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If today is your birthday, you are a Cancer.

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I have for many years always offered "Passage" during my lectures. Now, I am offering "Passage" to you, the web viewer. This 30+ day passage serves as a Silent Voice of Inspiration. "Passage" is provided as a chapter to help you make the most of your 24-hour day. Among numerous major changes that take place within a 24-hour cycle, often times "Passage" becomes necessary so that a minor challenge doesn't become a major challenge. "Passage" is identified as "taking a mental journey toward betterment" and "using positive focused assessments to defuse sudden-challenges, frustrations, disappointments, minor-apprehensions, uneasiness and anxieties". I believe these entries of "Passage" can add encouraging ideas and bring positive mental breakthroughs that can brighten the shadows, pessimism and gloominess that cloud the mind.
Posted: April 27th 2019

The Forces of Nature is engaged in an 8 year “unexpected” occurrence for all people. The Forces of Nature cannot be explained. Everything in the Universe has a natural rhythm and a natural order of compliance – the compliance you deserve are the same as the natural rhythm of the day following the night – and your sowing affords a harvest – and your harvest follows gain. Believe! - Your harvest is now!

Every day, man lives in awe of the power of God. There will be chaotic circumstances taking hold on earth that cannot be explained because the powerful hand of a Loving Creator is at the stance. Uranus is the ruling planet for the water-bear sign Aquarius; and astronomically, for 8 solid years (2019 thru 2027) we shall be living under the transit of planet Uranus touching one or more of your zodiacal houses during this time.
Your Angel represents you. Call-on your Angel and quietly ask for help. Your Guardian Angel can help and rescuer you at difficult and testing times.
#1 When you feel depressed – your Angel will provide comfort healing and visions in your darker moments. #2 When you feel in need of “emotional” support, your guardian Angel will support you conditionally; will provide emotional courage; and, will block all efforts of your enemies should an enemy form against you.

We’re going to discuss how important “thought” is and what “action” and “thought” can do to give an individual the benefit of “keeping an Angel on their shoulder”. For starters, lets discuss ideas. The thought is what allows an individual to bring into existence actions that give birth to overwhelming amounts of successful outcomes.
1) Wisdom is a weapon.
2) Wisdom is a defense … … …
3) Money is also a defense … …
4) Experiences creates wisdom (to know)
Wisdom, money and knowledge are identities that provides betterment in life to individuals that have learned to use realistic methods … because they’ve learned what it means to make realistic decisions. ONLY REALISTIC DECISIONS PRODUCE BETTERMENT! … (yep, wisdom is that it’s all about)!

During this 8-year Uranus/Taurus cycle the Angels of the
4-elemets will rule THRU 2026: So, select your Guardian Angel – that Angel will rest on your shoulder thru this 2019 thru 2026 cycle of “unexpected occurrences” - as such, the following applies”

AIR SIGNS: Aquarius, Gemini and Libra
#01) AIR –
The Angel Michael will rule the morning meditation hours and the element Air will be ruled by the Cherubs

EARTH SIGN: Taurus and Capricorn and Virgo
#02) EARTH –
The Angel Raphael will rule the evening meditation hours and the element Earth will be ruled by the angel Ariel
WATER SIGNS: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

#03) WATER –
The Angel Gabriel will rule the midnight meditation hours and the element Water will be ruled by the angel Tharsis

#04) FIRE – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
The Angel Uriel will rule the noon-day Meditation hours and the element Fire will be ruled by the angel Nathaniel

SECURING- Slow moving planet Uranus is currently residing as a guest constellation in the earth sign “Taurus”. And, because of this planet aspect (Uranus will touch you one way or the other; and, it is necessary to know and welcome a Guardian Angel (for your betterment and your defense). When you live right …. and when you treat people the way you want to be treated your Guardian Angel will be with you and will take care of you. You will need to possess a need to do what is right toward yourself and your fellowman. You must trust in a power that is greater than man and not trust the ways of the wicked. You cannot survive the vicissitudes of life without regard, care, protection and deference from a Loving Creator. – To say you don’t believe in the Angles is stupid … 1) you are not your own support – 2) you are governed by a Power that is Greater than you. Keep within the mind the need to trust in God (not the preacher, and not man) “trust in God” . God sends the Angels. And, never forget, “there is a God”! So, you can be assured you are protected BECAUSE it all begins with faith, when you have faith and if you are wise “you will keep your trust God … He and he alone is the Higher Power.

YOU’LL FEEL THE TOUCH of YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL - Mentally ask your guardian angel to step into your aura and touch you. Expect a physical sensation or a fragrance of feeling of great love. You may feel the light touch of an angel or a softness feel of air across your face, even if you feel nothing – trust your Angel has responded and is very close to you and the Angel is guarding your pathway.

Bottom line is this: It’s the hand of a higher power – the Lord answers prayer – it’s all in his hands – and when you have lived the kind of life to get a prayer through – and you have kept the faith – it’s not a miracle it’s the hand of God – he has answered your prayers. (Remember there is no such thing as “luck” – nothing happens without a cause – nothing engages without an effect – and so……………. “ so, you sow… so shall you reap! (IT’S NOTHING BUT THE HAND OF GOD – HE’S WITH YOU AND YOU PROMISED TO BLESS YOU – BUT YOU GOT TO DO SOMETHINGH TO GET A BLESSING – YOU’VE GOT TO GIVE HIM HIS TIME – AND IT IS THAT HIGHER POWER THAT PLACES INTO POSITION THE GUARDIAN ANGEL! (GO IN PEACE AND BE BLESSED)

WHEN YOU KNOW YOUR PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED - Answers to your petitions will become real through other people or they may simply appear through examples in your daily life. – Nevertheless, you must be mentally balanced enough to understand the true meaning of “quiet moments” (ALONE) and affirmations. Every day of your life, you must hold firm to your convictions and proclaim “victory” – even in the midst of adversity.

Think about images would like to form that can be brought into reality. It is during night and morning hours your mind becomes receptive to realistic thinking. Before meditating on images, it is necessary to relax completely – then assemble realistic ideas. The most favorable time for visualizing is before retiring at night and after arising in the morning.

Be wise and think before you take the action of “asking”. Be sure of what you are requesting … try to take time and listen MORE to your still inner voice by being realistic … then have faith that what your ask ... you shall receive. It all depends on how you live! It all depends on your faith! There are Angels! There are Angels you cannot see but depending on YOU and how YOU live and it depends on the strength of yo9ur faith … you can be assuring “when you make a prayer request your needs will be supplied.
YOUR RESULT IS THIS: “Resources” and “Ultimatums” are not on your terms – keep in mind, “Supply” and “Demand” are afforded to you by a Power that is Greater than Man. – And so, continue to visualize, create prayer requests and allow the Angels to assist. – There is absolutely nothing wrong to silently speak to the Universe during quiet moments of meditation. – (The Universe is power ; it is the unexplained Force of Nature) – Bottom line is this: “your prayers will be answered” – “have faith” – “talk to the Universe during silent meditation” – talk to your Angels” – and, it is with surety, “the Universe shall comply”!

Life takes-on changes all the time – life was never promised to be peachy – life is an employer, it has a memorable daily-experience and with the day-to-day-involvements of unexpected occurrences – there are oft times many good fortunes received, financial abundances and other material prosperitys that are always present. We have unexpected adversities, minor misfortunes mental stress overloads – but all these are part of life that makes us whole. Adversity only increases your faith. Faith allows you to face challenges that must be overcome! You must believe in prayer. – Do not question how your prayers will be answered just live the kind of life that will produce a rewarding expectancy.

END RESULT IS THIS: When you’ve lived the kind of life that is due “just rewards” you have battled the daily life-storms and you have willfully received life’s blessings … it is then you can expect your prayers to be answered. (Got to believe! There is no such thing as “luck” … … every action has its own identity – there’s always cause and effect for any/all occurrences – so believe in yourself, continue to hold firm to your faith, and nothing is impossible; because, all circumstances that are realistic can be yours!

Physical environment, material; prosperity and general state-of- happiness or state-of-unhappiness are a surety. Concern allows you to place positive ideas into immediate positive actions and then you become mentally well enough to survive the negative storms. Concern is so important, because positive concerns allow you how to accept the wondrous power of being healed mentally.

PETITIONS,MEDITATIONS - Answered Prayers - Your prayers during silent moments (ALONE) will build you up spiritually and will prepare you to discern what is highest and best for you.

THE GUARDIAN ANGELS WILL COMPLY - Keep in mind, whatever you request during quiet moments (ALONE) will become apparent through experiences. Experiences are real! – Instance is, the answers to your petitions may surface while in the midst of prayer.

(Remember, thoughts are things and actions do speak louder than words)! You can modify negative conditions in your life by thinking circumstances through before you take physical actions. Depending on how well we learn to control our minds we either bring about continued changes for the better or continued deterioration in our state of well-being.

CLOSING: You must earn payment of success by doing what is necessary and only then can you reap the rewards that are rightfully yours. Remember angles are always willing to sit on your shoulder and they are always there to guard your pathway but it is necessary to sow good seeds in order to reap rich and rewarding harvests.

Peace, take care, be blessed and retain your glow.
Posted: Monday – April 29th 2019
Respectfully submitted,
Evelyn H. Mack, Forecaster
(Next (update) Posting due August, 2019)

Update: "Words that Inspire"
Posted: Friday - June 9th 2018

Don't take compatibility too serious (this is truly my opinion) because if you have not found your true love … do not be sad because all situations have meaning and every cause produces an effect and every effect has its reasoning to bring about the kinds of positive changes that are beneficial. True love has meaning. True love is far more beneficial for the soul.

Finally, above all: ---------- Remember, life is just an employee and it is just - it gives you your own choices – but you have to initiated efforts and possess a realistic plan:

#1) When it comes to every action you take not being able to finalize a worthless matter: see things as they are and not as you want them to be (no reason to try talking silly regarding “wanting to see closure” … … don’t be silly, closure appeared with the issue was debated and you lost the dispute ………………………………………....

#2) When it comes to personal relationships: see life exactly as it is and make the kinds of changes that will make your life better (no reason to hang-on making your life miserable) ……………….

#3) When it comes to associations and personal relationships: see things as they are and for goodness sakes do not try to change an adult... you are wasting your time………………………….

(Thought and Action) … … Transformation comes from within – (change the ways of thinking, always believe you are favored to be blessed)!
... All changes come with precept and example along with experiences which then produce wisdom. Wisdom allows realistic options!
Posted: June 9th 2018

Update: "Words that Inspire"
Posted: Monday – April 23rd, 2018
Title: Stay Encouraged - 2 Angels are on your Shoulder

Even if you feel insecure about your successes – use the power of “thought”!
(The past is on the way out - today we have a bold planet Sun governing our every move. New elements of "gain" are approaching! - That which serves no value is on the way out; so be encouraged - the new planet influences that are taking hold today (April 23rd, 2018) affords goodness and mercy with favors beyond imagination. Stay focused!)

Everything in the Universe has a natural rhythm and a natural order of compliance – the compliance you deserve are the same as the natural rhythm of the day following the night – and your sowing affords a harvest – and your harvest follows gain. Believe! - Your harvest is now!

2 ANGELS: - "Stay inspired regardless to your challenges - there're the Angel of Favor and the Angel of Protection on your shoulders and you shall be graced with all the occurrences that are rightfully yours. "Allow positiveness to reign" - the 2 Angels are with you.


TITLE: Visualize, Affirm and Receive
POST DATE: April 17th 2018

Effective “now” – begin to scale-down the foolishness and get real about your life. Of course there are mishaps and unexpected negative occurrences in life – but, it is the individual that is willing to utilize faith and actions in order to gain a more stable footing – so their wants are granted and their need are met. During cycle year 2018 we will be faced with some powerful forces of nature, for instance, we will witness 5 “eclipses” during this year. These eclipses will afford those that are wise a need to set aside more time for quiet moments in order to meditate and reinforce their beliefs that all things rightfully theirs will come into their existence as each day of the 2018 year unfolds.

Your mind cannot think nor create happy and successful futures when you sit around reflecting on challenges – Be wise – where there are challenges – use the mind to produce actions plans where you can overcome! In life, “affirmations” are key components needed in order to be in receipt of rewarding fulfillment. It’s the individual that is wise --- --- it’s the person that obtains an attitude of welcoming experiences --- --- this is the person that will gain rewards as this year continues to unfold. It is possible each day to maintain (with surety) the gut-feeling that you will definitely be awarded with newness and positive life experiences.

(SPECIAL NOTATION: As a daily affirmation: “I am grateful” are 3 words that can bring “more” and “more” and “more” wonderful opportunities within your existence)

(Spiritual provisions and favors can be obtained)
To visualize proves is a necessity toward fulfillment. You become more worthy for gains that are positive in life!

Daily requests you make during meditation time will not always be awarded to you on your terms. Instance is, the Universe complies within a timely and orderly manner; and, you need to understand that your request during hours of meditation will not arrive via an airplane nor will your request arrive by car but “daily request” comes in the form of “gains”..... Daily request arrive in time of need!

Act when necessary! Use your imagination!
Believe your ideas … … then begin expressing your ideas via way of actions!

Meditate about positive things – and cease feeling and thinking of “what might be” – be realistic and be mentally and physically prepared to gain victories that are rightfully yours!

When an individual face challenges and have the common sense to solve what can be solved --- --- then move-on with life and use those adverse experiences as guidelines toward success. (Wise people do not continue making bad mistakes in life)!

Stir feelings of optimism by the way your think. All you have to do is when you begin your day (or at any time) silently speak these words: “Today there’s an expectation that I will be afforded favor”. It is out-of-the-question for your thoughts to dwell upon more than 1 or 2 ideas at the same time. You simply cannot imagine about 3 or 4 things at the same times that are opposite in nature.

Waiting stirs emotions and anticipation. You do not have to wait for an opportunity to take a mental trip toward fulfillment. It is true the mind is incapable of thinking in terms of failure when it is occupied with thoughts of happiness success and fulfillment. Put in place efforts so that you can accomplish obstructive tasks. Use positive thinking in order to achieve your desired goals. All you have to do is: every opportunity you get where you can afford “quiet moments … … “stir-up your mind with (more) optimistic philosophies!

Each day of our lives we must believe we are worthy of goodness and blessings. Sometimes during challenges we think of “what might be” … … use realistic thinking and dwell only on that which shall produce favorable outcomes in your life.

Keep the negative at a distance in your way of thinking. Remember, in life, there are only 2 occurrences that are a surety and they are: #1) birth #2) death. --- --- So, “now” becomes the time for realistic efforts! A whole lot of unexpected situations occur during a life time – but beginning “now” -- --- Fixing the negative patches! Start now by looking at the balance of your life -- --- create the kinds of actions where you can alter what needs to be fixed … … remember, alterations in life will bring within your existence abundances that are positive! The life changing idea that will work like magic to give you new strength new enthusiasm new life and new blessings of every description is contained in one word: “Anticipation”! Anticipation is key! Ideas (ANTICIPATION) are the coins of meditation.

Thoughts will give you what’s necessary to enrich your life. The receipt and the key to successful outcomes in life is this :#1) Think and believe; #2) when you receive favors by all means “accept your blessings with a thankful attitude; #3) act, and understand what you have accomplished was a gift from a power greater than you; and finally #4) be ready up-lift those within your presence that possess a weak understanding of faith, and then be grateful as you continue to lift and assist others as you continue gaining favor! The more you fill your mind with pleasant and profitable thinking the more success you will have in life. Visualizing and believing will lead to the realization of your visions --- --- your visuals will (with surety) become real. Anticipation is fine – but faith and belief are keys to the receipt of successful fulfillment in life.

The magic of your mind is that every idea taken into the deep recesses of your mind [or into your subconscious mind] will become your “reality”! Be assured within the mind! Your ideas will be reflected in the outer being; therefore, consequently, your visuals then reflect … … and with surety, soon your ideas become real! And so, as the balance of this cycle-year continues unfolding; if you can, set aside (where possible) time to meditate and visualize. Finally, you will find your pathway toward gain where there was a need; expansion to what you already possess; rewards that were unexpected and successful attainments for your time, effort, and faith.

Here’s the receipt for gaining favor and blessings: Resist dwelling on negative thoughts that distract your attention. Allow nothing to divert your positive-energy! Fill the mind with a vision of successful attainment.

Peace, control your own destiny, continue to remain positive and retain your glow!

POSTED: 04/17/2018
Evelyn H. Mack, Forecaster

Posted – February 17th 2018

WORDS OF INSPIRATION: -- -- -- Slow down so life can catch up. Arrange a day of “nothing planned,” letting your natural rhythm set the pace. Sleep when you’re tired. Eat when you’re hungry. Let the dreamer in you awake from the drowsy sleep of disregard. With pen in hand, be attentive and hear what it has to offer.

ACHIEVING PERSONAL GOALS: -- -- -- Goal setting is a formal process. By setting goals on a routine basis, you decide what you want to achieve and then move step-by-step toward their achievement. The process of setting goals and targets allows you to choose where you want to go in life. By knowing precisely what you want to achieve, you know what you have to concentrate on to do it.

ACHIEVE YOUR DREAM: -- -- -- Take a little dream time to connect with your heart and soul. Your dreams matter when you say they do and they get acted upon. When you make your dreams a priority you are also able to focus on how you are going to achieve those dreams.

BOTTOM LINE: -- -- -- Our life’s can be rather chaotic and this environment is not conducive to achieving dreams. While hard work is often necessary to achieve success it is also necessary to plan some quite time to ponder your goals and evaluate what you are doing to achieve these goals.

CLOSING: --- --- --- Take care of yourself … … enjoy this wonderful journey and be safe out there on the pathways toward fulfillment .. .. above all know that you are important (born to be favored) … … … understand what it means to create your personal pathway to victory and you will with certainty gain all the rewards that are rightfully yours.
Peace and retain your glow!
Evelyn H. Mack, Forecaster
Posted: Feb 17th 2018


Words of Inspiration
Posted: December 2016

If you want to be successful and obtain rewards that are rightfully yours, “you will need to become MORE in tune with the Universe; and you will also have a mandatory need to adhere more often to your still inner-voice. Utilizing set-aside time allows more understanding of SELF. Take time to “visualize more”! With visualization it is necessary to keep in mind the exact image of success that is wished to attain (by picturing down to the last detail your desires). You are the master of your soul! No force but YOUR OWN can direct actions. You cannot act without first THINKING! … Think and cease reacting so much! By thinking you allow the Universe to comply! You will be a step closer to achieving good health, realistic goals, achieving peace-of-mind, and achieving prosperity, if and only if, “you become more attentive to your thoughts! … … …

As we look forward to newness it is extremely consequential to acknowledge negative personal actions; personal flaws; and try to initiate the necessary corrections in order to make life more meaningful. The time has long past when it is necessary to get even with those that have initiated unjust actions toward you. Make sure (if you can) to respect the laws of karma! It is a factual proverb “as you sow; you shall reap”! Try (if you can) and forgive those that unjustly caused you heartfelt-pain. Remember, in order to provide SELF with the tools necessary for gainful successes … it is wise to not allow petty issues to cloud your ways of thinking. The reason you can create a new destiny or a new destiny for SELF is “sacrifice” …. As such, by setting aside time for SELF to visualize you allow the Universe to comply for you”!
Posted: December 2016

Evelyn H. Mack
Venus by Evelyn


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