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If today is your birthday, you are a Capricorn.

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Point of View is a must-read forecast! Evelyn gives her analysis of astronomical and astrological aspects in terms of retrograde-transit or planet-stay and how the forces of nature can illuminate all stages of an individual's mental, physical and spiritual growth. Such informative interpretation of planetary-movements allows the awakening of the consciousness toward a path of enlightment for the individual. Additionally, the PREDICTION information explains detailed effects of specific planetary transits. Also, the PREDICTION further explains when occurrences become evident during the planet-movement and planet-aspect. Evelyn firmly believes the solar system, which is a force of nature, does have an effect on all live beings including circumstances during the transit of planets.

Here's this cycle's Point of View:
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(A life experience)

Whatever happens to us is always by plan … all incidents are by plan and allowed by the one (we cannot see) and the same one we cannot see is the one that allowed us to be given tranquility and disorder.

I recently had a discussion with a very-very wise 99-year old lady on deck on the hi-seas. She was experiencing her 25th cruise. She mentioned to me – how now she is unable to walk around to see all the newness but she can walk without assistance of my children … … … all she needs is her walking-cane – she mentioned how happy she felt to look out at the peace of the water she mention how happy she felt just to sit on the deck and enjoy the Sun– she had a broad smile as she looked-out on the hi-seas … … She quietly stated: “I’m looking at wonders of nature and looking at the waves on the seas … I may not see them next year but I’m glad to see the waves now”. Also during my conversation she mention to me an article she read many years ago about how precious it is to enjoy life and leave the worry for another time. … … we discussed at great length the article … … she said to me the article she read was all about “life --- living --- doing right by your fellowman --- treating your own body right --- treating your own body right helps me to see 99”. She also stated: “Life my dear is only for a short time and it is to be used with care for your fellow-man --- don’t worry ‘cause you can’t change nothing --- pray about it and go-on --- if its’ bad it’ll soon get right”. “Doing some of the right things can get you to 99”.

In brief … … She could not remember who wrote the article but this is how she remembered what she had read … “Things in life do not just happen to us who believe in living right …. Good things in life happen to us because of something we did” … … She went on to say: “Bad things in life don’t happen to us because of something we did not do … but all things in life happen to us to make us understand what it means to be alive. She went on to say … “live” … try to help where you can … “live” … try to understand when things don’t go as you want them to do … “live” … … try doing RIGHT and you will be able to see leave this earth feeling good about yourself!

In my opinion: Life is our employer and it pays a just wage! It was a good conversation …. And if it’s part of the plan … 99 can be achieved!

Peace to you and enjoy your glow!
Respectfully submitted –

Evelyn H. Mack
Venus by Evelyn


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