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If today is your birthday, you are an Aries.

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I have for many years always offered "Passage" during my lectures. Now, I am offering "Passage" to you, the web viewer. This 30+ day passage serves as a Silent Voice of Inspiration. "Passage" is provided as a chapter to help you make the most of your 24-hour day. Among numerous major changes that take place within a 24-hour cycle, often times "Passage" becomes necessary so that a minor challenge doesn't become a major challenge. "Passage" is identified as "taking a mental journey toward betterment" and "using positive focused assessments to defuse sudden-challenges, frustrations, disappointments, minor-apprehensions, uneasiness and anxieties". I believe these entries of "Passage" can add encouraging ideas and bring positive mental breakthroughs that can brighten the shadows, pessimism and gloominess that cloud the mind.
Posted: 02-13-2020
Welcome to February 2020 …………….. We’ve got a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in the water-bearer, Aquarius; and, Uranus is already settled in the bull, Taurus for a long time. INSPIRATION for all signs is needed during year 2020.


Posted: 02-13-2020

Importance for utilizing the “power of your mind”

I believe many of the physical possessions and life-accomplishments that individuals have acquired began from a germinal spark in the mind. I also believe, everything human beings do is “primarily mental”. When I say “primarily mental” … an example is this: It’s factual, the mind is powerful and limitless of itself, there are no mental bounds when you set-aside quiet moments where you can take time to think … … … Quiet time allows people that are wise instances to effectively employ their thoughts. When you take time for self you are able to mentally employ your thoughts with the universality of rhythm.

In my opinion, limits of the mind have only been superficially seen. This is what I mean when talking about things that are superficially seen. For example, #1) modern health care providers might engage in conversation with patients with upbeat positive talks. A health care provider might discuss with a patient “how to believe sickness can turn into wellness. Discussions are meaningful when you talk in optimistic language … … talk having faith … … talk wellness … … talk betterment ... … and talk to your doctor about depending upon optimistic faith that wellness is a surety. In other words: there is no limit to positive thinking when it comes to feeling better about self (especially if you are physically ill.) Use the power of THOUGHT as a helpful tool toward wellness. There should be no surprise when I tell you that the whole of your life can be improved or uplifted through simply training your mind to entertain visions of “wellness”.


Importance for utilizing “becoming a blessing”

We are dominated by our mind that whatever we think will happen Generally, … ... what we think is precisely, what actually does happen. We are basically frail creatures as compared to many or the beast of the earth. And it is only through the use of our superior intelligence that we have
managed to survive. If we are to live up to our full potential and fulfill our life-purpose we have no choice but to work through fear. If you are alive, we have fears … it is what we do with our fears and how we handle our fears that makes all the differences in the world. When we are afraid to take action … we must ask ourselves “why be afraid”? I AM MY OWN BLESSING – THERE ARE NO REASONS TO FEAR … IT IS MANDATORY TO USE THE POWER OF THOUGHT …. POSITIVE THINKING … VOID OF FEAR …DO WHAT IS NECESSARY TO GAIN RIGHTFUL VICTORIES. Remember, blessings begin with “thought” and “faith” … … There should be no surprise when I tell you that the whole of your life can be improved or uplifted through simply training your mind to entertain visions of “being blessed”.


Importance for utilizing “time to visualize”

Be kind and learn to help others. The world needs our talent and our service now more than ever. Love and kindness have healing power. Fear not! Focus on success – Visualize: Mentally, make a list of everything you have succeeded at in your life – Mentally, hang your list up where you can see it during quiet meditation moments. Never doubt! Use silence time to fill your “attainment bowl”. We all need moments of silence in our lives ...
we can use silent moments for prayer, meditation or visualization.
And by utilizing [a few] quiet moments … … I believe, it is becoming possible to [mentally] bring into existence beneficial situations and useful material things that take our lives to new levels. Remember, “you deserve
the best”. ----------- The process of “BEST” begins with you! [Always remember: “it is your thoughts that allows you to successfully gain all things that are rightfully yours”. When you take time to visualize there can be no limit to your success. And finally, there should be no surprise when I tell you that the whole of your life can be improved or uplifted through simply training your mind to entertain visions of “success”.


Importance of being capable to assist others

Sometimes in life changes take hold with loving personal relationships and replacements must take hold. However, no one wants to face separation, divorce or discontinuing the love ties … … but, in all honesty, these situations do take place. And sometimes separation causes hatred and disgust, some divorces can cause hatred and opposition and some childhood to adult love-ties and wrecked torrid love affairs can cause disgust and hatred. … … But through it all, remember to care for SELF because life goes one.

When you are “favored” and utilize the power of “visualizing” you can actually gain ALL rewards that are rightfully yours; not because of something mysterious – but because you are favored by a power that’s greater than man. When you are in need – do not worry – because you are favored! Whatever your desires – “write them down”! If you have a goal in mind, write it down and utilize the kinds of methods that will lead you to successful outcomes. And most importantly, it is mandatory to concentrate on specific objectives by combining your fore-sight with physical realities in order to gain your REWARDS! Positive thinking will make your journey in life more worthwhile, satisfying and rewarding if you just write your thoughts down. If you have a wish, write it down and believe it will come within your presence.


Importance of “being”

Long-term successes are received because of your thoughts and your actions. Using life lessons that are positive allows us to become able to utilize deed and thought in order to receive! Additionally, as we mature, in life we learn how it’s hard to understand when we are faced with disloyalty. When people we trust betray us always go back to those 3 little words “love one another”. Because of mental healing, when we experience extreme dislikes from individuals we trust, it’s time for us to reflect on SELF and not get-in to disgust. During such adverse moments, be wise and turn unfaithful situations into actions of out-growing petty annoyances. Mental maturity takes on many positive changes in our lives. When adverse personal relationship situations take hold in our lives … during quiet moments there’s a very, very special place within our thoughts that allows us (that are wise) to hold special places within the mind as we visualize our way toward fulfillment. Moving forward in life, some of the most impressive things you can do for SELF during times of deep-concern is to remain firmly committed to expressing your “own” greatness by not allowing “yourself” to analyze your own fears.


Welcome to February 2020 – we’re entering into a 20-year Jupiter-Saturn “conjunction” that will settle into the water-bearer “Aquarius” … … … … … …

During year 2020 Inspiration is needed … …

Throughout this 2020 year (for a long time) bring out the welcome sign for planet Jupiter because the expansiveness of planet Jupiter will become the much needed energetic flag-waver for us all. And, planet Saturn will be consistent with obstacles at unexpected times for air signs throughout year 2020. Planet Saturn will also bring about chaos and challenges for most of your political leaders (ESPECIALLY those elected leaders from southern states.

Planet Saturn during this 2020 year will bring about obstacles that will need to be overcome for crooked political leaders (their wrong-doings will definitely be brought to public attention on or near the 15th of October 2020.

The Saturn portion of this “Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction” shall become an (amazing) "antagonizer" for those political leaders that might feel their dirt will not be uncovered.

So, for all (12) signs of the zodiac … … get ready for the planet ride of a life time. Uranus (will bring into existence unexpected (chaotic) changes for crooked political leaders.) … …

Planet Uranus has settled in the zodiacal (bull) sign of Taurus for 7+ years. [We’re entering into a time where “inspiration” is mandatory for us all].


Planet SATURN has a 29-year cycle – but within each individual’s life there is the presence of planet SATURN. A power that is greater than man will “favor” you and grant you peace even in the midst of enemies, challenges and dire-adversities. So, in life, take time for SELF! - Give SELF and evaluation, and periodically give SELF an “appointed review” in order to correct those ills that you know will cause you set-backs in life. What this planet does when positioned in your SUN sign – it produces causes and effects; what you dish out in life – you are repaid in folds by this planet – it is known as “karma”. So live right, think right, do what is right and when you are faced with challenges you can come through them with ease.
You can become an individual that is free of malice; and by being free of malice you can achieve all the rewarding benefits you deserve. You must use your mental facilities more efficiently and lovingly.


#06) FOCUS: PLANET SATURN (the planet that introduces challenges)....... The Importance of “receiving” and “facing limitation”

Continuing through life we learn that hatred can evolve into lasting love affairs; betrayal makes us wiser, to be extremely disliked allows us to keep on evolving into being a stronger individual. Why, it’s all because when concern verses forgiveness you learn to master your tomorrows.
You can gain fore-sight into success expansion and attainment possibilities by utilization your thoughts in constructive manners. Positive thinking is a pathway toward successful outcomes in your personal, business and associate life. Achievement and gains due us in life are not received when we expect them; but they are placed in our lives at appointed times by a Power that is Greater than Man … … all successes are received in appointed portions along the pathways called: “the journey of life”.


CONSTRAINT -------------- We are basically frail creatures as compared to many or the beast of the earth and it is only through the use of our superior intelligence that we have managed to survive. The mind is the means by which it is possible to bring into existence meaningful occurrences in order to make life more meaningful and allow life to be mentally free of negatives. To experience newness in our bodies … ..., we remember that the body is our temple. We release all fear or doubt about its functions as we visualize it doing its work perfectly and unhindered. We bless each organ and cell, knowing that the life within is the “success-life” we envisioned … … by using visualization, we become able to create the “ME”. Keep in mind all things we desire came from thought!

Respectfully submitted
Evelyn H. Mack, Forecaster
Posted: Thursday, 02-13-2020


Evelyn H. Mack
Venus by Evelyn


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