the unknown … and the unknown is “creative successes”! … … The really great thing about sharing words of inspiration with the one you truly love is: Kindness will not cost you anything … kindness will not take hours out of your work-a-day world … … … kindness will not require any advanced skills and kindness can be your ticket to getting on board for a romantic journey beyond your current expectations. Where there is a romantic dispute, always try to find a way to calm the atmosphere through compromise … (give and take is good – but you do not necessarily have to be the one always giving) … … however, in order to please others and yourself you will need to evaluate and solve problems by negotiating and seeking harmony.

*** *** for Love … use Magnolia
*** *** for Passion … use Basil
*** *** for Fun and Adventure … use Dill
*** *** for Finances … use Thyme
*** *** for Holy blessings … Parsley
*** *** for Long Term Successes … use Golden Seal Tea
*** *** for Power … use Peppermint’
*** *** for Protection … Bay leaves
*** *** for Fluid … (bloating) use Celery
*** *** for Romantic Dreams ,, use Cayenne Pepper
*** *** for Spiritual Development … use Chopped Green Onions
*** *** for Body and System Cleansing … use Garlic
(It does not matter how you use the herbs (for seasoning your food or for a hot cup of tea – just use them and watch the “passion”) … … oh my!

Bottom line is this: Self! ………. You are the total foundation of your own being; so, “make peace with self first and watch how the passion in your life can become one of your priority treasures.


Concentrate in your mind the images you have formed for several minutes in separate periods during the day…. Before meditating on these images it will be necessary to relax yourself completely!
Assemble realistic thoughts during meditation time! The best time to meditate is just before retiring at night and just after rising in the morning. It is during the night and morning hours the mind is receptive. During this forecast cycle, it is mandatory for you to give attention to your most needed desires… All realistic impressions you wish to bring from your unconscious mind into your conscious mind will be rewarded by the angels. The Universe complies! (You have not because you asked not …. And so you ask, so you shall receive; BUT be realistic in your thinking during this cycle year!


*** *** CLOSING
You must earn payment of success by doing what is necessary and only then can you reap the rewards that are rightfully yours. … …
Remember angles are always willing to sit on your shoulder and they are always there to guard your pathway but it is necessary to sow good seeds in order to reap rich and rewarding harvests … … then those angels you cannot see will ensure the Universe comply to your needs.
Be wise and think before you take action this forecast cycle; listen MORE to your still inner voice and you will always take the right path.
Wisdom is a weapon. It is a defense … … … money is also a defense … … but… … … knowledge is that wisdom which gives life to individuals that have learned to love.

Respectfully submitted,
Peace and retain your glow,
Evelyn H. Mack, Forecaster


Posted – September 17th 2014

Universal awareness is at the fore-front of every thing expressed in this physical plan. The use of positive thinking and the implementation of your actions will put in place the necessary effects to produce power. Keep in mind, the power to bring about realization of your every desire is not a myth – if you do what is necessary to produce realizations of your dreams then power will thereby become authentic.

You will never experience a problem unless there are pathways available to lead you into different directions. You cannot plan your daily actions because unexpected occurrences are real. Unexpected occurrence takes place in order to allow you the put in place the necessary tools so that you can move your life in a better direction. Every problem in life has a meaning … if you do not encounter problems you will never learn how to overcome obstruction. Your positive action allows your life to gain! - Such gains may not occur immediately – they may come about in latter years – but if you had not experienced an obstruction – you would never accomplish what is necessary for you to become a greater person.
CLUE: Face hindrances by implementing the kinds of actions that take you to new levels in life.
Every opposition, every delay, every obstruction and, every difficulty is placed within the lives of people to shift them in different directions. The fulfillment of our desire is a reminder to us that care for self is a reality --- --- you cannot assist others if you do not have your own life in order! Become a partner with success! You become a partner to success by not allowing others to take your focus to negative levels. Become a partner of “possible” … … focusing on “possible” allows you to NOT allow hindrances to control your way of taking care of your life. By taking care of SELF is okay to approach every challenge with fresh insight and renewed vigor.

CLUE: – Even in the midst of adversity, always believe that new worlds of accomplishment will be opened to you.
One of the magnificent things about life is this: There are guidelines in life called “experiences”. Experiences be they good or bad occurs in life to bring about conditions that lead you towards gain. If you are weak and do not focus you become destined to fail. It is necessary to hold firm to your faith. Believe in hope! Success in life comes about if and only if you do the work necessary for such instances to take place.
CLUE: You simply cannot wish your way to success. You simply cannot think your way to success … … it is common sense that you must do what is necessary to bring about the conditions necessary so that positive outcomes present themselves within your existence.
Healing will come --- supply will come --- the solution and answer to every problem will come. Harmony and understanding will come --- Guidance and light will come --- Peace and release will also come -- and – most f all power and conviction along with faith and trust shall be received and all your desires that are rightfully your will come.

CLUE: You must do the work to bring massive occurrences within your presence.
What it all means is you should use the wisdom you posses to “look for your answers” --- to expect your desires to be met --- and to use your hope to guard you toward victories that are beyond your current expectation.
CLUE: Your inner self must be made to believe!
When you meditate or visualize it should be the understanding that you are willing to wait for your request to be answered.
CLUE: The only way to increase your happiness is by substituting constrictive thinking for every negative situation you encounter and have the patience to allow benefits that are rewarding to enter your presence.

***** CLOSING:
You can learn … … you can be … … and you can have anything you declare for yourself. Receipt of SUCCESS AND POSITIVE OCCURRENCES are well illustrated by people that have wrought miracles without any formal training. There are so many individuals have come to understand life is an employer – you must earn the payment of success by doing the work necessary to reap the rewards.


Evelyn H. Mack
Venus by Evelyn


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