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If today is your birthday, you are a Capricorn.

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Point of View is a must-read forecast! Evelyn gives her analysis of astronomical and astrological aspects in terms of retrograde-transit or planet-stay and how the forces of nature can illuminate all stages of an individual's mental, physical and spiritual growth. Such informative interpretation of planetary-movements allows the awakening of the consciousness toward a path of enlightment for the individual. Additionally, the PREDICTION information explains detailed effects of specific planetary transits. Also, the PREDICTION further explains when occurrences become evident during the planet-movement and planet-aspect. Evelyn firmly believes the solar system, which is a force of nature, does have an effect on all live beings including circumstances during the transit of planets.

Here's this cycle's Point of View:
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3/10/2019-New updates coming soon

||||||||||||||||||||OPENING: - Posted April 16, 2018

For this posting, I hope you will begin noticing as each day unfolds (beginning April 23rd 2018 thru Dec. 2020) how the forces of nature are controlling all occurrences around the world. In my opinion, “there will continue to be “reckoning forces” that are changing the lives of man. Effective April 2018 so many angelic cosmic forces will be passing through the zodiacal sign of Taurus forcing transformation not only for those born under the astrological sign of Taurus; but, the Uranus influence during this Uranus in Taurus cycle will touch “all” other signs of the zodiac. Transformations will become more apparent!

****** Wall Street has been experiencing its own ups and downs – but during this 8 year cycle of Uranus through the astrological sign Taurus, take note (effective: June 2019) as to how influences from Wall Street will begin fading and their opinions, projections and forecast shall become a non-factor to the business world and to individuals that purchase stock. (This is a harsh prediction – but in the corporate world “influences from Wall Street will become terminate - no one is gonna listen to them any more … … their past behavior will surface and a new way of doing things will take hold).

****** Watch, November 6th 2019, Uranus’ transit takes its time and keep in mind there’s definitely nothing radical about don’t-want-to-change-Taurus; but, the Taurus influence is going to be extremely harsh. (Nov 6th 2019 thru Nov 8th 2025)

Get ready for technology - We are looking at a “world internet currency”! --- We will begin seeing a global currency take hold effective May 15th 2018 thru Dec 2019 --- it’s gonna be a slow change-process.

****** A “finance revolution” will definitely be in full start mode by May 2019. And by the end of the Uranus transit in 2026 how, where and when you use and spend money will become a finished issue. These traits as you knew them it will slowly diminish as the Uranus transit through Taurus takes hold.

A new political party will be formed during the Uranus transit through the sign of Taurus and one of the major political parties can call it “end”! As of this writing we have no preference for either of the 2 major political parties; as such, our opinions are not bias – however, we will pen our predictions.

THE MAJOR POLITICAL PARTY SYSTEM – First, lets look at the chaos and conditions … … everybody is asking “what’s going-on with the elected officials?”

******* Soon and very soon, one of the major political parties will be partially non-existent; one political party will become “the way of the wind” (gone)!

******* You will hear some elected officials speaking about bills they want to pass “but” the public will begin to no-longer listen.

******* During the 2017-2018 - 2019 cycle – the majority elected officials never used their voices or their votes to correct the wrongs and chaotic conditions that prevailed. They (the Republican leadership – have not voiced or voted to bring necessary changes.

******* Your Democratic leadership during the 2017-2018 2019 days … … being in the minority have not been able to bring the kinds of collective efforts together where they could produce protective measures.

Predictions can wait until Democrats become the majority – (if they do win in the 2018 elections) … … your opinions can then be voiced.

(The passing of the 2016 tax plan) These law makers have run-up the U. S. Budget much higher than prior administrations – what will happen is, the slow process of the Republican Party will fade into the abyss. For the Republican Party, beginning at the local level … recovery as a political party will NOT be forthcoming to make itself whole.

EMPLOYMENT PICTURE, RISE OF NEW POWER: - improvements have been made – however these are “low-pay” sector jobs -- -- don’t believe the hype of “new job creation” ‘because it’s not true.

****** The least among us will begin to rise in political power at uncontrollable rates --- a new nation within a nation is being slowly developed into power … … instance is, demonstrations by low-wage-earners will produce an effective “successful” outcome. (Block the votes? --- --- Not really! New voting powers are taking hold)!

URANUS IS THE TRANSFORMER – Taurus is the steady, it is also the banker of the zodiac – Uranus forces changes – Taurus takes “what is” “as it is” and “acts” accordingly. When Uranus enters Taurus on May 15th 2018 – this time its stay will be minimal – you will begin to notice how this sign of wealth will take “complete” control over what comes from the earth. You can’t trust Taurus to be silent while it has Uranus within its spheres.

It seems no one is watching the new voting block, there are new communities and the population count may have been ignored by one major political party in the past – but it looks like there could be a new wave for the new voting block for the other major political party. Instance is, we don’t have a Census count since the water damage in Puerto Rico – and some people from Puerto Rico may have relocated on the Florida Coast. So look at the demographic change taking hold – African Americans, people from Puerto Rico, Cuba, Haiti, Nicaraguans, the Bahamians, as well as from Jamaica – (Whoops - the Florida Coast is a Census demographic change that may be generations away from creating (their own) articulate (collective) mosaic.

TAURUS – THE 8 YEAR PROTECTOR - Apr 4 2018 thru Apr 9 2019:
Taurus is ruled by the element called EARTH … that’s why it’s so staunch – it hates the enforcement of changes – it will take back what it affords – it enforces protection on everything it touches – and because man is so dependent on harvested-resources, during this Uranus transit, you will see Taurus make its mark because Taurus will enforce stability when it sees others inadequately protected.

If you think the rhetoric “you are better off financially” – get a life … everything you purchase has doubled in price (not value)! Everybody is not broke – but most people (now) are watching their spending closely. The distance of your monies possess a short life – the monthly expense instance is this: Dad is no longer the only one working … … … Take a look how the head of household in the family supporting the whole family … … father, mother and children are working just to feed themselves and keep a roof over their heads. Prices going up but the wages are remaining the same (for some individuals) and the desperation into people’s lives is horrible.

Everybody is watching their expenses – no more free-spending or spur of the moment weekend vacation... … in some households it is: Give us a savior moment every day – cause the money is not stretching any further.” - This is America! - Saturn’s transit 2018 is causing challenges for some; but when you have as much unemployment as is indicated “now” there is cause for alarm (for all). Note: It’s them today …… with conditions as they are, it could be you tomorrow! Use prudence and be safe financially during this Uranus transit through Taurus and all will be well for you!

****** Those that support the chaos taking hold with the current law maker’s policies – given sufficient time and mathematical expertise – it is possible the public will acknowledge their policies have exacerbated farm crisis and weaken the entire banking system.

- As this forecast is formed from current planet analysis you will begin to see the collapse of the credit card system as you know it – So if you have an over-the-top credit card debt – try (if you can) paying down your debt April 2018 thru December 2018. Reason is: (in my opinion). Slowing moving Uranus transiting through Taurus is gonna play havoc for some individuals with debt Cosmic forces are not debt favorable under this Uranus/Taurus influence 2019 January thru 2019 May – there are harsh aspect in the Resource Zodiacal House for some astrological sign. Forewarning is affordable – but you do have choices!

23 APRIL 2018 THROUGH JUNE 22, 2020
****** Gemini, Libra, Leo and Capricorn – watch the debts closely during this 8 year cycle – due to cosmic aspects taking hold in your zodiacal house of resources.

(Summer Solstice 2018 will be a harsh month for those that do not use prudence with debt. Unexpected unfavorable money crises are more than likely to take hold in an extreme manner during the June 2020 Solstice Days)!

The largest tax changes took hold – but – the negative fall out has not come to the surface yet; new planet influences indicates:
(1) A larger than know number of small banks will be closing their doors or agreeing to merger with larger banks,
(2) Farm crisis’s – food supply shortages are gonna be massive;
(3) Unheard-of de-regulation of industries accompanied major reversals in social welfare programs, civil rights;
(4) In the middle of the night votes passed on social welfare programs while large spending amounts for defense –

THE ACTS BY LAWMAKERS WILL CAUSE A REVOLT – throwing out political leaders in record numbers;
(5) More (record number) sex scandals taking hold with lawmakers – mostly from Southern states


Forecast and Predictions:

****** A new world economy will be born under Uranus/Taurus;

****** Old ways of purchasing will become dormant as Uranus travels thru Taurus – (touch tone will be the way to charge, and your current credit card is slowly becoming obsolete);

****** And, one bank, one debit card, one major currency – this is going to be “over” as the slow aspect of Uranus in Taurus continues its’ transits

Major shift on earth has already taken hold – it will become more evident that the face of the world (not only the U.S.) but the world – has already changed in numbers;

- Let’s deal with the U. S. – The faces of antagonism resentment, rage-attitudes and harsh-actions that have much to do with race-relations in parts of the world has “now become a dying-factor” – the face of the U. S. is now already changed!

******* The current face of not only the U. S. but the world is: “a new race of people is now the majority” – (Europe, Asia, U. S. North American and South America)

****** The odds on a Trump impeachment based on new planet influences are high – “but” in my opinion, (April 2018) we will need to wait for information from the relentless Mueller Report; (Watch the scramble of lawmakers if they think their new elections will be jeopardized) --- ---

****** Alternative energy is a surety during the Uranus/Taurus era … … Solar is in!

****** Uranus will bring about catastrophic events and disasters throughout the Pacific
Rim (watch the mountains in Seattle and Portland); and calamitous trials and misfortune throughout some Southern States (Alabama, North Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas and South Carolina) --- --- --- Predictions: – volcano spills, mountain noises, earthquakes and rain storms, fires and sweeping mud slides with uncontrollable flooding and forest fires shall take hold beginning May 11 2018 thru April 4 2026, (An 8 year earth watch as the forces of nature take control)

Note: Updates … …. Continue to view!

Transformation for the world is a surety! The slow moving planet URANUS makes its transit for 8 solid years into the staunch (solid) sign of the zodiac known as Taurus (May 2018)– and the motto for the next 8 years (until 2026) is gonna be “it the chips fall cause there’s nothing to catch them when they land”.

(Note: Every sign of the zodiac is going to be effected in some way by this “transformative transit of Uranus thru the zodiacal sign of Taurus). For instance, all of our bodies, all of our food resources, and all of our financial resources and all of the assignment of our values in life will feel the enforcement of Uranus in Taurus) January 2019 thru April 2026!

Peace, be careful with your undertakings, be safe out there on your journeys, be blessed and retain your glow.

Evelyn H. Mack, Forecaster
Posted: April 16th 2018


Posted January 2018

Whatever happens to us is always by plan … all incidents are by plan and allowed by the one (we cannot see) and the same one we cannot see is the one that allowed us to be given tranquility and disorder.

I recently had a discussion with a very-very wise 99-year old lady on deck on the hi-seas. She was experiencing her 25th cruise. She mentioned to me – how now she is unable to walk around to see all the newness but she can walk without assistance of my children … … … all she needs is her walking-cane – she mentioned how happy she felt to look out at the peace of the water she mention how happy she felt just to sit on the deck and enjoy the Sun– she had a broad smile as she looked-out on the hi-seas … … She quietly stated: “I’m looking at wonders of nature and looking at the waves on the seas … I may not see them next year but I’m glad to see the waves now”. Also during my conversation she mention to me an article she read many years ago about how precious it is to enjoy life and leave the worry for another time. … … we discussed at great length the article … … she said to me the article she read was all about “life --- living --- doing right by your fellowman --- treating your own body right --- treating your own body right helps me to see 99”. She also stated: “Life my dear is only for a short time and it is to be used with care for your fellow-man --- don’t worry ‘cause you can’t change nothing --- pray about it and go-on --- if its’ bad it’ll soon get right”. “Doing some of the right things can get you to 99”.

In brief … … She could not remember who wrote the article but this is how she remembered what she had read … “Things in life do not just happen to us who believe in living right …. Good things in life happen to us because of something we did” … … She went on to say: “Bad things in life don’t happen to us because of something we did not do … but all things in life happen to us to make us understand what it means to be alive. She went on to say … “live” … try to help where you can … “live” … try to understand when things don’t go as you want them to do … “live” … … try doing RIGHT and you will be able to see leave this earth feeling good about yourself!

In my opinion: Life is our employer and it pays a just wage! It was a good conversation …. And if it’s part of the plan … 99 can be achieved!

Peace to you, be careful out there, be blessed and by all means do enjoy your glow!

Respectfully submitted –
Posted 018

Evelyn H. Mack
Venus by Evelyn


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