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Posted: June 3rd 2020

We are currently living in the path of surmountable amounts of deaths. The Holy Book of Scripture reminds us of what occurrences can take place on this vast Earth. We read with an understanding how the path the Rider of a Pale Horse will travel over many nations. In the wake of his path is death. We knew when year 2020 came into existence something un-explainable would be within our midst. … … We knew the transit of planet Uranus into Taurus would be bringing about an unfathomable amount of deaths – we just did not know what would cause the deaths.

#A) CLIMATE CHANGE - After this Pandemic is terminated, all things of concern to will possibly fade into the abyss. However, because of “Climate Change” we shall witness the forces of nature take adverse actions on planet Earth. Additionally, when looking at weather changes (around the world) and how on planet earth nature can cause havoc is only afforded by a power that greater than we are. Further, during the March 2020 Spring Ingress and the approaching June 2020 Summer Solstice – you can only wonder “what next in terms of nature?” When taking a look at new “planet changes” taking hold (as of this writing, May1, 2020,) we’ve come to the wise understanding that new planet aspects brings about new occurrences for both man and beast.(And none of the occurrence can be explained)... Moving forward, we see currently the position of planet Sun in the sign of Taurus; and planet Uranus is nestled 6-degrees stationary for a long stay in Taurus – … … … what it all means (in my opinion) is: The people of the earth are in for some unexpected (unsettling) occurrences. Astrologically, those individuals that are wise are (currently) watching the toll … … they are watching the toll that can be taken on families when the Pale Horse rides. (He brings death).

#B) FORECAST – RE THE AUTUMNAL EQUINOX - Melting of the Arctic will coincide with greater northeastern storms for the north eastern portion of the U.S. Such storms are more than likely to be far greater in frequency, in speed of genesis, and size.

***** People will move away from the edge of the breaches and sand-filled coastlines of the U.S. as the sea level continue their rise.]

***** There shall be a tremendous downpour of rain all along the Texas coast lines causing folks with homes on the water-edges to move closer inland.

***** Severe storms all along the New Jersey coast line.
Financial-wealthy families need to move-on – cause The Great Collapse is also coming. (sooner than you think).

IMPORTANT NOTE: June 21st 2020 Summer Solstice planet change-
Reference: Planet shift – Jupiter/Saturn (Capricorn the goat in planet Jupiter and the Aquarius the water-bearer in planet Saturn) This is a rather unusual planet aspect (at the same time).
This change planet change (Jupiter/Saturn) on this date; this season, this cycle. … this change will put into effect (in my opinion) major changes.
The forces of nature take hold (6/21) with a lot of uncertainty FOR ALL SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC. If adverse changes “on earth” are not having a direct impact on you, your family and other aquatints … “get real” – don’t get alarmed but there’s a death angel over the land … he’s a bare-back rider on a horse … … it’s the Rider of a Pale Horse .. … and his name is “death”! - Something unusual goes into effect and it shall happen on earth TO ALL SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC and around the world!…
Quest: Remain mentally prepared for something unusual to go into effect lasting past the end of this cycle year.
At all cost, try to be safe! (Mothers put an extra check on the children – tell them to stay safe and use caution with their undertakings) … … an unusual planet aspect continues this year touching ALL SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC in some manner. …. The angel over the land is “death” … … prayers to you that know someone that suffered from COV-19. Not to be repetitive … but “please stay safe”! (This is not a conspiracy – just an alert to my web viewers).

******* NEXT POSTING - After 9/21/2020

Evelyn H. Mack
Venus by Evelyn


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