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If today is your birthday, you are an Aquarius.

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Point of View is a must-read forecast! Evelyn gives her analysis of astronomical and astrological aspects in terms of retrograde-transit or planet-stay and how the forces of nature can illuminate all stages of an individual's mental, physical and spiritual growth. Such informative interpretation of planetary-movements allows the awakening of the consciousness toward a path of enlightment for the individual. Additionally, the PREDICTION information explains detailed effects of specific planetary transits. Also, the PREDICTION further explains when occurrences become evident during the planet-movement and planet-aspect. Evelyn firmly believes the solar system, which is a force of nature, does have an effect on all live beings including circumstances during the transit of planets.

Here's this cycle's Point of View:
SPECIAL ATTENTION: No portion of this website of information pertained herein can be utilized unless written permission is given to you from Venus by Evelyn.

All information used without permission, copied, our used by any other individual for their own personal gain or any individual who decides to take credit for information on this site will be prosecuted (by the full extent of the law). Thank you!

(A life experience)

Whatever happens to us is always by plan … all incidents are by plan and allowed by the one (we cannot see) and the same one we cannot see is the one that allowed us to be given tranquility and disorder.

I recently had a discussion with a very-very wise 99-year old lady on deck on the hi-seas. She was experiencing her 25th cruise. She mentioned to me – how now she is unable to walk around to see all the newness but she can walk without assistance of my children … … … all she needs is her walking-cane – she mentioned how happy she felt to look out at the peace of the water she mention how happy she felt just to sit on the deck and enjoy the Sun– she had a broad smile as she looked-out on the hi-seas … … She quietly stated: “I’m looking at wonders of nature and looking at the waves on the seas … I may not see them next year but I’m glad to see the waves now”. Also during my conversation she mention to me an article she read many years ago about how precious it is to enjoy life and leave the worry for another time. … … we discussed at great length the article … … she said to me the article she read was all about “life --- living --- doing right by your fellowman --- treating your own body right --- treating your own body right helps me to see 99”. She also stated: “Life my dear is only for a short time and it is to be used with care for your fellow-man --- don’t worry ‘cause you can’t change nothing --- pray about it and go-on --- if its’ bad it’ll soon get right”. “Doing some of the right things can get you to 99”.

In brief … … She could not remember who wrote the article but this is how she remembered what she had read … “Things in life do not just happen to us who believe in living right …. Good things in life happen to us because of something we did” … … She went on to say: “Bad things in life don’t happen to us because of something we did not do … but all things in life happen to us to make us understand what it means to be alive. She went on to say … “live” … try to help where you can … “live” … try to understand when things don’t go as you want them to do … “live” … … try doing RIGHT and you will be able to see leave this earth feeling good about yourself!

In my opinion: Life is our employer and it pays a just wage! It was a good conversation …. And if it’s part of the plan … 99 can be achieved!

Peace to you and enjoy your glow!
Respectfully submitted –
Posted – May 21st 2016


*** References: THE VISION …
*** POST DATE – 26 January 2016 -


*** OPENING: - There is normally so much gloom predicted that people seem to turn a deaf ear. Nothing has changed! 2016 poses “gloom and destruction” brought-on by the forces of nature. The gloom is not at the hand of man – but shall be presented to this nation by a power that is greater than man. … … … Within pages of the holy book of scriptures there are passages written “if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves” … well, being humble is not the case anymore … Greed and Greed is at the fore-front of the 2016 pathways (for some) … Now, during this forecast cycle, let’s get real … … the forces of nature is taking hold around the globe and the affluent are becoming categorized with the “less fortunate”! Flooding during this forecast cycle will cause displacement; earthquakes and mud slides will cause dis-lodgement; and the fires of planet Mars will bring hot sunshine causing drought; and drought too will cause more (people) dislocation.


*** EXPECTATION: - Please be aware as each day unfolds (during this forecast cycle) there will be a reckoning as to how individuals will begin to lead each day of their life. Those that are wise will think before they take actions. As well, it will become more apparent during year 2016 (and beyond) the acts of “karma” will be taking hold. Negative impacts that cannot be explained will be placed on some peoples’ lives (all of this at the hand of the forces of nature).
#1) The transits of the slower moving planets (during this forecast cycle) will be noticeable due to stranger weather conditions.
#2) Heavy rain falls will continue to bring flooding in certain areas of the US causing people to flea their homes and relocate in places that had said in the past they would not live. (Watch areas around Texas and the New Jersey) …. The element WATER is gonna be unleashed and you will witness more flooding than ever envisioned. Keep in mind, nature brings changes to all areas causing people to be relocated!
#3) The shattering of the earth will be more evident in locations that were considered “safe” … places that were considered by scientist as safe from earthquakes … well, not the case any more. Watch around Oklahoma and Nebraska)
#4) the forces of nature will unfold bring havoc in locations of the US where individuals have considered themselves as “affluent or above the cuff of the normal! (Remember, nature has controls that cannot be governed by man)! (Watch the Pacific Rim)


*** QUESTIONS-QUESTIONS: Let’s get to the point: The face of American has already changed and some of you are to mentally asleep to confess these facts as “actual”. There is now a new voting block … … (but let’s discuss this at a different level) … ….. If you have a holy book try to read the scripture called Leviticus chapter 26 or read the scripture called Deuteronomy chapter 28 to see whether what is going-on currently applies to us today! It is scary to read these chapters in the holy books because you can readily see and see how these writings fit precisely America right now!!! It does not matter if you do or do not believe in the Bible – (just read it) and judge for yourself! Now take your mind to another level and think about this: Instance is this: There are millions of citizens from distant lands that may or may not have been given full rights. Well, people from distant lands are already here: The question is this: Are there really more than expected people from distant lands now residing South on the US Border. Question: Are there millions of people from distant lands already residing here (illegally); are there millions of people that will be awarded full social benefits, medical benefits, full time jobs, voting, and other rights as the American taxpayers. Question: who is gonna “foot the bill”? Question: is this called “redistribution of the wealth.” It is done in every socialist country. Millions of people that will possibly NOT be an American citizen will more than likely be given affirmative action and preferential job quotas. Result: Millions of American citizens will continue to lose their jobs.(Something to think about)! This is discussed quietly - but the end results are fashioned in an "open manner" ... ... and "yes" many of you will continue to not find full employment!


*** IMPENDING: You will need to take a better look at your “life”. The transits of the slower moving planets will show you in year 2016 just how powerful the forces of nature really are. There will be a need to begin sowing better seeds of “truth” because end-results will become rewarding this is (REGARDLESS TO WHAT SHALL BE OCCURRING AROUND YOU). … … … Accruals are, during cycle 2016 … … … life will become your EMPLOYEE … Life will show you what it means to work for someone else … in reality

*** ASSUMPTIONS: Life will become your employer …. It will act (during cycle year 2016 like an employee) … you will begin to notice the difference between life as an EMPLOYER and life as an EMPLOYEE. Your life will become your mirror! So, not to be repetitive; but, be sure you understand how the forces are gonna unleash power and why it is necessary to believe that one shall always reap that which one has sown!. life gives you back what you put o it. During a life time you get not more or less than your own contribution. So, you must accept the wages of life”! You must bear the task! Whatever price … whatever price you ask of life, “life will willingly pay”

*** MATTER-OF-FACT SITUATIONS: Keep the mind focused on realistic occurrences! Times for foolish whims are now over! When the thoughts are clear and the opinions are healthy your body gains its’ true Worth! Learn to take time-outs each week for self! Meditate or spend a few moments visualizing! Send out into the Universe (via silent speech) your intentions and allow time for a rewarding return. Remember, 2016 will become a time in your life where your intentions can return to you as the forces of nature takes hold. (The planet transits are governed by a power that is greater than man … as the planets transit in the skies… watch how your intentions become realities) … This is how the cosmos can assist on your behalf during cycle year 2016.

First of all, “there should not be fears of retro-grade Mercury’s transit”, and, here’s some reasons why. Planet Mercury offers more than travel problems, signing of document problems, communication problems, and other personal relationship complications. During cycle year 2016 the transit of planet Mercury will provide you a probabilities to terminate all problems that were left un-done (in your personal life) during the prior year. (Mercury will make 4 retrograde transits during year 2016 giving you chances to examine how you conduct issues that will produce reflections in your life).
Make use of the following chart in case you need to mentally prepare for Mercury’s retrograde (transit).


*** RETROGRADE MERCURY’S CHART: Here’s the RETROGRADE chart for planet MERCURY’S TRANSIT during cycle year 2016:

*** 01-25-2016 – Mercury’s transit is Direct and huddled in the sign of Capricorn (the goat)
(Clue: Re-do your household budget and if you want something and cannot afford it – be wise and do not purchase it – hold the extra cash left from January budget until Sept 21st when Mercury transits direct into the sign of Virgo).

*** 04-28-2016 – Mercury’s Retrograde – into the sign of Taurus (the bull)
05-22-2016 – Mercury’s transit is Direct and huddled in the sign of Taurus (the bull)

*** 08-30-2016 – Mercury’s Retrograde – into the sign of Virgo (the maiden)
09-21-2016 – Mercury's transits is Direct and huddled in the sign of Virgo (the maiden)

*** 12-19-2016 – Mercury’s Retrograde – into the sign of Capricorn (the goat)
01-08-2017 – Mercury’s transit is Direct and huddled in the sign of Sagittarius (the archer)


During the retro-grade of planet Mercury, bring on the “PASSION” and do not get involved in heated debates with the one you love. When planet Mercury moves retrograde it affords you an immediate opportunity to bring-back the passion from a heated-debate with your lover. As well, any/all “communication” issues that have lingered … … Mercury moves into play and will work “positively” for you. (Mercury will make 3 direct transits during cycle year 2016 and 1 direct transit during the opening days of cycle year 2016 … these direct transits are important … reason is Mercury is a planet of “force” and it allows you opportunities during these “direct” transits to watch for pitfalls …. When you identify pitfalls in your life … you are on the path towards success outcomes (in ALL areas of your life). During direct transits of planet Mercury you are more “passionate” and you feel more comfortable with who you are …. Your (sex) appeal is more evident. So give planet Mercury a chance to work for you … it can work for you successfully because it moves slowly (so-so slowly)l and it transits in an over-poweringly manner.


This planet, (Mercury) allows you chances to be prepared for new opportunities …. It also allows you opportunities to re-visit the past and clear-up during year 2016 unfinished important paperwork as well as its retrograde allows you the opportunity to right the wrongs re, communications with that special person in your life. Additionally, a major identity for planet Mercury’s (retro-grade) transit is …. It moves “slowly” high in the skies and affords you an opportunity of safe passage during times of adversity. A major force of Mercury’s retrograde transit is – it’s forceful and forewarns you to NOT sign documents … … … when it comes to the signing of documents (or where monies are concerned and you need to come to an agreement) … … Mercury is there to block you from doing so. REMEMBER WATCH YOUR TRAVELS AND DON’T SIGN DOCUMENTS!


NEW PLANET EMPHASIS – rebirth of a new planet alignment
My point of view with these new planet transits is firm. Life if not eternal – life is a gift on loan for a specific time designated by a power that is greater than man. So what we do with LIFE is a choice. For this particular posting because of the specific planet transits, I believe there is definitely no cost value placed on life.


******* SATURN gives us a choice … do right and reap a just reward; or do wrong is accept a negative karma. It is simple!

******* Planet PLUTO is the secret agent for us – it removes (forever) all those things that do not belong in our lives – because we (sometimes) do not have the wisdom to make the kinds of changes that will take us to new levels; and this too is plain, true and simple!

******* Planet JUPITER affords some tremendous expansions in our lives because we (at times) do not have the patience to wait for that which is beneficial; and this is also plain, true and effective. These three major planets (for this forecast cycle) allows us to look at life more realistically.


There is not cost value that can be placed on swiftness of life-alterations, nor can we place cost value on life-transformations. … … … The speed of daily initiatives is determined by:

#1) what we have done in our past;
#2) the speed of our daily initiatives are determined by our present life situation; and
#3) our pace of life is determined by the thoroughness with which we are able to approach our lives by the circumstances we encounter that are beyond our control.


*** THE ELITIST: The idea of the elitist is to divide. We are becoming a paperless society – but think about something … … Question: are we in for a new currency? Do you think we will replace the US dollar and let’s say call the new currency THE AMERO?? (Just asking, and telling you to be more watchful) - Question: Will in the future the borders around the US will be erased – (do you think we will be bordered like Europe) … “just asking”! Will borders between Mexico, the U.S.A., and Canada will be erased while the Border Patrol become defunct! Wonder why we keeping hearing from our political leaders “WE GOTTA SECURE OUR BORDERS” … I wonder what is this all about??????????? (Just asking)! The Supreme Court and all other courts will become defunct by use of a North American Judicial Council. And finally, are we so mentally asleep that we do not how our elections are being sold to the highest bidder; I wonder why do the little people vote… “Just asking”! – Do we have an “elitist” GROUP making sure you are mentally asleep while they run “your” world?? (Just asking)?


 Fires, drought, bringing displacement of tho9usands of people
 Supreme Court major ruling – a shocker
 College education finance reform being put in place
 Planet Mars bringing wars and rumors of wars
 Refugees and over-crowing of major cities; people from distant lands suffering while waiting in the US for someplace to go
 People in the western part of the US worried about mass flooding and earth shatters – causing millions to be relocated
 Seismic readings off the charts along the Cascade Mountain States

*** Losses (lots of financial losses) bad investments in the news. Lives. Property. Wealth. Rebuilding. Property damage. Buried under debris. More injuries than deaths. Extreme conditions. Proximity of fissures and expulsions.

 Everyone still at standstill financially (money not enough to make meager family ends met
 Beaches along the southern coast deserted due to an outbreak causing rashes – water tainted from oil spills
 Drought in the heartland, fires in the corn belt states (including Iowa)
 Rising female “political” power and the men in power resisting to this sudden rise at the city, state and federal levels
 Big waves off the coast of San Diego causing lots of deaths

I mentioned during cycle year 2013-2014 that a new wave would be sweeping land! The face of the nation as you know it is rapidly changing NOW and this is something that really did creep into the nations with nobody really paying too much attention. Well; the face of America has NOW changed. We are a more diverse nation.


Now, during cycle year 2016 there are some new changes taking hold. You will not only witness these changes on the streets of major cities; but you will begin seeing it more in sport and politics. You are not noticing; but we could be in for some new surprises as planet Uranus slowly transits. Uranus is really a slow moving planet; it makes itself comfortable in a Sun sign and it stays there until it gets its job done. Well, its’ job in 2016 is to ensure the change takes hold effectively.

Some individuals are not mentally capable to accept the “census” facts; but the change is here. Watch your new political leaders – the face of the political landscape is definitely gonna change. It will represent the (diverse) nation “as is”! High in the Alpha skies there’s something taking hold with the transit of the planets. The slow moving planet Uranus is completing its’ rapid changes. Jobs are changing … the employment mass is gonna be more diverse!


*** 2016 FORECAST...
These NEW changes are the diverse faces of America. It looks like American is turning brown: ……. (All I can do is give you truth) 2016, the skin tones in the US are making America into a generational changed nation. The 2016 population growth is taking hold MORE because of NEW BIRTHS. Hamal the constellation around the Ram in the Alpha skies did assist Uranus with these “unexpected” (cannot easily explain) occurrences.

 Unexpected high profiled political person (male) leaves office due to sex scandal and extreme money laundering (scandal)
 Slow year economically with the real estate markets
 Airplane wings falling off
 New beginnings for college students – a majority will be able to find employment
 Hillary, cheering, feeling victory (but “something is amiss here)
 Bernie Sanders/grassroots strong – something amiss here


Now, during 2016, in terms of an “exploded - populace” with people of different skin tons, all you need do is just look around you ….. The voting block to get a candidate over the top is the diverse voting block (make no mistake about it – no candidate can win a National election without this “diverse” voting block.

Yep! “Change is already here” and with out doubt, American in 2016 has already started becoming a more diverse nation. (brown in population count); plus the language is changing as well. Re the new population count in most major US cities, the long-term placement of Uranus’ transit around the constellation Hamal will bring about MORE face-to face unexpected occurrences as the slow transit of Uranus continues its journey high in the skies.

 Lots of negative intensity around politics (especially the Congress) during the election month (November 2016)
 Food poisoning and outbreaks with fast food eateries possible onions, carrot and mushroom in the news
 Airplane wings falling off – (major eastern airport)
 A “southern” Republican will case a political feud if Hillary wins for some reason (???) (Something amiss here).


*** Sweet-Scents: – a favorite perfume company (bankrupt)
*** US-Unemployment: - students will get jobs but on the home front for major bread-winners, there will be some problems; also with females the lowest unemployment will likely be in August and September 2016 – it’s more than likely to be the worst you’ve witnessed in many years – but “it is what it is”! (Some get and some don’t get) “It is what it is”!
*** Volcanic Eruptions: in 2 or more Caribbean nations
*** Water-water: – another Tsunami (likely in Japan)

******* Note: Next Posting Information … … for the next UPDATE posting, be advised new postings and Updates (as they occur) will be posted (AS NEEDED) throughout the year 2016– so stay with us and enjoy your visit at this site.

Peace and retain your glow
Posted January 2016
Respectfully submitted
By, Evelyn H. Mack, Forecaster and Keynote Speaker
(Specializing in World Events and the Forces of Nature)
All Rights Reserved - Trademark Protected


NEW 2015 PREDICTIONS ---------------
Posting Number: 100-2015
(Part one of two postings)
Effective Dates January 2015 thru March 22nd 2016
TOPIC HEADER: Results of the Eclipses
Posted – Posted – Thursday – January 8th 2015

What is so important in 2015 is we need to remain positive about our nation. Let’s continue to keep positive ideas and positive thoughts for our political leaders, our president and those men in uniform that keep watch over our nation. When our nation is successful we are ALL gonna be successful; but 2015’s “eclipses” and new planet transits indicates we are in for some challenges.

[Just a reminder, watch the weather during cycle year 2015 (especially in the Red States) 'cause the forces of nature are taking hold!]
(From the Holy book of Scripture: 2nd Chronicles Chapter 7: and verse 14 it reads) ..... “IF MY PEOPLE, WHICH ARE CALLED BY MY NAME, SHALL HUMBLE THEMSELVES, AND PRAY, AND SEEK MY FACE, AND TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS; THEN WILL I HEAR FROM HEAVEN, AND WILL FORGIVE THEIR SIN, AND WILL HEAL THEIR LAND”! …………………………. Will we see a healing of the land in 2015? Let’s discuss, during cycle year 2014 the forces of nature brought different kinds of limitations; and with these challenges we saw some kind of trouble at every turn. Aggression brought about by deceit took hold in 2014 and it will continue in year 2015 … this deceit will take hold across the land. Christians that support those in the Red States may find themselves deeply concerned about the steward-ship of the Earth, farmers may see substitute energy sources as a new income for themselves ……… conservatives that call themselves hawks may see ways to reduce America’s dependency on Middle Eastern oil (by way of a pipe line) and all those e other so-called know-it all politicians who worry about the environment will likely come together in 2015 to put pressure on the White House. But it all will be for nothing if they do not pass the kinds of legislation that change things for betterment!

Also in 2015 we will continue to witness corrupt political leaders here in the U.S. and all around the world; plus all other sorts of deception will likely take hold for populations around the world. Furthermore, I believe, in some instances, we will definitely experience identical instances of greed in 2015. Now (as of this posting) we are facing some kinds of corruption ……………… as such, IN MY OPINION, the following is predictable for the 2015 days ahead.
******* FACT OR FICTION We will experience out right lies by elected government officials and all those news organizations that fail to give full details …………. Especially when it comes to commerce, legal and illegal immigration, a well as commerce and global changes in the weather – WATCH THE INFORMATION YOU GET FROM INDIVIDUAL IN POSITIONS OF POWER – THEN YOU CAN SUFFER THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FACT AND FICTION.
******* CHANGES IN THE WEATHER the world leaders are putting in place laws that will rush the nation towards oblivion! We can see by the weather changes how our cities are being thrown into “perilousness” and danger due to wind storms, harsh rains and harsh snow storms. This is definitely a sign that we are approaching the need for “truth” when it comes to weather changes …. Some people do not believe in global warming – Normal everyday people are not authorities on the weather – but everyday people can see that something is causing such destruction to our cities due to the harshness of the weather. There will be sights that the world will not be ready to view. There will be a need for an intervention from a supernatural source when it comes to getting people to understand we are running out of oomph!
******* 2015-SOMETHING IS AMISS: The human race will witness events that will cause our minds to want to shut down and not admit they are happening. The human race will witness events that will seem to them there will be NO way out. This will be called an extinction level event!
Angelina Jolie will get an Oscar; but there is definitely something is amiss with this marriage) ---- BB King the blues singer, health watch id definite ----- Drew Carey is not well; Ellen DeGeneres the talk show hostess, her marriage is on the rocks;
George Clooney got married – now let’s see how long this is gonna last; also George Clooney is throwing his hat in the political ring; but he needs to change his work schedule and get some rest; ---
Halle Barry will divorce; Jackie Collins and her sister Joan Collins is on my health watch listing; --- JZ and Beyonce look like “love birds” but the 2015 April Eclipse shows there marriage is kinna in the tank; something is definitely gonna take hold and it don’t look too pretty;
O.J. (the former football guy) O.J. Simpson (something is not going to well with his health)----- and, Oprah is gonna get married (I am not changing this “marriage” prediction due to the aspects around her 7th zodiacal house); and Oprah needs to be watchful of those around her – “deceit is in the midst and something is not going right with the dollars”.
3/20/2015 and 4/4/2015 brings into existence a Solar and a Lunar Eclipse; as such,
Are we in the midst of an “economic war”? Let’s look at these economic wars that are currently taking hold. Due the to PATH OF THE ECLIPSES during cycle year 2015 and beyond, you will begin to notice “more” how deep the US has been drowned into “free trade”. Free trade in my opinion means something that will be “internationally managed” or would be globally administered; but it seems as though we in the US have lost our protection in the manufacturing arena --- look --- all the factories are closed and moved – SOME WILL BE COMING BACK = BUT NOT TOO MANY!

Climate-change bills in Congress might gain support. However, these elected US officials are so caught up in trying to do things that put more money in their own pockets until they are forgetting about you and what’s taking hold around you. The earth is shifting and politics, like climate change itself, is an uncertain business. But the chances of a shift to do something about controlling carbon emissions just may be put on the back-burner for 2015 – but the earth is shattering and 2015 and the Eclipses will bring into existence these disasters:
A giant earthquake takes hold in San Francisco;
Chicago will get an earthquake; -----Colorado, high in the mountains will experience a massive earthquake;
Idaho will experience a great earthquake; -----
Kansas gets an earthquake and it’s gonna be big;
Memphis, Tennessee and West Memphis, Arkansas gets an earthquake; -----Miami gets an earthquake and Miami gets blown-away due to a harsh tornado hitting the shorelines; -----Montana will see an earthquake;
The Himalayas will experience an earth shift causing destruction to thousands of people, the earth will shatter;
Washington, D. C. will suffer a huge earth shattering due to the transit of retrograde Mercury; -----Wyoming is gonna be earthquake row!
|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
******* CHALLENGES GALORE: - Problems from within in the countries of Spain, Italy and Greece (riots and upheaval) The rains of Katrina were only a wake-up call for the USA – there will continue to be harsher and more devastating forces of nature taking hold over major American cities during the Spring and Summer months of year 2015. 2 elements are keys; air with the wind storms and water with hurricanes and HARSH RAIN storms..................
******* ADDITIONAL TRIALS WILL COME IN 2015 – yep, the strange climatic factors taking hold in 2015 will cause catastrophic conditions along the Pacific Rim - mainly in Seattle and Northern California.
Medical: More doctors will leave their medical practices and turn to “absolute curing of the patient” instead of issuing so many prescription orders.
Fraud: Greed will begin its destruction of the Swiss banking system and some US famous political leaders will get caught-up in money-laundry scandals.
|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
2015 Eclipses: – American “traditions” are gonna be shattered - Is there really a rush to put into action the Central American Free Trade Agreement? Will this agreement entangles the United States with 33 other Socialist nations?
2015 Eclipses: – Analyze this question: Are there possibilities that you just might be out-numbered on many fronts [by illegal aliens] as the 2015 year continues to unfold? – This is something to think about especially when it comes to employment! Moving forward in 2015, as the new eclipse takes hold the moods of your elected officials and those other elected officials who are in positions of power in cities across the US will soon understand how their local and governments are being more strained because of services being usurped by people that are entering the country unchecked. Something is amiss here!
******* WATER, AIR, EARTH, FIRE ….This planet MARS with all of its 2015 aspects sets-off a time that will extend throughout the days ahead, bringing into existence unsettling situations around the globe. The forces of nature will take hold – WATER, AIR, EARTH, FIRE ….. As such, the following is the 2015 part one of 2 posting forecst:
AIR and WATER: Alabama, Florida (all along the Gulf Coast) and extending “up” the East Coast … suffering from harsh winds and rain (Hurricanes like you’ve not seen before and nature will take hold in destructive manners around the state of Florida) …..
The state of Washington “A MASSIVE EARTH SHATTERING”: and in the State of Oregon the people will experience an upsurge of “volcanic” conditions causing people that reside in the low lands around the mountains …. They will have to flee (in the middle of night) from their homes.
Also keep your eyes on volcanic eruptions around Mt. Etna and Mt. St. Helen
=== A larger than life earthquake in Chile, Peru and Japan creating rushing water – kinna like a tsunami
=== Alaska and British Columbia are in for an earthquake
=== Amtrak needs to fix their rails – watch for an accident in 2015
=== BLACK OUTS – (we really do need to change our ways when it comes to energy … oh my! And just think people see what’s happening to the earth and they still don’t believe in global warming! (Look at the polar bears…. The ice is melting around them … -
=== Chicago needs to keep the runways salted down and clean to keep from facing planes running into each other on the runways
=== Earthquakes in Toronto, Quebec and Ottawa Canada
=== Fires (massive fires) due to the transit of planet Mars around Philadelphia and Baltimore
=== Louisiana is gonna see more cars falling into holes in 2015 – they really do need to fix those streets – sinkholes are gonna eat-up for high price cars
===Plane crashes will take hold due to birds and bad weather most likely in New York or New Jersey
=== Yep, a large scandal in Washington – (oh my … … those wanna be sexy politicians are gonna get themselves involved in all kinds of mischief during 2015
******* PLANET SATURN’S NEW RESTING PLACE: - Oh my goodness – this is gonna be a challenging 2015 year and for some a tough ride! Planet SATURN soon leaving the Scorpion and parking it’s occurrences within the spheres of the “archer” called Sagittarius …………… Sag, watch your moves in 2015 and you will come out just fine … but if you take unnecessary risk …you will face the limitations of Saturn more harshly!
I remember from my high school days WHEN I READ MY HISTORY LESSON REGARDING STATEMENTS FROM PRESIDENTS ....... ONE STATEMENT CAUGHT MY EYE AND HAS STAYED WITH ME ... what one of the U.S. Presidents stated ...... IN THE HISTORY BOOKS IS THIS----------- “When all governments, domestic and foreign, in little as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington, as the CENTER OF ALL POWER, it will render POWERLESS the checks provided of one government on another, and will become as venial and OPPRESSIVE as the government from which we separated.” ----------------This quote is from President, Thomas Jefferson --------------So you need to keep your eyes on your political leaders in 2015... And if they do not do what you voted for them to do ……----------KICK THEM OUT IN THE NEXT ELECTION!
it is my understanding that the US has always, until year 1965, under a strict immigration policy. People could emigrate from European countries in the number allowed by law. Europeans were few in numbers, so they could assimilate themselves into US culture. Europeans learned the US language. The Act of 1965 and the Reformed Immigration Act of 1986 caused some changes in US culture.
Well, now we have other languages and the US is slowly becoming a brown culture ………. The nation is changing and we need to face it … change is now here …. Let’s see what other news 2015 is gonna bring … my point is: What is the real “census data”! (Yep, something to think about)! = Start noticing in 2015 how the job structures are gonna start (slowly) changing … and maybe … just maybe …. We will think about the true count and the “census”!
My point is this: The US is changing before our eyes and still some of us can’t see the changes taking place! People are coming so rapidly that it is definitely overwhelming some people … because they do not know what the new people are saying … they cannot speak the language! Whoops – be positive – soon this may really be ONE NATION! (Do you think)????
******* CONCLUSION ………Stay with us …….. So much more to come (soon) because of the 2015 new planet influences that will be taking hold around the zodiacal spheres.
Peace and retain your glow.
Posted – Thursday – January 8th 2015
Note:Part one of 2 postings) Part 2 coming soon
Note: It is a "firm" belief due to the 2013-2014 Eclipses and significance of the slower moving planets - the forces of nature shall take hold within the U.S. adversely - Not being an expert on "climate change" ... the opinion is "the cosmos are transiting in 2014 in adverse directions. The U.S. is politically split into Red States and Blue States; so, as the slow moving planets transit, there is an opinion "there will be far more adverse obstructions and challenges to come from nature in the form of natural disasters. Also, during cycle year 2014 as the forces of nature takes hold we will see how the cosmos compel especially in the Red States. At all cost "keep our fellow citizens that reside in the Red States in your thoughts and prayers". And finally, understand nature, understand how the elements force their way across the land (again, especially in the Red States) - Earthquakes, blowing winds, harsh rains storms and other adverse weather conditions are simply a wake-up call compared to what the FORCES OF NATURE will begin to bring into existence. The elements (air, fire, water, and earth) are not controlled or made by man ... these elements along with the stars above are controlled by a power that is greater than man. Adverse forces of nature are simply a wake-up call compared to what the cosmos hold for the land!

Posting Number: 100-2014
TOPIC HEADER: Forecast and Predictions
Posted –January 16th 2014
A new wave is sweeping the United States of American! The face of the nation is changing rapidly even if some individuals are not mentally capable to accept the facts. High in the Alpha skies there’s something taking hold with the transit of the planets. For instance, the stay of a slow moving planet Uranus in the head of the Ram (Aries) is triggering more rapid changes.

PREDICTION - NEW FACES: These changes are the faces of individuals in the US. The skin tones are beginning to make the US into a generational changed nation. The population growth is taking hold more because of new births that will take hold in 2014. Hamal the constellation around the Ram in the Alpha skies also will assist Uranus with more “unexpected” (cannot be easily explained) occurrences in terms of a “burst-population”. Even though the Census is not available for year 2014 all you need do is look around you ….. American in 2014 has already started becoming brown in population count; plus the language is changing as well. Re the new population count in most major US cities, the long-term placement of Uranus’ transit around the constellation Hamal will bring about a face-to face unexpected occurrence.
2014 - THE UNEXPECTED: - Uranus – ruler of the air sign Aquarius has already spent many days in the fire sign Aries and as of this writing this planet influence is still current; as such, more and more some unexpected occurrences will come to the fore-front of the US NEW. The forces of nature is gonna cause in 2014 the (entire) world to start “mentally” opening-up to shifting changes – because now such changes cannot be stopped the outta control population has already set forth!
2014 PREDICTION – THE WORLD IS CHANGING: Noticeable are the attitudes and beliefs of the populous. We’ve elected leaders that will be breaking new ground during the change of Saturn’s transit. During this planet Saturn influence, adverse volcanic action will take “again” hold around the Pacific Rim and the Cascades creating new adversities … … such eruptions will bring about sinking holes and cracks in the earth across the nation! Holy books teach “natural changes have been a part of life since the beginning of time”; but “it’s adverse actions of individuals that causes harmful calamities!

WISH LIST November 21, 2013 7:07 PM ... It is that time again to list the “amiss” – “amiss” – as such, keep in mind people on this list may not be making their final trips to destined resting places and because they are on this list may not always mean 2014 will bring into existence a final WELL-BEING EFFORT or LIFE-TERMINATION.
Adverse "weather" calamities will change the shape of maps – "weather" calamities will relocate people – "weather" calamities destroys and replenishes the earth – and through it all “there’s nothing man can do when the forces of nature takes hold!
I cannot predict extinction for this new 2014 listing and I also feel no individual can knows precisely the coming of the Son of Man to end it all; but what I can say, based on the analysis of new transits of the stars, there needs to be more alertness for those listings I have indicated. I also believe, because of the new planet transits are taking hold around the major constellations and spheres of the zodiac of some of these individuals I have listed, there is definitely something taking hold and will place them in the “AMISS” category this forecast cycle.
Here’s my listing of famous people for this posting: Arnold Swarzernhagger; Betty White; Nothing to do with old age, but Barbara Bush has not been feeling well lately and her husband George has not been feeling well either - so they both are in our prayers but due to new planet transits they both are facing something health-wise problems.

Something is amiss with Bill Clinton (hope he is still watching his food intake due to prior health reasons – and try to get proper rest). There’s something amiss with Burt Reynolds, Carol Channing; Cher’s son – Chaz; Debbie Reynolds, Dick Cheney and Liz Cheney and Doris Day too.
Clint Eastwood; Harry Belafonte’ Carol Burnett; Hillary Clinton (probably working too hard); Jack Nicolson) could be working too hard); Jay Leon and David Letterman; Kenny Rogers (really needs to get some rest); Latoya Jackson, Katherine Jackson and Papa, Joe Jackson; Lauren Bacall; Kirk Douglas, Nancy Reagan; Hugh Hefner; Danny Glover; Sean – Puff (Diddy) Coombs”; Sylvester Stallone; Willie Nelson; and Zsa-Zsa Gabor.
The will forces of nature will definitely trigger some major disasters around the globe. Specifically within the boarders of the United States there will be major sink holes, whole towns erased or devastate by wind and rain and the snow during the winter months of 2014 will be a dozy ... With the restrictions of planet SATURN and URANUS you will also see many cities in the southern part of the US drenched in water. Rain storms and flooding are gonna be wake-up calls for some Red States too!

The world is changing, and the forces of nature can bring about changes that man can do anything about. Across the world – there will be billions of people with a lack of water. The countries in Europe will be shaken with earthquakes and some European nations will have their entire economies ruined by the forces of Nature.
>>>AIR -------
The harsh blowing of the wind will take down or cause destruction to shopping malls this forecast cycle.
FIRE -------
Wild fires will be outta control this forecast cycle. Additional, during the 2014 year LIGHTENING will strike in some of the strangest places – but during this 2014 forecast cycle – we will see the strikes-of-fire bringing down some of the tall standing towers. And some of these strikes-of-fire will take lives as well.
>>> EARTH -------
Large holes in the earth will begin to swallow entire houses; moving cars will fall into some of the sink holes and as the 2014 year continues to unfold it will not be outta the question for people taking their morning jog – just fall into a hole!
>>> WATER -------
The Forces of Nature makes weather. Weather is the condition at the atmosphere in terms of heat pressure wind and moister and these are the elements that make weather. Every person sooner or later will have a lengthy conversation about WEATHER.
Something may be taking hold in the Red States this forecast cycle. These predictions are not political – these predictions are base on the planets and the elements of the earth – lets look at the element WATER.
For instance, rain, snow dew and frost makes water – and based on new planet transits during 2014 WATER will bring about some situations that can never be explained, because, for instance, falling rain will bring flooding and the flow of the waters in 2014 will wash-away entire communities.
Watch water shortages in the State of California and the State of Georgia.
2014-PREDICTIONS ( Re, the eclipses)
<<<<<<< Car and Truck Crashes – driving too fast will be the problem going across a bridge causing a massive collision pile-up (kinna frightening)
<<<<<<Dance of the Stars will bring a meteor attack
Update-May 1st 2014 Miley was hospitalized
Ellen the talk show hostess – looks like she’s gonna find new true love Miley Cyrus, Madonna and Cher – something is amiss here and I am sticking with the stars that indicates "Ophra gets married" – her natal chart indicates an attachment is coming (and that something is amiss as well)!

*Update-September 2014 - The football player for the RAMS was involved in domestic violence - yep this was "amiss" when you looked at the tape with the elevator incident with his wife - this is a wake up call - more fights will come to light - and I am sticking with the "Sports and Games" prediction as posted Jan 2014.
Prediction: *Sports and Games – basket ball and football will get outta control (watch how fights are gonna take hold)
Update-September 2014 - who would believe they water would be cut off to many homes in the Detroit area - but watch for more incidents that are not favorable to take hold before the 2014 cycle concludes.
Prediction: Confrontations among the citizens in Michigan – (there could be minor riots due to the transit of planet Saturn and some disturbances taking hold in the streets – this rebellion is definitely not outta the question for the city of Detroit. (hope not ,,, but the planets are transiting in adverse manners around this state and the city of Detroit)
Cures – thanks to the scientist – breaking news regarding new cures for cancers, heart diseases. Lupus and aching joints in seniors
Jay-Z – a new baby is coming for this family and Rhianna will welcome a baby too
2 New States added to the Union : - Watch Cuba and Puerto Rico – more than likely they will be added to the current United States (talks will be going on – or gossip taking hold that they will be added in 2014)
Royalty – prayer for good health for the queen and the duke in London– these 2 are getting up in age and it seems something might be amiss her
Trust Factors – lots of girls hanging around – watch for scandals regarding sex parties taking hold with elected officials you least expect (not a high crime but certainly a misdemeanor
Wall Street – A shut down for 7-10 days is not outta the question

War in the mid-east is not outta the question – if talks fail Iran will be ready to go to war ... ... War with the young leader in Korea – North and South Korea =might start feuding again .............
PREDICTIONS ----“EARTH” (earthquakes)-
Alaska will have 2 earthquakes ------- Alberta Canada and in the Louisiana area (normally they don’t get quakes – but it is not outta the question to see the earth shatter there.
Arkansas and Oklahoma ------- Hawaii, (the big island)
Iran will have its share of earth shatters
Italy along the mountainous areas watch for 2 quakes in small cities in Japan not less than 3 earthquakes in the largest cities there and Los Angeles (down town), will get hit as well ------- Memphis Tennessee will also experience a gigantic earthquake around the upper Northern Tier of the US (around the Minnesota “northern” a boarders
Ottawa ------- Palm Springs ------- Peru – this quake will shatter the whole country ------ Quebec and Russia will see more that 2 quakes
San Francisco ------- Seattle, Washington – harsh earth eruption

Sin City (Las Vegas) ------- Spain ------- Texas is not outta the woods for 2014 .. the stars indicates lots of rumbling in the earth around Texas due to an earthquake that will not only take place there but will shatter lots of homes and businesses in its wake!

Toronto, all around Canada as well as the West Coast of Northern California – the earth will shatter along the Cascades ... watch rumbling around the Seattle space needle area as well ....... the eclipes indicates some shattering earth quakes in these areas.



****Airplane Crashes and 2 airplanes landing on lawns and 1 airplane landing in the water

****Chicago Illinois is not in clear – more than likely as the earth continues to shift there will be an unexpected earthquake there. When Chicago get’s it earthquake that will trigger one to take hold around Kewanee Missouri Cape City in Missouri and the city of St. Louis in Missouri.

****Earth giving away causing houses to tumble down hill in San Diego, L.A. and Chattanooga, Tennessee – thee is something going-on with the earths magnate fields – watch the Full Moons and the Eclipses trigger this unexpected force of nature to take hold

****New York – around a major large building the earth will be shifting causing a huge building to begin swaying causing panic with the people.

****Ohio River and the Mississippi River will be filled to the rim due to global warming

****Sinkholes around the Great Pyramids in Egypt will more than likely see the earth falling in all around them – lots of holes in the land will take hold.

****Sinkholes in major Hub cities will be taking hold – as you will hear of people walking down the streets and getting “bottomed-out” by the earth swallowing them up. This is not only within the US – but shall take hold worldwide – watch in the mid-east where the fighting has been going on – those countries will see many sinkholes in their lands.


****Airline Landing – unexpected landing – it’s not outta the question for another plane to unexpectedly land in the water on the east coast

****Cruise Ships and the Water – another cruise ship dilemma – the ship might split in half causing lots of water as it sails in the high seas

****Flooding – The falls on the Canadian side – overflow will reach out into the communities causing lots of damage
****Storms – Catastrophic Water Damages – Paris, London, Holland, along the east coast and in Georgia

****Tornadoes – around Kansas the storms will rage bringing lots of TOTAL destruction to one of their major cities – water will more than likely overflow the city – watch the cities in Ohio as well (In the stat of Ohio, the tide and eclipses will take hold ... watch Cincinnati and Cleveland and the suburban areas because water overflow due to the rivers being over-flowed will cause lots of damage.)

****Water – lots of flooding will take hold across the pond in London; watch Miami with flooding due to heavy rains and wind gust – don’t be surprised if Miami becomes wiped-out when these waters begin their overflow.

****Water – we need to watch the rivers and streams more closely – they will be over-flowing ……… causing lots of germs to the water – if you’ve kids that like to play around the streams keep them away due to germs after the overflows bringing contamination within the cities that border streams.

****Water Damages – unexpected storms will take hold – and will be more devastating than the Jersey/Sandy storms – lots of water damage for homes and cars

**** The Red States Update- harsh weather conditions for the State of Georgia and Mississippi and Alabama too ... ... (watch the forces of nature take hold in an adverse manners for cities in these 3 Red States)!


REAL ESTATE ............. Beginning January 2014 uncertainty will continue for the HAVE NOTS but investment choices will fill the pockets of the RICH while the government institutions put-in place policies designed to make life just a bit harsher for those in need of owning a home. (Clue: Take a real good look at the policies that just passed the senate – "if you have no job how then can you redeem your losses and specifically when something as tremendous in cost as your home ... and you are outta work = my goodness harshness does take hold)... ... Oh my goodness now is the time to look more closely at your elected officials for new laws when it comes to "home-purchases" ... ... yep, we do need positive changes to take hold!

******* AGRICULTURE: The agriculture industry is more than likely to suffer and this is gonna cause some food shortages as well.

******* VIOLENT WEATHER CONDITIONS The rain and hail storms including mass flooding will continue to hinder food production within the United States due to the North Node in Capricorn – and, there will more than likely be many worldwide food shortages into cycle year
The FAR EAST – China will continue promoting farming and soon the US will more than likely be purchasing food from them!

******* INVESTMENTS: - GAMBLING STOCKS, why not? Take a look at Ceasers’ Wynn Resorts and Harrah’s; and look at Foxwoods the Indian Casino located in the eastern coastal area of the US ……. give these a close look then make a minor – very minor portion of your investments in gaming and with patience you can gain! You simply cannot go wrong with a gaming investment because everybody is gambling (they have no jobs)!

****INVESTMENTS: .......UBS – this stock is more than likely to give you a hefty return because of their variance re economic yields and their services are international as well. (UBS is comfortably doing well for their investors). On the market the ticker is UBS – so watch this closely and get in just as quickly as you get out! – The return should prove financial rewarding in 2014.

****INVESTMENTS: ....... ELI LILLY AND COMPANY – this is the pharmaceutical giant of the world – there will always be people on medication and this company is heavily engaged in manufacturing pharmaceuticals and in the development and discovery of medicines – so; on the market the ticker is LLY – you can’t go wrong if you put a few bucks here. Also, the time has come – where it is definitely mandatory … … … if there are things going-in in your environment and you feel ill-circumstances are crushing your FREEDOM or if there are ill-situations are taking hold that you dislike – during this year, let your voices be heard … talk to your Local and State Representatives know then make sure your neighbor do the same so something can be done to correct the wrongs.

And during 2014 if your elected-representatives are not listening to you – let your voices be known by form of the Ballot …. Get them outta office – if your "elected" representatives are not listing to your concerns – now is the time to simply THROW THEM OUT.

CLOSING: This world is ending as you’ve known it from earlier years; however, life and times do remain and life and time will continue (with or without you)! So those things you cannot control – simply move-on and enjoy your life! – This is your right! - Thanks for the visit, peace to you and be sure to retain your glow! ... ... ...

Significant" UPDATE NOTATIONS Re,Jan 16th 2014--Posting ... Posting Number: 100-2014 ... ... ... Scroll "UP" to the TOP of these updates for the Jan 16th posting of Predictions: The following updates apply: Let's use positive thoughts for "calm" - I wonder is there really a thing called "climate change" - something is happening this year with the forces of nature - and it's taking hold in the U.S. Red States - Posted-January 2014

Respectfully submitted –
By, Evelyn H. Mack, Forecaster
(Specializing in World Events and the Forces of Nature)
Copyright 2014 - All Rights Reserved - Trademark Protected
Posted-January 2014

NEW "updates" posted regularly and "more" New Point of View Information will be added regularly as well.

Re: January 2014 Posting .....................
These updates shows how the forces of nature are taking hold in "adverse manners" across the land; and, the following occurrences for cycle year 2014 are applicable:

Update: Aug 24, 2014 - Earthquake in San Francisco (Nappa)
Update: Aug 13 2014 - Civil unrest in Missouri - what's going on with these Red States????????
Update: Summer/2014 - Flooding - cars trapped in Arizona
Update: Summer/2014 - There were children on the bus going to California (to one of the Red districts of a Blue State) and the bus (more than one bus) was turned around by citizens - you know the story - something strange is taking hold - I keep thinking "is anyone listening to the complaints of the people of this city - we gotta watch and see how this plays out - (lots of questions gotta be answered ... maybe we will get the real TRUTH soon)!!!!!!!!!! (I wonder is this part of a US increase in population taking hold for later??????)
Update: July 12, 2014 - Water shortages in Texas - oh my! What is going on in this Red State - Whoops!
Update: July 04, 2014 - The 2 elements called air and water - are doing a chase along the east coast - lots of rain and gushing winds (2 read states are facing the forces of nature in much harsher manners .... Virginia, the Carolinas, yep - the winds are causing damages and all along the the eastern coast ... ... again we see a power greater than man still trying to get the attention of the common man ......... The forces of nature - are realities - and breaking news indicates "tornado warnings" - (I keep thinking - maybe there is really something to this thing called "global warming" ... but it seems no one is listening ... and the weather keeps getting outta control) and yes, it seems to be harsher for the Red States!
Update: July 3, 2014 - Blowing winds - "dust storm" in Arizona - the element called "earth" is shaking things up in this Red State
Update: July 2, 2015 - Outta control fires are STILL burning in Arizona - the element called "fire" is showing some havoc in this Red State
Update: June 29, 2014 - Outta control fires still burning in Arizona - (another Red State reaps the element "fire" from the forces of nature) What's with all the adversity taking hold - is this the beginning of the end for the world as we know it --- and it's all reaping havoc in the Red States!
Update: June 29, 2014 - Today - record rain falls in Memphis, Tennessee and across the bridge in cities in Arkansas --- people are experiencing lots of flooding and the rain fall is causing so much damage. The element "water" is definitely taking hold ... yep, these are Red States and the forces of nature and the cosmos are causing some adverse occurrence. (we need to understand that man is not in control - there are adverse occurrences taking hold - I wish I knew what the message from the cosmos is trying to tell us!
Update: June 24, 2015 - Tornado in Plainfield, Indiana - harsh rain (storms) and blowing (rushing) winds (in the form of a Tornado) headed towards the city of Indianapolis in Indiana the forces of nature - elements called water and air are again taking hold in this Red State
Update: June 23, 2014 - Earthquake hits town in Alaska - (yep, this is a Red State)
Update: June 18, 2014 - Another storm - Wisconsin received lots of damage (another force of nature takes hold - what's going-on in the Red States - it seems the elements air and water are taking hold)
Update: June 17, 2014 - Just heard about storm in Nebraska - (another Red State gets hit by the forces of nature(
Update: June 10, 2014 - Uranus, the planet that brings us unexpected occurrences - we found out this morning the votes were counted (the people have spoken in that district) and we lost our Majority Leader in the Congress (he did not win the Primary Vote so he has lost now and because his district voted for someone else .. he is out! .. whoops .. is VA a Red State? -
Update: June 6, 2014 - Another unexplained occurrence - "undocumented children in high volume numbers are now being discovered with "breaking news" that they are here without their parents - housed in the Red States on the border!
Update: May 30, 2014 - Received info there's a drought in Texas and that the water levels are falling and guess what the people are praying for .. yep the prayers are for "RAIN" .. [oh dear, what's going-on in this Red State?]I guess the forces of nature are not being favorable.
Update: May 29, 2014 - Political News: The Tea Party has been granted "favor in Texas" during the Primary Days ... so, let's see what the general election is gonna bring .. maybe this will turn into a "complete" Red State after all -- but keep tuned to the forces of nature with hopes that all the prayers for rain will not bring about down pours and floods!
Update: May 23, 2014 - A tornado crosses the state of Wyoming, this makes you wonder ... and again the element known as "Air" takes control in a Red State .. and the forces of nature moves in again!
Update: May 21, 2014 - Tori Spelling seems to be headed for new pathways ...
Update: May 20, 2014 - Fires outta control in Arizona ..the element known as "Fire" takes hold ...what's going on, and 2014 is not half over and still another Red State takes a hit by the forces of nature)
Update: May 19, 2014 - Just heard that a $60-million high school stadium is not safe - whoops what's going on with the shifting earth in Allen, Texas (yep, another Red State takes a hit by the forces of nature)
Update: May 18, 2014 - More problems in the red states: Yep, a giant sink hole ate-up the "football field" - just ate-up the "end-zone" at Austin Peay State University: (strange forces of nature are taking hold with the Red States)
Update: May 16, 2014 - CEO's are facing disaster; yep, I just got a clipping that the WWE's Vince McMahon lost 350-million within 24 hours - due to "stock price collapse" - well there goes another billionaire status being dropped a few notches. The wrestlers do so much for schools and the children - let's wish this organization well and a speedy comeback!
Update: May 15, 2014 - NSAS is reporting "sea level" are rising and causing some concern (yep, the element called "water" is beginning to seek new levels) and just think about this "there are people that do not believe in climate change" - it would be nice to hear some discussions (pro or con) ... at least there will be dialogue!
Update: May 14, 2014 - Oil seeping in another Red State!
Update: May 13, 2014 - Drought - lack of water in Texas .. the element water is taking a toll .. the Forces of Nature are definitely at work in this Red State.
Update: May 12, 2014 - Fires are outta control in California (the part of California that votes with the Red States).. something is happening with the Forces of Nature going wild!
Update: May 2014 - Fires are burning in Texas - what's with the forces of nature doing all this damage in the Red State?
Update: May 3, 2014 Fires in Texas and Oklahoma (the forces of nature takes hold in these 2 Red States)
Update: May 2, 2014 Earth gets shattered in Mexico City
Update: May 2, 2014 Miley was hospitalized
Update: May 1, 2014 - Crisis are definitely hitting the "red states" - something is becoming more amiss - maybe there needs to be some changes with the people because the forces of nature are beginning to be so-so harsh to the Red States! (I believe this is just a wake up call - more adversity to come with rain storms, blowing winds causing so much destruction and sink holes in the land). The sun on the face of the Moon during the April eclipse may be just another sign that something is becoming more and more destructive and amiss to the red states - and I believe as planet Pluto continues its slow-slow transit = more will come as cycle year 2014 continues to unfold.
Update: April 28, 2014 - more Red States are hit with stormy weather - Mississippi, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee
{a little town outside of Tupelo, Mississippi gets blown away); (destruction in Tulsa); (trucks over-turned and trailer homes get tumbled in Arkansas) ... the forces of nature are forcing and weather conditions are strange in Tennessee. - Keep the families that were harsh-hit with pelting rains and winds in your prayers. MORE TO COME FOR THE RED STATES - the 13 critical degrees of that Cardinal Cross will bring about more instances that are negative as the 2014 year continues to unfold!
Update: April 16 2014 - a ship flips over with tourist in Korean waters - lots of loss of life!
Update: April 15, 2014 - Problems with a ship on the seas in Asia - lots of children drowned!
Update: April 15, 2014 - President at well known corporation is given notice he is out ... ... CEO's - famous GMs of corporations are being terminated without fore-warnings!
Update: April 14, 2014 - Hail the size of golf balls hits Arlington Heights in Illinois and outlining suburban areas - (the forces of nature takes hold)! Lots of strange weather changes are coming within our presence.
Update: March 29 2014 - another earthquake and shocks in LA
Update: March 25, 2014 - Mudslides in the state of Washington, houses slide down hill with many people dead - count up to 19 according to World News - as predicted during the early days of 2014 "the forces of nature strikes". Our prayers go out to the families that have suffered this loss.
Update: March 17, 2014 - California experiences a 4.4 Earthquake - readers of this site have advised their dishes are falling off the shelves and cracks are in their walls!
Prediction - November 2013: "After the Spring Equinox - rain and mud along the hills in Washington and California"; "new homes built along the hills will slide causing lots of death and destruction" "whole towns will be erased" ... "lots of rain storms and lots of mud"; new subdivisions and small towns will come sliding down hill in the State of Washington" "California is not outta the woods, mudslides there too". (if you were in the audience check your notes from the November 2013 Lecture in Pelecan Hill, hostess Ms Stevens) - Lecture title: NATURE TAKES HOLD)!
Update: Feb 17, 2014 - Oklahoma gets yet another "earthquake" ... they have already had several this month - homes with cracking walls - you name it ... the forces of nature are certainly hitting the Red States. (We are sending our prayers for those that have been hard hit with this force of nature)
Update: Feb 16, 2014 - Chicago gets hit with another blanket of snow - flight cancellations - stalled cars - harsh driving conditions - and "Thunder" in the skies during the snow fall.
Update: Feb 12, 2014 - Sink Holes - fancy cars get swallowed and problems on the southern coast with the earth falling-in around a beautiful home in Fla.
Update: Feb 13, 2014 - Red State (Georgia gets hit again with harsh weather conditions) and the earth shatters too - plus some problems in the Carolina states with harsh weather!
Update: Feb 1, 2014 - Drought and water shortages has occurred in the State of California - bringing disaster to the fruit and veggie crops.
Update: Jan 29th Atlanta got some unexpected bad weather - "snow" "harsh traffic back-ups and lots of inconveniences!
Update: Jan 31, 2014 Yep, predictions of more unexpected harsh weather to come for another Red State - watch Tennessee get their share - the Forces of Nature are at work!
Update: Jan 30, 2014 - In the State of Mississippi, as well as in Atlanta, Georgia and Alabama too - The Forces of Nature hampers 3 Red States with harsh weather conditions - lots of "cold weather like none you've seen before) lots of snow and ice conditions for travel in Alabama and in the city of Atlanta in Georgia. - (Do you think "climate change has any thing to do with it" ... I don't think the majority of the people in these 3 states believe in climate change ... "BUT" I can tell you that the Forces of Nature has definitely caused inconveniences and this harsh weather is real - regardless to the alarms from science people talking about climate change!
Update: Jan 26, 2014 - New Prediction - More Earthquakes for some of the smaller cities within the state of Texas. (Note: 2014 ECLIPSES AND TRANSIT OF URANUS WILL BRING ABOUT SOME RARE HARSH "weather" CONDITIONS; AS WELL, There will be more unexplained "UNEXPECTED (weather) OCCURRENCES" IN TEXAS brought forth BY more SHATTERING to the earth! = Also, some major rain storms with wipe-out winds in 2014 for cities in Kansas and for cities in Missouri.... harsh weather conditions will come into existence due to the transit of slow moving planet Saturn - this karma transit will bring about these strange UNEXPLAINED weather conditions.
-This year there's a force of nature that will bring about a shifty in power not only within the states in the US but around the world - the cause, (in my opinion) will be due to the configuration of a Cardinal Cross in the skies - check out the World Events page for further info on this planet transit and the updated Predictions dealing with explanations for the April 2014 Cardinal Cross.-
Reminder: Check this site and watch those Mercury "retrograde dates"....
Reminder: Watch the sink holes - as the earth warms-up so will the holes get deeper and those pretty cars will be falling-in!
Reminder: - Update Posting - May 2014 -Summer Solstice-June 2014 - watch the elements called Air and Water (something is amiss and will cause harsh conditions starting with the crabs coming ashore!

The unexpected and lots of improbability … … Uncertainty when it comes to finances and jobs --- Problems with assets being lost--- Trouble with children --- Difficulty with elected officials --- Concern over the weather … yep, 2014 will bring into existence an sleepless-nights with much uneasiness in all “other” areas of our lives. Uncertainty is everywhere!
2014 OPENING PREDICTION: I firmly believe that man will witness experiences that will cause the mind to want to shut-down and not admit the unexpected is occurring. Fires will be raging out of control the world over.
The rivers, streams, lakes and oceans will be roaring – creating tsunamis on coastlines of the earth. Fresh waters will become poisoned over much of the earth because of factories emptying their waste and summer-fun beach goers putting their trash in the waters.
The human race will witness events that will seem to them there is NO way outta this mess.
Force of Nature events taking hold in 2014 (and beyond) can be called an ANNIHILATION UNKNOWN ACTIONS or EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENTS! Terrorism, drug gangs, corrupt elected officials, lies that could lead populations into war, deception by elected officials and news organizations that simply lie every time they do a broadcast as well as an uncertainty with the economy and immigration.

Yep – this is the year (Year 2014) every action that is not right will come to the attention of man. 2014 you will begin to see individuals (especially “some” elected officials) for what they are! (Money-grabbers and out right liars)!
Feb. 28th ------- June 7th thru July 1st and
Oct 4th thru Oct 25th ..................... At all cost, if you can get around these dates – be sure to not get involved in long term written agreements ------- try not to get involved in conversations you know will cause petty frustrations ------- and watch negotiations and personal business deal negotiations during these retrograde dates!
Respectfully submitted
By, Evelyn H. Mack, Forecaster
Specializing in World Events and the Forces of Nature
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