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Posted: 03-15-2019 UPDATES

It’s really time for individuals to awaken from a deep sleep of obliviousness and take a closer look around them as to what is changing not only in this nation but around the world. Planet Uranus (now in the earth sign of Taurus) is bringing about an “extreme” transformation in governments, elected officials and in individuals’ personal lives. It’s a karma thing; if you’ve been in an altered state and in need – and you’ve been a good person – Uranus will bring into existence your desires.
Uranus is in the steady earth sign Taurus and will rest there until April year 2026 … Even though Taurus is steadfast by nature; the planets will compel and Uranus is issuing radical changes in the form of unexpected destructive occurrences around the world … “BUT” now what’s happening in government – look at the earth smatterings taking place; take a look at the plant closings that are wiping out whole communities … folks don’t know where their next meal is coming from or if they will have housing because they’ve lost their jobs …. Unexpected adverse things are happening to families throughout the United States.

This Uranus occurrence is causing a transformation in all things … i.e. sickness, health, career and the unexpected; but this sudden Uranus effect is really only a wake-up call for all to come from under a deep sleep of ignorance.
Altered adverse Instances are happening; for instance: It is now time to accept circumstances that you know you are unable to change. The Forces of Nature are taking hold now:

1) Prior chaos and confusion were at the hand of Uranus in Aries …. That placement of Uranus in Aries brought out hidden influences – causing wise people to take notice of what was going on around them.
2) Now the real thing is here for a long-long stay ... … Uranus is not pleased being in Taurus because Uranus brings restlessness and Taurus craves “stability and stability” - Taurus is so staunch it hates to be interrupted – but now it has no choice but accept this visitor and look at the combustible things taking place around this staunch Bull!

UPDATE 03/15/2019 –
Airplane – wings falling off the plane– engine problems in the skies – terrifying passengers
Birds – birds will fly into famous buildings in the Washington D C area
Company – a company merge is not outta question Apple … (could be Apple/Samsung)
Cuba – working on becoming the 51st U S State
Earth – large sink holes (cars going under) in Manhattan, New York
Earthquake - shattering of earth in North Carolina and South Carolina –
Earthquake – around Niagara Falls, Chicago, Colorado
Earthquake – Kansas, St. Louis, Utah, Tahoe, Memphis, London, Seattle, Portland, Guatemala, and Nicaragua, Oklahoma and Thailand
Fire -the skies will send bolts of lightening on golf courses – injury to a famous person
Fires – lightening, earth-shattering – (fires in Havana)
Mountains – Mt. Etna will begin erupting
Mountains – Mt. Everest will start making noises …. Earth shattering
Mountains – Mt. Hood … an avalanche
Mountains – Mt. Saint Helen is ready to start erupting
Relationships – Divorce is in the works – Kellyanne
Royalty – a second baby coming for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Royalty – yep! There’ll be a change taking place – the Monarchy in England
Scandal – famous political leader – sex scandal – call girls – sex parties
Stars/Fire in the skies – Meteor Showers will cause lightening (star-fall -east coast)
Unexpected – famous politician will tell the world he’s changing into a female
Unexpected – famous political leader – stripping) embarrassed (no clothes)
Unexpected – famous political leader ... secret out – “dominatrix”
Unexpected – famous political leader will be headed to jail
Unexpected – the ceiling falling in Carnegie Hall
Unexpected – horses/race track: horses running wild into crowds – folks will be hurt
Water - the city of New Orleans “again being under water”
Water – another famous city will experience same water problems as Flint, Mich.
Water – Malibu will go under water – watch for an overwhelming tsunami
Water – Mississippi River will experience an oil spill (fires burning on the water)
Water – Mississippi River will reach peak and its rise will cause flooding
Water – the Dam … Hoover Dam … flooding
Water - unbelievable hurricanes in North Carolina and South Carolina

Update: 03-15-2019 SOMETHING IS AMISS:
Anderson Cooper, Bill Cosby headed to the ER, Carol Burnett,
Celine Dion, Cher, Danny Glover, Doris Day, George Clooney headed for divorce;
Harry Belafonte, Heather Locklear, Joanne Woodward,
JZ and Beyoncé will separate, Kim and Kenya headed for divorce;
Lorretta Lynn, Mick Jagger, OJ Simpson getting into more trouble,
OJ Simpson headed back to jail; Randy Jackson and Wille Nelson

Evelyn H. Mack, Forecaster
Posted: 03/15/2019

Note: More update will be posted as new planet changes take hold (and as the 2019 year continues to unfold)


Note: Coming Soon - new "updates" for Predictions

Information is NOT necessarily power; but, "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER" - It is always wise to take the mind to new levels everyday in order to grow mentally. - It's wise to listen and watch for signs; but, "it is ignorant to not listen; it is ignorant to see signs and not believe; it is ignorant to fall into a mental waste and allow yourself to become mentally dead! - The mind will perish if it is not expanded by using your efforts to learn.

We will be posting new Updates re the Uranus 8 year transit thru the earth sign Taurus ... ... - This massive (Uranus) transit will effect every sign of the zodiac ...... i.e. Uranus will occupy one or more of your natal charts' zodiacal houses as the days ahead continues to unfold ... ... As well, the Uranus aspect in one of the zodiacal houses (Aries thru Pisces) will, for sure, bring about "unexpected changes" in an individuals' life. - Further, - world leaders and World Events will also be effected in both positive and negative manners - effective 3/21/2019 thru December 21st 2027! Peace to you - retain your glow.
Evelyn H. Mack, Forecaster
Posted: 03/10/2019


POST DATE: April 20, 2018 6:21PMT
(Written: December 20th 2016, Evelyn H. Mack)
Effective: April 20 2018 thru December 31 2019

There will seem to be a Universal wake-up call in process; and I believe reasons cannot be properly explained. Causes for happenings brought about by Uranus/Taurus force will take place under control of a power that’s greater than man.

******* At every opportunity literally “fill” your mind with ideas that reflect success for your endeavors (whatever your desires may be). Believe! Control, Obtain and Hold “firm” to your faith and the Angels will guard your pathway. Man cannot control forces of nature; therefore, the 8 year Uranus/Taurus force will touch the lives of the Taurus-born in different ways. This force will afford unexpected occurrences for all from the Aries-born to the Pisces-born.

The 8-yr aspect of Uranus’ transit through Taurus places sock and un-easiness. New planet influences, indicates effective May 15th 2018, countless unexplained horrific incidents taking hold.

******* Effective year 2018 (beginning May 15th) thru year 2026 on April 1st - the Uranus transit through Taurus, touches another force of nature called “Eclipse”. (in my opinion) “eclipses that occur during these 8 years of Uranus/Taurus … … … it’s likely an eternal catalysts of unexpected conditions will take hold bring about wide-spread challenges around the globe.

PREDICTION: - Instance is this … to name a few: Expect to witness, “finance-losses for friends that are what some consider well-off financially”; “unexpected and unexplained deaths for many families”; “wars and rumors of wars”; “divorces by famous Christian gospel leaders”; surprising and mysterious deaths for many famous actors and actresses”; “horrific automobile accidents”; “young college student campus uprisings”; “teachers in your schools walking off the job in numbers, protesting”; “unexplained deaths of young African American females”; “well-know African American preachers caught-up in adultery scandals”. (and this is not all) expect to witness 3 or 4 (married) famous Preachers (females) to be caught-up in money schemes; as well as 4 to 7 famous Christian male Preachers caught-up in adulterous love-affairs (with their female members).

******* Across the face of the earth, forces of nature, especially the “Eclipse” that take place during these 8 years, you will witness crop damages, unexplained sicknesses and food shortages due to weather conditions and protest from farmers that harvest the land in America.

During this 8 year Uranus/Taurus cycle the Angels of the
4-elemets will rule 2018 THRU 2026:

#01) Air – the Angel Michael will rule the morning meditation hours and the element Air will be ruled by the Cherubs

#02) Earth – the Angel Raphael will rule the evening meditation hours and the element Earth will be ruled by the angel Ariel

#03) Water – the Angel Gabriel will rule the midnight meditation hours and the element Water will be ruled by the angel Tharsis

#04) Fire – the Angel Uriel will rule the noon-day Meditation hours and the element Fire will be ruled by the angel Nathaniel

ANGELS OF THE ELEMENTS – Uranus/Taurus 8-yr cycle:
This 8 year Uranus/Taurus cycle will govern the number 7 --- Dedicate more time to Visualizing and Meditating.
******* We have 7 angels, 7 planets,
7 days of the week, 7 dominate colors, and
7 forces that control the 7 heavenly guards.

NEW PLANET INFLUENCES –The Aspect of Uranus in the zodiacal sign of Taurus for 8 SOLID years will bring about some major occurrence around the world.

PREDICTIONS - This new Uranus/Taurus planet influence will be touching; these are some of the PREDICTIONS for such “touching occurrence”:

**Airplane - airline will use an Interstate Highway for a runway;
**Airplane crashes – London airport – during busy travel time;

**Bridges – Brooklyn Bridge – swaying, cracks in concrete;
**Bridges - collapses will occur in California and Kentucky;
**Bridges – loss of life – collapse, Golden Gate Bridge;
**Building Failures – New York (towers will fall) (glass breakages)

**Cruise Ship – explosive fires, pirating,
**Cuba – eruptive citizen revolution;
**Cuba – major fire around Havana
**Cuba - will become the U.S. 51st State;

** Earth Rumbling – Georgia (causing loss of lives) Fla. Ala. and
** Earth Shatters – Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island in New York, and in Illinois: Willowbrook, Carbondale, Cairo and Champagne.
**Earthquake – Italy, major earthquake, major fire in Rome;
**Earthquake – Los Angeles;
**Earthquake – Mexico City and southern part of Baja in Calif.;
**Earthquake – Moscow – many lives will be loss; building damages;
**Earthquake – Niagara Falls;
**Earthquake – San Fernando Valley;
**Earthquake – San Francisco (overwhelming);
**Earthquake – Tokyo and India – lots of lives will be loss;
**Earthquake – Vancouver, Manila, Guam and Anchorage
**Earthquake- Grand Canyon (Arizona);

**Forest Fires – another city will be wiped away from tree fires
**Flooding – Bangladesh, horrendous TYPHOON
**Flooding – Iceland – global warming of the ICEBERGS
**Flooding – Statue of Liberty, flowing with water damages (storm)
**Flooding – subway train station in New York
**Flooding – Texas – along the Panhandle –bad “HURRICANE”
**Flooding – Thailand will face a mass “Tsunami”;
**Flooding – Washington, D. C. (The Potomac River);

**Hurricane – Alabama and Louisiana (something like Katrina)
**Hurricane – Nigeria, Japan
**Hurricane – Puerto Rico, Brazil, Belize
**Insect – invasion on cities along the southern Fla. and NY coast;

** Iran – based on planet transit interpretations, Iran and its people will see an economy positive, they will see some positive flourish under the Uranus/Taurus transit; but, the cosmic effects from planet Pluto will bring some dissatisfaction among the people; Saturn’s aspect will more than likely bring demonstrations and confusion;

**Power Outage – North America will be in the dark

**Sickness – Breaking News, U.S. Political Leader... “COMMA”;
**Storm – water damage, life losses, Middle East (Egypt, Israel)
**Syria – conflict and losses of many lives continues;

**Tensions – World, U.S., Russia (nothing new) opposition continues;
**Trump - administration will face a huge employee walk out;
**Trump - administration will begin falling like leaves;
**Trump - so many problems he’ll start acting (more) strange;
**Trump – lot of chaos … new person taking his seat soon;
**Trump – lot of chaos … law suits appearing like drones;
**Trump – lot of chaos … adverse actions from the Justice Dept
**Trump – Negatives and Open Disdain from the Congress
**Trump – Negative Emotions and Verbal actions from the Senate
**Trump – Watch Apr 20 thru 27 – highly possible law suits
**Trump – may have to appear in Federal Court (Testify)
**Trump – will not win the next 4 cases before the Supreme Court

**Volcano Eruption – Mount Hood (devastating “avalanche”);
**Volcano Eruption – Mount Saint Helen lava fire uncontrollable;
**Volcano Eruption – the Vesuvius Mountain – lot of rumbling;
**Water-Over-Flow: Australia horrific flooding and water damages

MESSAGE FOR ALL SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC .......................................
During the 8-yr slow transit of planet Uranus thru the “earth sign” Taurus, challenges will be met by all 12 signs of the zodiac. Key hint-guidelines effective 2018 May thru 2026 April applies from the first sign Aries to the 12th sign Pisces:

#01) ARIES – Absolutely no reason to feel depressed – changes for betterment is in store – you’ve overcome the last 8 years of Uranus and now opportunities for betterment are a surety! Travel to distant lands. Get the appointment calendar ready … … ahead are good times; few obstructions and a better outlook for the future.

#02) TAURUS – it will be a battle to be successful with personal undertakings due to the unexpected occurrences coming your way from Uranus – “shake off adversity because negatives will fade, successes will be met “but” much effort will have to be put into your actions; more patience will be needed; realistic actions and goodness are in store – a higher power will guard your pathway – Angels will be with you during this “unexpected cycle of Uranus”. You will be blessed!

#03) GEMINI – A few unusual conditions will take the pleasure out of situations you would normally find rewarding during this 8 year Uranus transit; however, there’s reason to rejoice: – you’ve great instincts – gotta use those still inner voices if you expect to gain the financial success that are rightfully yours!

#04) CANCER – Wow! You will soar with successes during this 8 year cycle because your past effort will bring you some very-very good rewards. – You’ve gotta stop being so emotional over petty issues – there’s a need for you to discard individuals that drain your energy – this Uranus transit and its’ aspects guarantees you will overcome stumbling blocks and your challenges these coming days will be minor. You can go forth with a smile because your efforts will payoff with successes.

#05) LEO – Where possible cease to allowing your perceptions to be clouded with “what might be” – try will all your efforts to vision your aims by seeing the whole picture – watch for debt over-loads and you can keep that pep in your step because you do have a rewarding future. Just enjoy yourself no reason to fret – you’re gonna be just fine!

#06) VIRGO – A whole lot of things you might be engaged-in (currently) seem worthless; but, where possible, don’t’ allow your negative-sub-consciousness to rule. The good with the unfolding days of this 8=yr Uranus cycle is this: Every step you take “now” is a victory step toward worthwhile fulfillment. Rewarding successes are sureties later, not now; but later! Cease “now” allowing your energy to be drained by thoughts of defeat. – Later, not now but later, “success for the future will come in financial-gains during aspects from Uranus. Goodness is a surety – but patience is key!

#07) LIBRA – Oh! You would be much further along with reaching your objectives if you could just avoid tiny blocks of procrastination. Be more willing “now” to listen to your own ideas – then act upon them “now”. All minor obstructions that might occur can be overcome; “but” you will need to place (more) faith in reality. – There are alternative in life and you do have choices; so, follow realistic idea during this 8-yr cycle of Uranus and watch how you soar toward those pinnacles of long-held desires!

#8) SCORPIO – Whoops! The challenge blocks are being removed and you’ve not fully grasped what’s been taking place! No reason to feel distraught over the lack of support – emotional burdens will be overcome – smiles will be restored – financial gains will be met!

#09) CAPRICORN – You will more than likely face minor financial difficulties and unexpected losses resulting from bad judgment. A need to face reality and make better decisions with your personal life is a necessity! Never feel defeated! – This 8 year cycle the Uranus transit thru Taurus will aspect gracefully toward you in so many ways. Newer friendships will bring happiness and peace of mind is a surety!

#10) SAGITTARIUS – You will be rescued from defeat – “but” you must be willing to take a chance on something different from what you’ve been doing – Change comes with effort – where possible, don’t allow minor stumbling blocks to make you feel defeated – get a move on –luck is not walking thru the door – you’ve gotta produce efforts that allows open doors to be granted unto you.

#11) AQUARIUS – In time unpleasant and unworkable situations will end - you’re closer to your goals that you envisioned – a new start in a new direction will begin during this 8 year Uranus cycle even if you are not ready for new directions. – New environments and new faces will present new opportunities. Unexpected change (for betterment) is in store as the days ahead continue to unfold!

#12) PISCES - change for betterment will slowly unfold – new directions are a surety by year 2020 will bring financial gains! Unusual and depressing conditions will cease to exist; however, in time, “you will find equitable solutions to irrupting challenges”. Cease discussing plans before you can act upon them and your successes will begin to multiply as this 8-yr cycle continues to unfold!


In the Northern Hemisphere during years 2018 thru 2023 Uranus’ effects on the Full Moon days will bring about unexpected horrific car accidents.

PREDICTION: - Watch these names with Breaking News – (Loss of life and Well-being 2018-2019-Watch Listing) - Instance is, during the “slow” 8 year cycle of Uranus thru the astrological sign Taurus, the influences of planet Pluto was taken under consideration with its aspects and transit re other signs of the zodiac. –

So some high profile and famous named individuals you might be familiar with are on my “Amiss List” this posting; as such, the following names apply:

***** Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt, Arnold Schwarzenegger,
***** Bill Clinton, Burt Reynolds, Carol Burnett,
***** Catherine Zeta-Jones, Clint Eastwood,
***** Cloris Leachman, Danny Glover, Dick Cheney,
***** George Bush “Senior” and Harry Belafonte,
***** Jack Nicholson, John Travolta, Kenny Rogers,
***** Larry King, Loretta Lynn, Michael Douglas,
***** Queen Elizabeth, Tony Bennett, and Willie Nelson


Make a decision what you want to accomplish during this 8 year cycle of Uranus/Taurus force. Decide a specific goal you are concerned about. ------------------

------------NEED –vs- WANT and FAITH –vs- DEDICATION:
Each day “mentally” dwell upon pictures of the desires you want to obtain cycle of Uranus/Taurus force. It’s so very-very rewarding when you make the decision to begin dedicating a few moments of silence for Meditations or for Visualizing. Through Prayer much can be obtain and through Fasting there so much more to gain in life. Be more faithful by Meditating, Visualizing and Praying. Become dedicated to obtaining the successes that you want and by being dedicated with your Fasting and Praying, a higher power will always give you what you need. Always include in your thinking: “Faith”! Faith is substance; and faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen.

******* CLOSING:
To Visualize is healthy and self-rewarding! Visualization is the description of thought … visualization is simply another description that rewards you because you took “time” by directing your thoughts toward the goals and the objective you earnestly desired.

Peace, use caution with personal undertakings; be safe out there on your journeys and allow the Angles to guard your pathways; be blessed; and, retain your glow. – Thanks for your visit!

Evelyn H. Mack, Forecaster
POST DATE: April 20, 2018, 6:21 PMT (Kelli, Hash Adv.)
(Written: December 20th 2016, Evelyn H. Mack)



Posted May 4th 2016
Next posting - /????
I find it very-very interesting we are living in a nation that cannot seem to find common ground on "being mentally alert". We are living in a divided nation and seem to be going down hill with understanding. The Primary elections were something to behold .... and just think we now have seen individuals travel to the polls and select during this Primary Election an individual that did talk for more than 13 months (prior to this Primary Elections) about the President of the US not being born in America.
We have also come to witness an individual "elected during the Primary" that was the "head" of a "Birther Movement" now become the Nominee for the Republican Party. (Very interesting) ... ...

I wonder what will November 2016 Election Day look like? -

I wonder if there can really be a healing of the Republican Party???

With the 2016 transit of 5 planets being in "retrograde" ... yep, I see how it came to be the head of the Birther movement has come into existence to lead the Republican Party.

Let's hope for the best for this nation - regardless to your preference of being a Democrat or a Republican .... It really is time for reasoning because the earth is troubled and so are the people. This nation gotta come together or it will "continue" to be destroyed via the Forces of Nature. Just look at how the storms, the lightening, the flooding, the mud slides, the coming-apart of highways, streets being washed away, people being swept-away by rushing waters ....
There must be a change of heart for "betterment"!
Kinna confusing what's happening with this weather - but alert minds need to watch what's going on! (And most of this weather damage is taking hold in the Red States).
Let's be sane and hope for the best for this nation and the people that don't seem to understand that a higher power is beginning to take over "more" if hearts and minds don't change for the better!

Sooner or later, the rushing forces of nature will take hold and then it will be too late. Somethings gotta give!
Posted: May 2016


|>>>> THE OPENING: - The world in which we live is rapidly changing. Tune the mind toward creative powers of the Universe by allowing your thoughts to express only constructive and worthwhile things. You want to focus on constructive and worthwhile things so that when you DESIRE … those desired-thoughts can (within a timely fashion) become part of your life. – At the fore-front of any desire is “good health”. When the head is sane and healthy the body can rapidly receive WORTH. As you approach the days of the Total Lunar Eclipse, where possible try to utilize clear thoughts and believe that there can be successes specifically tailored for YOU … … Such successes can be obtained (within a timely fashion) and your successes will be beyond imagination. Your daily credo should be “right with self” and right with your fellowman”. Put these positive thoughts out into the Universe (via silent speech) and allow them to return to you.


--- Harsh Weather conditions in the Red States is a surety – you thought you saw strange weather in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and the Carolina states in January and February 2014 --- just hold-on to your chair – this Cardinal Cross along with the 2014 Lunar and Solar Eclipses will make the Sandy storm on the Jersey coast look like child’s’ play. The Forces of Nature is at work. I am not a scientist and can by no means discuss CLIMATE CHANGE; however, I do know the planets compel and they definitely have an effect on the earth and man.

--- There is something happening in our world that seems hard to understand … all around the world there seems to be confusion … but will anyone explain why! Why is it political leaders all around the world seem to be in total disagreement? … And, our populace within the US seems to not be able to understand why so many people are following so many confused so-called leaders … the entire world seems to be in the amiss mode. It seems now our populace is not on a positive accord because they have elected leaders to office that do not understand governing … … have you noticed we have people in positions of power that fail to show up a work a full week … have you noticed that … have you noticed the approval rating of our congressional elected officials And have you noticed that there are total disagreements and outrageous disrespectful acts by some congressional elected officials … have you noticed the majority of the elected officials of one branch of government seems to be in the muck mode.


--- Our nation is now divided into Red States and Blue States. Still we seem to not agree even on the idea of being a Red State or a Blue State. Well, the forces of nature are taking hold and it seems harsh weather conditions are raging in the Red States.

Flooding, Sink holes are swallowing fashionable cars; contaminated drinking water in the rivers and streams because of chemicals; snow storms are blanketing the our southern border states (the Red States, Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi); shattering of the earth in the Red State (in the Carolina states plus harsh unheard-of weather conditions); and divided elected political leaders that cannot come to terms on anything. Plus lots of problems around Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri too.

----- Negative actions do not seem normal ……. Watch the forces of nature closely as year 2014 continues to unfold – watch the 2014 Eclipses which are bringing unexpected conditions for the people on earth; notice the 2014 Aries, Spring Ingress which is approaching on March 21st … … take careful not of the hot Summer Solstice days which are headed towards us on the 22nd of June … … The (fall), Autumnal Equinox that shall bring harsher weather conditions in September for the Red States …..

SPECIAL NOTATION: ---------The forces of nature are at fore-front position and if you thought the element called “water” was an upset … that was simply a wake-up call for what’s to come based on new planet influences. We know NOT what is going on … …

Can we find answers … … … Or should we wait for the 2014 Winter Equinox when more forces of nature on the 21st of December begin to ravish more southern cities and towns … It seems new planet influences around planet URANUS are not positive for what’s to come for the world.

The forces of nature takes hold and as the meteor showers dance; and the eclipses shadow there’s more droughts, more flooding, more forest fires; more strange and unexplained weather conditions from the hand of a power that is greater than man. Nature is trying to tell us something – but it seems no one is listening!


--- In year 2014 (DURING APRIL) there will be high in the skies a force of nature that bears our attention. Stars formed around the “CARDINAL” signs which are ARIES- the ram; CANCER – the crab; LIBRA – the balance; and, Capricorn – the goat.

---In my opinion this astrological phenomena bears alertness from us all because the transit of the planets around these Cardinal signs will bring-forth some undertakings that are unexpected and unexplained. "Return" situations (in my opinion) will be at the hand of a power that is greater than man.

---Major occurrences will take hold on earth. Peak date for a major planet occurrence is in the month of April, in 2014; so, during this time the placement of Uranus, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto will shape a “CROSS” … this is known as a “Cardinal-Cross which will bring into existence some very-very crucial developments for the world at large and the people that dwell therein.


--- You may not be told everything – so get your finances kin order. Instance is; July 1st 2014 the restrictions of planet Saturn in Scorpio and illusiveness of Neptune in Pisces will likely allow truth to come out regarding financial collapses of famous companies.

Also, people need to be more prudent with finances at this time because of this transit restriction that will have much to do with economic conditions for all. More than not, a fiscal fail or a financial collapse of the dollar is in store!


--- There will likely be not less than 3 high level politicians tell the world they are outta the closet – but a sex=scandal will hit the air-waves as 2 famous political leaders are forces outta office.


>>>> THE Zodiac’s 2014 GRAND CROSS:

Major positive developments will associate with each sign of the zodiac. A “GRAND CROSS” will position itself in a very-very 13-degree location. This GRAND CROSS will stay itself in the 13th degree of the Cardinal Signs of the Zodiac. We *all) will reach a time in our lives where we are ready for something that is worthy of our time on day 15 of April in year 2014. …

On the 15th of April, a “critical planet position degree” will signifies serious and momentous occurrences; and, each important incident can have … or rather will have a vast-ranging (LASTING) impact.

So, I firmly believe by Tuesday, April 15th 2014 which is the day of a Total Lunar Eclipse, situations that have been pending or situations that have been forth-coming in the lives of people will, for sure, show “action”.

--- Remember, on this Eclipse Day, April 15th 2014, things around us that have been dormant will come ragingly alive. (Circumstances will hit like a tornado).

The Cardinal Cross will (lively) afford all signs of the zodiac ACTION, and, what is rightfully yours to possess; you will own it. The following “specific” PREDICTION applies for each section of the zodiac as follows:

--- FIRST SECT - Aries, Capricorn, Cancer and Libra……
Aries, Capricorn, Cancer and Libra for these signs beginning April 14th 2014 these 4 signs will see tremendous changes take hold in their lives; there will be a need to be more alert and not sow anything you are not ready to reap! The 2014 Cardinal Cross is @ the critical 13-degree!

--- SECOND SECT - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius
Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius have recently gown through some challenges but as the Cardinal Cross takes hold on April 14th 2014 these individuals will see a calming of the waters around them and their end-result “life payment” will be rewarding, positive and financial enriching.

--- THIRD SECT - Virgo, Gemini, Pisces and Sagittarius
Virgo, Gemini, Pisces and Sagittarius will have a need to use caution; they will need to take their time especially when it comes to finances; reason is, these signs seem to get in trouble at their own making – so as April 15th 2014 takes hold, the benefits of the Cardinal Cross will give them relief. So be careful and do not take anything for granted … use caution and all will be well for you.


This force of nature will cause tremendous conflicts between the U.S. 3 branches of government – “you ain’t seen nothing yet” …. After this eclipse takes hold, this is when restless and impatience among the people will become outta control. Instance is this:

When I speak of outta control; this is what I'm talking about:
#1) the environment is an area that will become more volatile not only in the USA but around the world;

#2) the 4/21-4/22 Lyrids Meteor Showers will bring about some MORE crazy experiences; in that you will see legal systems around the country will become so strained that paralegals will begin taking-on task currently done by attorneys.


--- The transit of Uranus will bring unexpected NEWS when a notable official “steps down” bringing much dismay for his political party.

--- As Uranus continues its unanticipated occurrences – watch for a big time (Red State) political official to remove himself because of his back-door acceptance of monies from more than 3 disreputable figures.


Events that shall take hold are going to have a major impact around the world because you will begin to see some changes taking place by world leaders; shifts in terms of power for leaders will come about.

--- Uranus in Aries along with this cross configuration in the skies will (in my opinion) bring in existence obstructions and you will see your political leaders’ reputation go to pots. You think the bridge in NY/Jersey brought news … oh my, that was only a wake-up call; I am predicting numerous scandals and lots of embarrassment for political leaders that occupy the US House.

--- Because of the transit of Jupiter in Cancer, a vast amount of problems are going to occur for our major political leaders due to this configuration of transits high in the alpha skies (you know how crabs pull each other down … just watch political leaders talk and tell on each other)!

--- With Mars in Libra to assist with the formation of a Cardinal Cross – the occurrences taking hold will be divided into 2 formations – such as the hard-headed goat and the impatience of Mars … these 2 formations along with influences from decisive Libra … … [together, Mars with Libra], situations that have much to do with unemployed people will cause exhaustion with political leaders to be more noticeable during the 2014 spring/summer months. Plenty of loud verbal disagreements will be more noticeable at town-hall meetings and public officials will be booed out of the buildings. (Do not count-out the fact that struggles and scuffles among politician and constituents will cease --- such actions will not --- they will continue to bicker... not be truthful ... and continue to tear each other down to threads.

Bottom line is: the people will no longer believe anything they are told by their political leaders and they will begin to show MORE open rebuke!


--- The influences of Pluto tearing down everything in its path and the hard-headness from Capricorn the goat will bring about the following prediction:

#1) attempts to control economic conditions will lead to the passage of amendments prohibiting financing when it comes to cities being torn asunder by nature.

#2) Flooding will be outta control along the southern borders in the Red States. In fact, the Red States (in my opinion) will suffer MORE from the forces of nature than the flooding that took place on the Jersey shores. [After all, this Cardinal Cross in the skies will not be favorable for the southern Red States]. Wake-up calls are factual as the 2014 eclipses take hold.


--- Dry Land – not drought but the earth will be dry with near normal temperatures in Oklahoma and the northern part of Arkansas

--- Drought – watch Iowa, Nebraska and California too

--- Heat Waves – the weather July-Sept will be hotter than normal around the US but more in the southern Red States

--- Male Actor – shock waves will fill the air with the death of another and another and another famous Hollywood star. (3 males)

--- Unexplained Deaths – this will come from the 2014 “heat-wave”

--- Weird Acting Females – I wonder what is Miley Cyrus up to – something amiss here – her chart shows something very amiss.


--- Aries Middle East – likely there’s be some problems in Lebanon (the people will be protesting, and marching for someone in power to listen to their concerns – looks like it’s gonna be some trouble there

--- Auto Industry – one of the large auto industry makers is ready to call it “quits” … ready to just go outta business

--- Beirut – will likely be burning and the people rioting

--- Circus or Animal Trainer … … A monkey or an ape will go nuts around one if the Solar Eclipse days … … an animal will feast on a human (these animals are wild … why do people think they are pets .. Pluto’s transit shows one will have a trainer for brunch

--- Earth Shattering … there are shifting in the earths’ magnetic fields taking hold and close watch for St. Louis and Los Angeles ‘cause a major earth quake is now highly possible

--- Food Crisis – there will likely be lots of unrest around the country – lots of social unrest due to unemployment and food shortages in some neighborhoods

--- Food Shortages – even in richer countries there will be an increasingly (larger) portion of the populace with food needs – global solutions have been put on the back burner

--- Jogging and Marathon Run – US Natal Chart shows another misfortune with somebody acting foolish

--- Landing on the Water – a major airliner makes abrupt landing on the River on the East Coast

--- Massive Sex-Scandal – a high ranking political figure will cause some breaking news due to mis-behaving and floundering

--- Middle East – looks like Turkey will have some unrest protesters

--- Power Outages due to weather conditions = rains and storms

--- Storm along the coast – this one will be worst than Sandy – (and just think, there are still people that do not believe the planet is warming) – It just could be something to “global warming”

--- The Caribbean – US Virgin Islands – a very large earthquake is coming due to a rumbling in the high seas

--- The High Seas – a ship will likely break in 2 places (not welded properly will be the cause of the breakage)

--- The Mountains will cry-out … St. Helen’s mountain top gets blown off due to a volcano eruption

---Tornado Watch – Kansas got problems coming – the city is in the path of lots of gushing winds that will bruise and destroy some of the upscale neighborhoods and watch Mexico city for earthquakes


---Catherine Zeta Jones
---Chanel’s Karl Lagerfield ---Charlie Sheen
---Clint Eastwood ---Donald Trump
---Doris Day ---Jack Nicolson ---Sylvester Stallone


When I figured the US Natal Chart, in my opinion 2014 will be a very-very good year for those that make their monies by investing.

More than likely there will be 3 low points but overall the rise is assured and you can gain; but “prudence is mandatory” … you will need to be extremely careful with your undertakings and DO NOT take face values as worth … do your research and be wise and I am predicting “all will be well for you” . During this cycle; the following stock choices apply:

--- Bed Bath and Beyond ((on the ticker it is BBBY) – This is a very-very good catch ‘cause this stock is gonna rally … and you need to track it close and make the most of it and (in my opinion) I feel you will gain financially.

--- Google (on the ticker it is GOOG) – The transit of planet Sun will see a drop in shares …. Watch it closely and get in so you can reap some rich rewards later (patience is key here).

--- McDonald’s Corporation (on the ticker it is MCD) – if you can afford to by; you will see an encouraging surprise – because my opinion is – it is going to be the “earn positive shock of the year” – get in if you can – track now … so you can be ready for the assured-surprises.

--- Monsanto Company (on the ticker it is MON) – Get your money and take a hike – the transits around this stock is one that should not take up your time (at this time). Later, it may prove positive; but for now, my opinion is they do not have favorable stars.


Based specifically on planet transits - the RED STATES will get hit the hardest with harsh forces of nature. Something is amiss in the US Red States and the slow moving transit of Pluto and Saturn aspects will bring about situations like none we've witnessed in a long-long time. Such situations will be caused specifically at the hand of nature.



--- Arkansas – flooding, earth shattering and heat waves

--- Indonesia – lots of heavy rain Aug to Nov

--- Japan – the water falls will be uncontrollable causing flooding

--- Kentucky – June thru Aug - heat waves as not seen in years

--- Ohio –the weather will be extremely hot

--- Philippines – storms galore through out the year

--- Tennessee – the heat will be over-bearing this summer

--- Texas – lots of hot weather and lots of fires

--- West Virginia – lots of dust and rain


>>> CLOSING: - --- History always repeats … I am not one to say “I told you so” … … the doom for us all is we forget the past and ignore the present in order to focus on the future – what ah waste of time!

---Cast those thoughts out into the Universe and when your goals are formed within the mind [for the future] it is a MUST to consider a strategy for a “START-POINT”! Utilize positive thoughts and cast them each day to the Universe.

---Personal occurrences that are adverse will yield a positive harvest. As well, adverse conditions taking hold around the World will eventually yield positive results as well when all men focus on one positive accord. Why? “It is because the laws of the Forces of Nature will compel as well!

You need to "think" --- nothing is really work unless one is properly paid for that work
"To think is not work" … "to think is a reward when you cast your thoughts out into the Universe" - yur thoughts return you "just rewards"! Peace and retain your glow.

Posted: Feb 16th 2014
Copyright 2014 Venus by Evelyn
Evelyn H. Mack, Forecaster
All Rights Reserved – --Trademark and Copyright Protected


Posted-May 2013 ... COMFORT- COLORS and PRECIOUS STONES: -

THE UNIVERSE - (New Planet Influences and this world)

>>>> COMFORT- COLORS and PRECIOUS STONES: - How we feel about ourselves is important. It has oft times been said by people that study colors “precious stones and the colors we wear can carry added-energy”. I believe the energy from the colors we wear and the colors we surround ourselves with can serve as a bolster for our attitude about ourselves. I also believe our apparel and the precious stones we wear can have a beneficial outcome for us in terms of changing a glooming attitude into a more positive outlook; and surrounding ourselves in the home with “comfort-colors” can help us each day to feel better if we are gloomy and more upbeat if we feel down-trodden! As well, our jewelry (THOSE PRECIOUS STONES WE WEAR) … when we wear our precious stones … … there’s that extra something within causes us to feel good about our appearance. Precious stones when worn (comfortably) can oft times add newness to our features …they make us feel good!

There is something wonderful about wearing precious stones and there is something wonderful about how certain stone colors makes us feel. The following indications are the colors and precious stones that (actually) balance our focus and aid us with more positive attitudes about our appearance. When you decide to wear any of the precious stones I have noted you can rest assured your goals and objectives will be “easily” met. As well, when you have an interest in advancing your goals and objectives don’t forget to check-out this listing. The following PRECIOUS STONE listing applies:

*** Amber: lifts our spirits
*** Amethyst: stimulates an inner-awareness
*** Aquamarine: helps to calm the nervous system
*** Aquamarine: relieves tensions
*** Bloodstone: assist in removing emotional blocks
*** Brown-Jasper: promotes positive attitudes
*** Citrine: allows the mind to be more positively elevated
*** Clear-Crystal: combats negative thinking
*** Copper-Ore: reduces pain
*** Coral: gives an emotional boost/ promotes sense of well-being
*** Dark Red Jasper: protects against anxiety
*** Diamonds-(all colors): promotes lucky breaks
*** Emerald: promotes creativity
*** Emerald: stimulates truth, dignity and perception
*** Gold-rose: promotes accomplishments
*** Gold-white: assist in increasing financial gains
*** Gold-white: promotes clarity with psychic visions
*** Gold-yellow: prevents dogmatic attitudes
*** Grey Pearl: stimulates self-worth
*** Opal: increases psychic ability
*** Pearl: beautifies the complexion
*** Pink-Quartz: assist in promoting good habits
*** Red-Jasper: increases emotional security
*** Red-Jasper: relieves (external) stresses
*** Ruby: prevents crazy ideas from materializing
*** Sapphire: promotes peace and serenity
*** Silver: promotes self-improvement
*** Topaz-Blue: calms the emotions
*** Topaz-White: increases self-efficiency
*** Tourmaline: reduces negative thinking
*** Turquoise: calms our emotions and helps to mentally relax us; *** Yellow-Quartz: increase our self-worth.


>>>> COMFORT-HUES and APPEARL TONES: - This posting I wanna discuss the tones and effects they have on our daily being. I believe TONES are forms of energy that govern our being. (If you wanna have GOOD LUCK ... take your apparel pick May thru Dec from these tones …. Some comfort-hues and appeal-tones are not listed … but these are the lucky ones that apply and will give your aura the extra boost needed to assist you in getting what you feel you deserve. Additionally, the balance for your undertakings needed daily depends on the tones you wear. Colors worn are for specific reasons (sometimes) and in terms of energy-actions and get-up-and-go reactions … what you wear on the body will do your bidding as the days of cycle 2013 continues to unfold.

The following tones have always been reliable for instances indicated; as such, DO NOT DISCARD THIS “TONE LISTING” AS SOMETHING TO CONVERSE ABOUT …(and regardless if you like or dislike specific colors – if you have business undertakings it will be very-very wise for you to USE THESE TONES FOR PERSONAL BENEFIT ….. the following applies:

***Black: Elegance, Formal, sophisticated, strength, long-term, Power and Stability; this is definitely the most disciplinary and protective tone of the all hues
***Blue-any shade: increases professionalism and promotes aids in promoting conservative aspirations
***Blue-navy tone: promotes honor and relieves boredom
***Blue-sky tone: this is the mind tone, which assists in mind control
***Brown: the security tone which is very-very good for inner-security
***Green-any shade: useful to wear during times of karma; promotes optimism and increases reliability and changes dubiousness into dependability
***Green-celery tone: the most balancing and powerful of the all shades of green – Celery Tone Green is an emotional soother, evokes relaxation, very-very dependable for attracting money; extremely helpful in attracting prosperity and enhances fertility allows one to over-come feelings of depression; and dependable for carrying individuals thru difficult times of change while promoting growth
***Green-grass tone: this color is very-very powerful for a healthy relationship
***Green-spinach tone: this color is powerful for alleviating depression and anxiety
***Orange is more energy focused when you feel down and out; allows liberal views and understanding to complicated dilemmas
***Pink: this tone is nurturing and soothing for the sole when worn, great to assist in mending broken (love) relationships
***Purple: the most uplifting of all colors … … this tone promotes inner-happiness and allows to rebalance one’s life; assist in elevating awareness and sharpeners psychic intuition; aids in increasing spiritual awareness; increases alertness; allows creative energies to flourish; and a shield of protection during dangerous encounters
***Red-any shade: this is a strong physical and emotional color that adds support for the body and aids in healing of the soul; produces boldness and considered the tone for the Gods of War
***Violet: this tone guides the inner-spirit re personal fulfillment
***Yellow: the negotiation tone, stimulates better communication; promotes happiness; an attention-getter, and a conqueror for conflicts


>>>> A TROUBLED EARTH: - The Lunar and Solar Eclipses are gonna bring havoc and due to the Pluto slow transit, there will more than likely be another EARTHQUAKE affecting the following places:
*** Maryland – Memphis, Tennessee – New York City – New Zealand – Oregon – Seattle, Washington – The Grand Canyon – Utah – Vegas – Virginia – and of course, Washington, D. C. –


>>>> FAMOUS PEOPLE “SOMETHING IS AMISS”: - Based on information of birth dates I have in my files; and looking at the natal charts of the following listed individuals; for the coming days ahead there’s a WELL-BEING ALERT and a GONE-KAPUT-ALERT …. In my opinion the 2013 solar eclipses will influence “amiss actions” to take hold. Also, the North Node, Uranus in the head of the Ram and Saturn’s slow transit influences will bring about instant news that something “amiss” is a certainty; as such, the following applies for these famous individuals: - - - Betty White; Burt Reynolds; Clint Eastwood; Doris Day; Joe Jackson; Katherine Jackson; Kenny Rogers may have some problems around the chest based on his chart; Loretta Lynn; Mary Tyler Moore; Mick Jagger; Morgan Freeman (really needs to get a health check-up) and Tony Bennett’s chart shows he needs more rest!


>>>> FORCES OF NATURE – Part of the City of Miami gets erased: I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but I still see the waters around the Atlantic Ocean bringing into existence some strange and sudden eruptions for the city of MIAMI = I strongly believe the transit of Saturn’s slow movement will bring KARMA by means of a devastating HURRICANE and wipe some of MIAMI, FLORIDA into the sea! Oh, and yes, there’s still a force of nature called A STRONG BLOWING WIND headed towards Kansas City with whistling sounds … … the sounds will be more like a “tornado outta control”! As well I am predicting the element called AIR is gonna bring ruthless currents of blowing winds that may affect steeples on church roof tops and will also affect communication towers causing a strange sounding collapse!


>>>> KARMA VERSES COURSES OF ACTION: - Oft times during the past 3 years you might have wondered what is causing the courses of actions begin taken by elected political leaders. Let’s look at causes - depending on the acts one has take and effects depending on what is expected from you actions. For instance, causes can bring into existence (later) harsh effects that are not pleasing. And those not pleasing repercussions can become harsh when they come rushing back with haunting forces.

LAWS PASSED THAT DEALS WITH FEDERAL PROGRAMS - Let’s look at how effects work in terms of karma.Remember the Federal Program called: “Meals-On-Wheels” - well, they cut this - I believe in budget balancing but - I do not feel people in the USA should go hungry!…. The Meals on Wheels foods are delivered to people that are elderly – but, now with the current passed laws … in some cases some of the elderly are only getting 1 mean each day ….. This cutting back on food for the elderly in year 2013 is truly a “harsh” act that our political leaders have enacted! But “karma” is oft times said to be a bitch… it returns without warning and the reaping becomes outta control!

KARMA -VERSES- ACTION: - On another note, karma means actions and actions bring about just rewards and bad or evil actions bring about bad karma! - When you look at the laws passed by the political leaders you elected – you wonder if there will ever be justice. Forgiveness is living in a state of poise and the only time we are totally mentally content is when we have been able to forgive. It is known that karma is the universal law of cause and effect! I want you watch world leaders and the laws they place in effect. These political leaders do not have a heart – you’ve paid your taxes and they keep putting into effect more laws to take more money from you. If you cannot vote them outta office just wait for the universal law of Karma. Karma is always supposed to be just! Because karma means actions – actions on the part of an individual … … … karma sometimes scares people especially when it comes to politics.


>>>> KARMA / DIM-WITTED POLITICAL LEADERS … … You have elected people to protect your lives and yet the shape of our lives as an end result is in the hands of a power that is greater than man and not in the hands of the political corrupt leaders. ….. … After all, when you hear these resolutions and laws introduced in the halls of the government you cringe ………… you thought you elected wise individuals and see you elected some individuals with wild ideas! … ….. Build your tomorrows by trying to elect political leaders that are wise and know how to govern; you will be doing that which is right today by electing individuals that go to the halls of government to represent YOU! If you sow good deed by electing the right political leaders to govern you will reap a just reward because they will introduce the kinds of laws that protect the people.

Finally not voting for one that is popular will turn out to be rewarding because you will have sent the kind of individual to govern justly! In order to keep your life in order and the generations that follow you – vote out devious political leaders that do not know how to govern and vote into power those individuals that have the interest if the people and our nation at heart. It makes you wonder when will the politicians get their just reward … … – be calm … the day is coming for the bad laws they have enacted to come back and haunt them too … …

And lastly, as cycle year 2013 and 2014 continues to unfold you will see more political leaders fall by the way side – it’s not bad luck that they fail or come to naught … … it is just that “karma’ finally caught up to their corrupt and disingenuous ways!

Update: 10/01/2013 - The US Government "shuts down"! The Tea Party has put the nation in a mess .... they continue talking about the Affortable Care Act = which is now the law! No wonder the US Senate rejected their crazy idea ... and what did we get ... "a shut down"! - (what ah waste of time we are seeing in the halls of government. - why can't they talk to each other and open the government!)

>>>> LABOR – THE CURRENT DAY WORKFORCE =I do not understand why we have no place for people providing goods and services ……. I wonder why we have this free trade thing in the U.S. Was this free trade agreement to be administered on a global level – if that was the case then why our manufacturing places of business gone are???????????? Are we on a level playing field with this manufacturing thing??????????????? If you look at the neighborhoods where there were some small factories that are no more they are all closed and gone! In conversations with other people I’ve heard statements ….. “More than 500 plus factories been built south of the border” – “these factories have been paid for by big-money people within the U.S.” … … “People in other countries are working for less than pence and the goods are coming back to America at higher prices to the American people”. Oh my! – if this is true about the 500+ factories … … that act is definitely a big problem that needs to be resolved by our elected officials … … but big money is what’s floating our elections …. YEP, I wonder why are people still voting?????? …… if the election of political leaders that have the interest of the U.S. people at heart … … then this can be resolved as cycle year 2014 unfolds. (Let’s watch this closely)!

ILLUSIVENESS RE PLANET NEPTUNE: - The transit of Neptune in Pisces during 2013 brings about some interesting facts. It seems as if the world is at War! The Mars transit into Leo the Lion in September has the sound of “drums of war” around the world …. Read the Holy Books sometimes …. Read the passages in the book of Daniel … … maybe you might (better) understand what’s taking hold on earth in terms of the Mars transit of war: In the book of DANIEL CHAPTER 11 VERSES 40-45 it is written: “And at the time of the END shall the king of the south push at him: and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind … He shall enter also into the glorious land, and many countries shall be overthrown: but these shall escape out of his hand, Edom [Turkey], and Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon [Jordan]. … Egypt shall not escape. … And the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps. … … … tidings out of the EAST [China] and out of the NORTH [Russia] shall TROUBLE him: … yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him … this is the way the scripture reads – … Disregard conspiracy theories and read the Book of Revelation about the 4 horses …. Take under consideration we may be living under the shadows of the PALE and RED horses! … … Read the scriptures for a better understanding as to how the 4 horses of the Apocalypse will come into existence and the end-results of war and rumors of war shall take hold!


>>>> LIFE-RESULT: When you reduce your priorities to one specific detail – all other details will fall in place! Always begin your day with positive thoughts and thankfulness for being alive! – It is mandatory to embrace the power of love for self in order to love someone else … … believe each day of your life is a good life because you have paved the way for receiving abundances. And, never allow your dreams to die – act on your dreams and bring them into reality … … and finally when you locate your priorities in life … you can look at your excesses and be willing to share!


PLANET NEPTUNE AND ECLIPSE PREDICTIONS - During year 2012 planet Neptune made a return … this mystical planet returned on a once in a lifetime transit to the foot of the zodiac into the zodiacal sign of Pisces. This has not occurred (according to history) in 165 years that’s a long time. Well, Neptune will be at the foot of the zodiac for 14 solid years … what it all means, (in my opinion) is individuals might seek more for TRUTH and not take every word as okay! Planet Neptune in the sign of the fish (PISCES) during cycle year 2013 BEGINNING AFTER THE MAY 9TH ECLIPSE will cause some strange environmental changes on earth via means of the element WATER.

Neptune rules the seas: - Neptune’s transit will bring about unexpected Storms, Hurricanes, Tornados and Floods that will be uncontrollable in 2013 and on into year 2014 causing more people to see their dwellings under water. Neptune is the ruler of the hi-seas and I see more events around water … … ocean disasters, tsunamis around Hawaii, “more” oil spills along the Gulf Coast, more cruise ship disasters – and a cruise ship splitting apart on the hi-seas … … … fishing disasters, drowning of children along river banks; and lots of boating accidents are gonna take hold while Neptune resides in Pisces. As well, the following applies too:

**** FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS…. Yep, more CEO will be departing due to corruption and scandals that will continue with banks and financial establishment.

**** JOBS AND THE ECONONY – hiring and jobs will continue to creep as the gas prices continues to rise and the food prices will rise as well due to farmers having to pay more for gain.

**** SINKHOLES continue to form throughout major cities in the US, as well, rumblings beneath the ground will be heard in the Southern States along the Wyoming and California shore lines (due to volcanic eruptions getting ready to take hold) … … as well, from the oil spills, very-very unpleasant orders will be fuming along the shore lines on the Alaska coast lines and the Mississippi River coast lines in Arkansas (lots of dead fishes will be causing the smells). ……..

**** 2 WORLD KNOWN FIGURES – A very-very famous beloved individual most likely on the African Continent and a former US head of State will likely make “sad” headline News as planet Uranus continues its slow trek thru the head of the RAM (Aries) after the May 9th 2013 Eclipse.


>>>> STOCK PICKS – The month of June gives us the graces and beauty of SUMMER SOLSTICE … which in my opinion, is one of the wonders produced by nature. This year (2013) Summer Solstice occurs at a time when the boldness of planet SUN will be in Gemini [the TWINS], the restrictions of planet Saturn will be 05-degrees in Scorpio and the North Node will be 0.14-degrees in Scorpio. (Scorpio is water … water seeks its’ own level … water cannot be controlled by man … and water this year when it comes to anything dealing with financial gains will be “king”.

Now ….. the 21 June 2013 “solstice” is identified (in my opinion) as this: When the North Pole of planet EARTH will be tilted toward planet SUN which will have reached on June 21st its northernmost position in the sky and will be directly over the Tropic of Cancer. Solstice is the first day of the SUMMER season in the Northern Hemisphere – but this year Solstice enters our existence locked around the zodiacal “water sign” of Scorpio.


In general summation, money gains will bring challenges that must be overcome – but if you invest wisely – the waters of Scorpio will protect you …. Scorpio this year is good for investments – so if you are Stock Investor – take a look at these companies listed and use prudence with your undertaking in order to gain financially. These companies listed in this posting “in my opinion” will give you the extra (financial) edges you so richly deserve; but, it is a necessity for you to TRACK prior earnings – invest – but use prudence with your initiatives in order to gain the monetary rewards. As such, for this posting the following applies:

**** Alcoa (AA on the ticker) – These people are in the management and production business with aluminum on a worldwide basis; their share will likely rise and perform better than in previous calendar quarters.
**** Amgen (AMGN on the ticker) – this is a summer solstice stock pick … they are in the field of medicines, human therapeutics, they discover and develop procedures for the ill... watch this stock closely – as Uranus continues “slowly in July” thru the head of the RAM (Aries) you may see “positive” surprising results moving shares in this company to high (very high) levels! On the 1 to 10 scale, I am rating this stock pick at a 9.5!
**** Apple (AAPI on the ticker) these are tech people … designers, manufacturers and marketers of mobile communication instruments … Watch their report in July … Uranus’s transit will bring positive surprising financial gains!
**** Costco Wholesale Corporation (COST on the ticker) this is a self-service company that will really-really do well (in my opinion) after the May 25, 2013 Eclipse – I believe this is a “Libra” company that weighs their options wisely – if you wanna track this do so … then test the waters because they will surprise you and you will reap a good reward by investing as the 2013 days of this year continues to unfold.
**** General Dynamics (GD on the ticker) I believe this to be an Aries stock … I thought they were a good pick but as I look more closely at planet Uranus in the head of the RAM (Aries)... I would suggest you monitor before you (heavily) invest (June thru September)!
**** IBM (IBM on the ticker) this company is a sleeper – you need to watch this closely because the rally will be unexpected and gainful.
**** Texas Instruments (TXN on the ticker) these are electronic designers and they sell semi-conductors to electronics designers all over the world – keep in mind companies like this will catch you off guard – later NOT NOW – but later as planet Saturn continues it’s trek thru the waters of Scorpio – TXN is gonna give you back (in my opinion) more than you envisioned – this is a company that bears watching.
**** Verizon Communications (VZ on the ticker) yep! This is a winner, they provide communications, entertainment and information – and July 21st I feel they will be very-very bearish for stock … If you get the feel … you can come out okay with VZ!


>>>>SUDDEN UNEXPLAINED OCCURRENCES: - Again, the North Node in Scorpio and Uranus Aries will bring more unexpected occurrences for those that are famous or well-know … as such because these planet transit bring about terminations – something is AMISS … as such, the following applies:

**** POPE: - Something is amiss with the new Pope! Let’s keep the pope in our prayers; but if the birth information is accurate, the natal chart shows health problems; so, something is definitely muddled according to planet positions surrounding his 6th astrological house of the Holy Father!
****AIRLINE NEWS – Yep, another big merger is on the way (more than likely 3-4 airlines will merge into 1 after bankrupt news hits the air waves
****DIABETES – There will definitely be mentions of break-thoughts of cures for this horrible disease by late December 2013 or before the 2014 Spring Equinox in March.
****EARTHQUAKES – (Outside of the US) - Watch these countries closely because of a shifting in the earth, the forces of nature will bring about earth-shattering conditions for: Chile – Ecuador Greece – Honduras –India – Indonesia – Italy (the largest mountain will erupt in southern Italy) – Japan – Romania, Turkey and Taiwan
****EARTHQUAKES – (States within the US) – Philadelphia, Connecticut and New York and New Hampshire [The New Madrid fault line around St. Louis and Southern Illinois will bring about disaster as the earth breaks apart
****FAMOUS PEOPLE – The Saturn/Pluto transits brings AMISS issues to the front pages of newspapers; as such, the following applies: Remember to keep Billy Graham in your prayers….. Health concerns for Rosie O’Donnell …. Celine Dion needs a rest … Unexpected illness causing termination for a famous female athlete; and a famous male actor (name begins with an A or an S) will likely pass-away from an unexplained sudden illness. Keep BILLY GRAHAM in your prayers because something is amiss around him as well -
****ILLNESSES – Something is definitely amiss … Send some prayers for Ruth the US Supreme Court Justice and some one else on that bench that seems healthy got some health problems as well - the transit of Uranus thru the head of the ram (Aries) will bring this to the publics ears …
****MINE DISASTERS – China and Chile and in Ohio and Kentucky too
****NATURAL DISASTERS – The East Coast is still not safe from the forces of nature … storms, harsh winds and heavy rains will take hold causing flooding and more homes being under water. Power outages are a surety for California as well as “water shortages” due to the Uranus transit in the skies …
****POLITICAL – The North Node in Scorpio foretells the following: - Christie gets re-elected, an upset in the governor’s race in Virginia, New York might get a new mayor, [re the emotional toggle of planet Moon and the 2013 eclipses, more than likely Mitt Romney will make breaking (negative) news
****SOUTHERN US CITIES – Tennessee, Kentucky and Louisiana will experience lots of over prison overcrowding as the year unfolds
****THE MONEY SYSTEM – Yep another melt-down for 2 major banks during this forecast cycle …. Major catastrophic issues Weill take hold!


>>>> PREDICTIONS: Planet Neptune and planet Pluto will combine forces and cause serious and difficult circumstances in terms of food shortages, illnesses and a more than normal amount of deaths to take hold.

Financial crisis and great difficulties cannot be controlled due to the slow moving transit of the cleanser planet Pluto. Major cities have broken bridges and pot-hole roads … causing drivers to have falling screws on their cars, broken tire rods, and you name it due to the severe conditions of the streets within major US cities. There’s a need for bridges to be repaired – and if bridges that are NOW in grave conditions are not repaired... you will begin to see cars falling into the rivers, oceans, and seas as the days ahead continue to unfold.

**** ECONOMIC CRISIS – within the major cities and states a harshening economic crisis will take hold … this crisis began when planet Neptune transited into the sign of the water-bearer (Aquarius) … this crisis will continue thru the closing days of cycle year 2014 for those that are already less fortunate.
**** PRISONS: - The US prison systems will begin to flow over and this will cause a release of criminals back into the cities and towns.
**** UNEXPLAINED SUDDEN DEATHS - The transit of planets Mars and Saturn are gonna bring a tremendous amount of unexpected deaths ….. The Fire/Challenge planets will bring circumstances into existence via means of mysterious diseases, uncontrollable aches and never-ending pains for the elderly and the youth … such unexplained diseases will more than likely baffle medical authorities... Not only the authorities in the US but those authorities that study diseases.

**** SLOW MOVING PLANET SATURN - The restrictive planet Saturn will be transiting thru the US’s 6th astrological house; but June 2015 this transit will bring challenges for trade, immigration, health and public service; as such, an overwhelming challenge in these areas will baffle elected officials and they will NOT have solutions to bring about positive changes. The Saturn transit will cause monetary problems for trade unions welfare recipients and public service workers … and nothing is gonna resolve these challenges until the Saturn transit moves on after June 2015. So just watch the obstructions continue to unfold.


>>>> CLOSING: - The increased emotional sensitivity indicated for this posting will also allow you to anticipate the needs of others. The forces of nature brings into existence situations that cannot be easily explained by man. But, a power that is greater than man makes decisions that man can do nothing about! And when you think of the authority a higher power possess than you realize all you can do is use positive thoughts from your still inner voice to guard you safely through the difficult times!
Remember to visualize and remain alert to that which is good in order to reap a flourishing reward! And remember earthquakes, floods, deaths, dangers and unexplained occurrences are ordered by that which you cannot see. You can witness the results of the actions set forth by a power that is greater than you. And most important is: you have no power when it comes to dealing with the forces of nature because the planets do compel!

Peace and retain your glow,
Respectfully submitted,
Evelyn H. Mack, Forecaster
Posted – Tuesday-May 14th 2013


Update: Nov 4 2013 - Earthquakes occur in Illinois
Update: 10/01/2013, the US Government "shuts down"! The congress people have put the nation in a mess .... some in the Congress continue talking about the "repeal" of the Affortable Care Act = Obama Care, the ACA medical/healthcare law is now the law! No wonder the US Senate rejected the crazy idea from the Tea Party 9/30/2013 ... and what did we get ... "an October 1st government shut down"! - (What ah waste of time we are seeing in the halls of government. - why can't the congress talk to each other and get the government open!)


Posted - November 9th 2012
*****PREDICTION: "Update, November 10, 2012 @ 6:04pm, CST" - Dear web viewes, out of all the monies paid by the big-wigs to take out the President (the big money people and the Republicans did not want Mr. Obama relected). But, on the day/night of the election "the people spoke" - Mr. Obama was re-elected as the leader of the free world. (yep, Mr. Obama was relected as the President of the United States - November 6th 2012) ....
Note: My update regarding the posting on "RECONSTRUCTION WATCH" became reality on the night of Nov. 6th - Mitt Romney lost and Mr. Obama won! ..........In my World Events posting I wrote “After the 2009 September 21st Autumnal Equinox, I believe we will witness a toppling and uprooting of political systems that are corrupt". - Update: Trying to buy an election is corruption! Big money is definitely corrupt and big money lost this time - plus it is my understanding that Mr. Obama got a chunck of the votes from "women"!


Posted: Saturday, November 26th 2011 ....... FORECAST RE OCCURRENCES THAT WILL BE TAKING HOLD .....................

There is more raw information available to you today than at any other time in history. Information (in my opinion) is NOT knowledge – information can only become knowledge when applied in a meaningful manner to specific situations. – So with this in mind, I am giving you some information based on the upcoming planet influence cycles.
Get your favorite cup of tea - relax - read and see how this posting of World Events applies for us all. I suggest you re-read from time to time as events indicated herein unfold – because we will be update periodically. "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER" -

Update Posting: January 2013 thru June 30, 2013
Posting Title: Transformations on the Earth
The calls from this great Universe is going to restructure the abusive powers and cease excessive greed from taking its toll as February 2nd 2012 comes into existence. My mom always told me “when you know you are right do not back down”! So dear readers, I believe I have interpreted the transit of the planets so that you can better understand what is about to occur. There will always be the necessity for all people to understand how powerful knowledge is and how sad “ignorance” can cause one to make mistakes that cannot be corrected. So read with an open mind because indicated in these writings are “additional pieces of information you can use as the days ahead unfold”. "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER" -

Yes in deed! The day after turkey-day around 6am on the 25th of November 2011 there was a toggling NEW planet MOOON moving around a Partial Solar Eclipse. This awesome event in the skies (in my opinion) is good for anything associated with the BULL known as Taurus. This is “Taurus-time” when it comes to “additional income” through effort! I have picked some more Taurus stocks for you and during this posting cycle you should be able to increase your nest egg. As such, I am predicting the following 3 companies I feel will give you the kind of return worthy of your time (THESE STOCK PICKS ARE LOCATED IN THIS POSTING). Not to be repetitive; but, I strongly suggest you re-read these STOCK and INVESTMENT tips, purchase wisely, watch closely and know when to get out if you want some extra money because the influences from the constellations around the Taurus sphere are definitely very-very (financially) rewarding; so take time and get-on the Taurus train.
><… >< ><… ><… >< >< ><… >< ><… ><… >< ><… >< ><…

---------------CHANGE IS IN THE AIR --- PREDICTION: You will begin to see the banking systems and these large corporations taking a look at their past behaviors and start trying to restructure in positive ways because they see their houses of cards falling fast! – It is true more people are pulling monies from the large banks and utilizing services of credit unions; they are ceasing to purchase goods from these major corporations that make their products over seas …. Yep, “change is in the air”!
PREDICTION: This may seem unlikely, but the transit of planet Pluto in Capricorn will bring into existence “reasons” …. Reasons for foreign governments to “merge” – yep, they will merge in order to bring about stabilization and peace within their countries.
PREDICTION: Some of these mega churches will merge; they will come under one roof in order to not become bankrupt –a they are NOT getting the monies from the church-members that will keep their churches active and this will more than likely start in the state of Texas and take hold around the U.S. as the December 2011 Winter Solstice takes hold! – And, don’t be surprise if you don’t hear rumbling of “tax the churches” – (coming from some of the Tea Party congress members)!

PREDICTION: Yep, the IRS is watching; they need more money and with the position of expansive planet JUPITER within the sign of Taurus the bull – the “you owe” documents are gonna be sailing in the air – making their way to mail boxes especially to some of these large corporations that felt in the past … they could not be touched … well, watch for the noises after January 3rd 2012.

PREDICTION: Earthquakes – Africa, (Ethiopia) … Another earthquake along the Turkey-Iran border area; and a massive “VOLCANO ERUPTION” in the state of Hawaii; and I feel there will be a quake somewhere around New Madrid, Missouri … and don’t forget, Chicago could feel the brunt or get its’ own quake … Chicago is not outta the picture because the slow transit of Pluto is still making rumbles around the Illinois area ... especially around Chicago.

PREDICTION: Earthquake – Watch around the Alaska Peninsula it is highly likely a quake will occur; and more than likely you can expect to see quakes in the countries of ElSalvador, Romania, Poland and Raykjanes which is in Iceland … I’d be cautious of vacation in these areas because of the transit of Uranus in Aries – the unexpected is possible!

PREDICTION: There will be some significant weather changes taking hold January thru March 2012 – so get the pantry packed and when the snow falls be prepared for heavy snow and ice on the power lines!

PREDICTION: December 21, 2012 – oceans will roar, earth will rumble and the massive weather changes will begin to take hold! – Watch around the world for tornadoes, wind storms, sand storms in the desert countries.

><… >< ><… ><… >< >< ><… >< ><… ><… >< ><… >< ><…

The position of planet Pluto in Capricorn (in my opinion) will continue to bring about “more” unrest not only in the U.S. cities but around the world – so just be sure to utilize wise decision-making with all your personal endeavors and you will be able to come through this period of unrest without mental scars. Additionally, for this posting, you will need to keep your mind at higher levels because you are going to witness (“after the December 2011 Geminids Meteor Showers”) a restructure of the government – there will be a curtail put on wasteful spending and wasteful spending abusiveness will be decreased beginning February 2012.

On 6th November 2012 the retrograde motion of planet Mercury will be in the pale-horse sign Sagittarius; with the illusive planet NEPTUNE positioned in a “square” with Mercury and the dark star known as “Chiron”! Oh my!
The challenges are anonymous (kinna hidden due to the shadows of planet Pluto) and, because the transit of planet Saturn has slowing moved into the presidents 9th astrological house we will see our the president “triumph” and gain victories rather than being hindered by silly challenges from the opposite political party!

>< ><… ><… >< >< ><… >< ><… ><… <…>< ><… >< ><…

For the 2012 presidential elections – don’t be fooled, the November 17th and 18th “Leonid Meteor Showers” put a light on hidden agendas. There will be a “wild card”; something is more than likely to take place putting in position another political party or new crop of candidates. You have not seen anything yet … you might have thought the last few debates were interesting – well, there’s more to unexpected commentaries to be made that will simply make you feel as if you’ve heard it all … well, you have NOT heard it all … there are more crazy statements to be made; more unexpected actions on the part of the candidates to be made and more secrets to come out in the open. The November 10th Full Moon brought out the insanity! And yep, when you thought you’d seen it all … watch December 2011 when on the 13th the Geminids Meteor Showers will do a 6-day dance across the skies …. And the unexpected within these 6 days will take hold in national politics! – Watch for a new party (yep, even at this late date)! Here’s a clue for you: Because of the condition of financial affairs for households within the U.S. if the Mr. Obama stays on message with the social agenda and putting the masses back to work … yep, “he’ll gain the victory”! – Keep in mind, when you are “favored”; when the stars compel in your best interest; and, the transits of the slower moving planets position positive for you … you will gain the victories! Forget about the past debates or stumbling blocks, new planet transits indicate the stars are definitely guarding the path of “truth”! There will always be negative objectives during ELECTIONS and this is regardless of political party.
All confrontations the candidates face will fade as the 2012 year unfolds and all those unconstructive-objectives; negative-queries; and hidden challenges will fade. Verbal limitations and all those restrictive conditions you are currently witnessing will not hold back what is in store! It will be a “victory” and not a surprise! Reason why there will be no surprises (in my opinion) is because the constellations are indicating “gain even in the midst of limitation”. Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn are the cleansers – these planets are removing the stumbling blocks and effective March after the 2012 spring ingress, the constellations will bring a much clearer picture as to who the leader of the free world is gonna be! Note: After the June 2012 summer solstice days take hold, I will post a winner for the November 2012 election, but right now it seem the slow movement of Pluto in Capricorn has already spoken … reason is, planet Pluto is clearing-away the debris in order for the rebuilding of positive transformation!

>< ><… ><… >< >< ><… >< ><… ><… ><>< ><… >< ><…

We are in the midst of the unexpected taking hold from planet URANUS. As well, there is not too much help coming from the destructions of planet PLUTO as it continues to tear-down in order to produce influences for rebuilding something better. In short, we will see many star dances in the skies as METEOR SHOWERS continue to take hold. The URANUS, PLUTO, METEOR SHOWER events will have much to do with what will occur in the political arenas of the USA.

MR. OBAMA … … In my opinion, “if” and I do mean “if” … If our president Mr. Obama intends to win the November 2012 election there will be a necessity to ensure some ways are put in place for debt reduction and the keep in place a very-very strong credit rating! I am predicting that Mr. Obama will definitely win if he gives the nation “truth”! The truth is this: The transits of the planets indicate that the hindrances Mr. Obama has continued to encounter from the opposition party (the Republicans) will cease! Uranus which brings about unexpected occurrences is gonna rest within the realm of the fiery planet Mars and take hold in the head of the Ram which is Aries … this planet position indicates that Mr. Obama (because he is a Lion) must hammer the destructive message home about the other party and he can claim victory! (If he gets lacked there will be a sleeper that will arise as the campaign gets into full swing)! Mr. Obama (the lion) must use positive forceful messages of “truth” and with these efforts – he has the wind at his back, the constellations to guard his path; and his ruling constellation to fight off his enemies! Additionally, during the Orionids Meteor showers around the 23rd of October there were some interferences and unexpected situations taking hold which we can associate with planet Uranus … … but, even in the midst of all the stumbling blocks – the cosmos are serving as a shield and the president will overcome “with ease” some harsh restrictions! Yes, we can expect to see more challenges on the rise as December 2011 comes into existence; however, the good news is this: Planet Saturn with its year long stay in Libra (the balance) will tip the scale …. This Saturn position is a going to serve as a guardian and our president will definitely NOT have the major limitations that will cause long term oppositions. Oh my, what an interesting political campaign this gonna be!

>< ><… ><… >< >< ><… >< ><… ><… ><>< ><… >< ><…

When I pick STOCK – normally I select companies with natal charts that have Taurus and Capricorn because I know this combination is a winner! So, in this posting you will be introduced to some “SIZZLING RESERVES” which I feel is worthy of your attention and some “STOCK AND INVESTMENT” picks for this posting. I strongly suggest you re-read and if you want some extra money – watch these closely and get on the Taurus train.

******* SIZZLING RESERVES (nest eggs) –
Taurus, the banker of zodiac has some really-really goodness within its sphere. The lover goddess, planet Venus which is the ruler for Taurus is also giving this zodiacal sign some financial tips. Finances will be good for anything dealing with Taurus (the BULL) effective November 15th thru midnight May 30th 2012. So, get-on board while the Taurus trail is rolling and put take note of the following stocks. If you are a long-term investor; now is definitely the time to not pass-up the Taurus money train; and, as such, the following STOCK picks are applicable:

#1) NRG ENERGY (on the market as NRG) – The toggle of planet MOON in Taurus will give you some financial gains with this purchase. NRG engages in construction and generates power; and, I am predicting this stock to “lead in the energy and energy sector” – (in my opinion, this is a good choice)!

#2) MGM GRAND (on the market as MGM) - Taurus with Capricorn in this chart is a winner! – MGM owns and operates gaming (casinos) – yep, I am predicting MGM will do very-very well; and will be a leader in terms of casino gaming - (in my opinion, this is a good choice)!

#3) OWENS & MINOR (on the market as OMI) –The chart for this stock is in the midst of a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction – and I am feeling really-really good about it … I am predicting OMI will rally! It is on the Taurus train headed for some nice returns and you might wanna have OMI in your portfolio! - (in my opinion, this is a good choice)!

>< ><… ><… >< >< ><… >< ><… ><… ><>< ><… >< ><…

#1) ARCHER DANIELS (ON THE MARKET AS ADM) – there’s some goodness from the cosmos and eclipses; as such, I gotta a good feeling that you will see reports on this stock kinna early during December. The transit of expansive planet JUPITER and the eclipse around planet Venus proves as “worthy”! I firmly believe ADM will continue to rise now through the closing of the 2011 winter solstice around the 22nd of December; so make sure this is part of your portfolio – I can see some really-really goodness with this investment.

#2) UNITED PARCEL SERVICES (ON THE MARKET AS UPS) – don’t count this company out – more than likely it will NOT move with the averages; “but” … … … if they report again in December you will see some movement – it will more than likely beat out the other delivery service companies and give you a modest return on your investment!

#3) CISCO SYSTEMS (ON THE MARKET AS CSCO) – they are designers/manufacturers and sellers of internet stuff – and with the tech industry on a roll – you might wanna do a “monitor” of this stock (don’t give up on it) even in the midst of the Saturn/Libra challenges – it is definitely gonna come back – keep an eye on CSCO and when you see it moving like the turtle … “jump-in”! Clue: CSCO is a Capricorn stock – right now PLUT in Capricorn is not favorable right now – but, with interference from Uranus and Saturn … Pluto has its job cut out. So, there will be a departure of planet SATURN from Libra during the 2013 spring months and the 2013 Ingress (in March) is gonna be very-very good for CSCO and you wanna have CSCO on your balance sheet because the financial gains will be very-very beneficial!

>< ><… ><… >< >< ><… >< ><… ><… ><>< ><… >< ><…

******* BLAZING COFFERS (layers of seed-money)
There are definitely some great planet movement effective December 2011 and continuing thru the 2012 Summer Solstice days. Planet Jupiter is going to have lots of company with the money sign Taurus. Taurus is definitely the train to fulfillment this cycle when it comes to bringing about positive (financial) gains. Such movements from the expansiveness of JUPITER will bring some extra cash with Taurus amity in the mix. – So, if you use prudence with your financial undertakings you can have some extra seed monies as the 2011 winter months unfold. The following applies from the winter months into the 2012 solstice days:

#1) NOVARTIS (on the market as NVS) – This company manufactures health products and they are in most hospitals around the globe. Additionally they have been performing well and more than likely they are NOW ready to flourish. The performance will exceed the averages! (I am predicting a wonderful financial gain)!

#2) HUMANA (on the market as hum) – You will serve yourself well by purchasing this stock – this is a stock in the health field and will do well!
(I am predicting a wonderful financial gain)!

#3) PETRO-CHINA COMPANY, LTD (on the market as PTR) – This is one of those energy stocks and right now is the time to take note of its performance – more than likely as November closes it will flourish and continue this trend thru December 2011 – watch it closely, and I feel it’s really okay to buy NOW! (I am predicting a wonderful financial gain)!

><… ><… >< >< ><… >< ><… ><… ><>< ><… >< ><…

Two outer planets will be forming a SQUARE high in the skies causing some challenges for ALL nations as December 1st approaches. Such astrological aspects will have lots to do with people on earth. There are likely to be MORE challenges for people in positions of authority in the work place and in the halls of government. As well, you can expect some unexpected occurrences within the home – more divorces will take place and more loving personal relationships will come unglued! We are entering into a time of uncertainty and there is a need for lots of meditation and patience!
Prayers are the keys if and only if you have the faith to accept the outcome! If you are not willing to receive the benefits of your prayers being answered there is no reason to waste precious time

#1) SAUDIA ARABIA – The illusive planet NEPTUNE which is the natural ruler for energy (oil) will bring into existence some uncertainty. Planets Uranus and Pluto will bring about a cycle of much uncertainty beginning around early year 2012 and continuing thru the close of the 2015 Autumnal Equinox! As well, you can expect new leaders for this nation and “major” really-really major changes in terms of what the population of this country will accept as December 2012 begins to unfold!

#2) US AND NATIONAL RESPINSIBILITIES – The most responsible platform during the political election cycle will be for the candidates to focus on balance! If a balanced approach is NOT the focus there will definitely be MORE upheaval taking hold beginning February 2012 thru midnight of the 2015 Winter Solstice!

For all Signs Of The Zodiac, you can “achieve your greatest success in year 2012” …….. Noted below:

ARIES --- based on planet transits, your ruling constellation, your ruling planet “MARS” and the effective from December 22nd 2011 planet SUN being at its “lowest” point … you dear “RAM” can gain your greatest achievement from December 23rd 2011 thru midnight March 22nd 2012 by: #1 laying the basis for achievement NOW; and, #2 settling outstanding matters without controversy!

AQUARIUS --- based on planet transits, your ruling constellation, your ruling planet “URANUS” and the effectives from December 22nd 2011 planet SUN being at its “lowest” point … you dear “WATER-BEARER” can gain your greatest achievement from December 23rd 2011 thru midnight March 22nd 2012 by: #1 improving your environment; and #2 not allowing what other people think cause you to react on impulse – think thing through carefully and you will gain the victories!

CANCER --- based on planet transits, your ruling constellation, your ruling planet “MOON” and the effectives from December 22nd 2011 planet SUN being at its “lowest” point … you dear “CANCER” can gain your greatest achievement from December 23rd 2011 thru midnight March 22nd 2012 by: #1 sowing your good seeds NOW for the future; and #2 taking your time to give those explanations before your speak!

CAPRICORN --- based on planet transits, your ruling constellation, your ruling planet “SATURN” and the effectives from December 22nd 2011 planet SUN being at its “lowest” point … you dear “CAPRICORN” can gain your greatest achievement from December 23rd 2011 thru midnight March 22nd 2012 by: #1 being very-very careful to delay vital decisions; and, #2 making sure you do not make changes that unsettle your security!

GEMINI --- based on planet transits, your ruling constellation, your ruling planet “MERCURY” and the effectives from December 22nd 2011 planet SUN being at its “lowest” point … you dear “TWIN” can gain your greatest achievement from December 23rd 2011 thru midnight March 22nd 2012 by: #1 getting out of a bad situation rather than giving bad situations time to transform; and #2 making sure to avoid being affected by things that do not have your best interest at heart!

LEO --- based on planet transits, your ruling constellation, your ruling planet “SUN” and the effectives from December 22nd 2011 planet SUN being at its “lowest” point … you dear “LION” can gain your greatest achievement from December 23rd 2011 thru midnight March 22nd 2012 by: #1 have no part in gossip or bickering; and, #2 taking time to develop the kinds of plans that will bring about MORE financial stability!

LIBRA --- based on planet transits, your ruling constellation, your ruling planet “VENUS” and the effectives from December 22nd 2011 planet SUN being at its “lowest” point … you dear “LIBRA” can gain your greatest achievement from December 23rd 2011 thru midnight March 22nd 2012 by: #1 making sure to NOT fall for schemes you know are not good for your well-being; and, #2 doing what is BEST for self rather than allowing time to listen to silliness that does not make sense!

PISCES --- based on planet transits, your ruling constellation, your ruling planet “NEPTUNE” and the effectives from December 22nd 2011 planet SUN being at its “lowest” point … you dear “FISH” can gain your greatest achievement from December 23rd 2011 thru midnight March 22nd 2012 by: #1making sure to NOT spend for unworthy causes; and, #2 taking time to think before speaking!

SAGITTARIUS --- based on planet transits, your ruling constellation, your ruling planet “JUPITER” and the effectives from December 22nd 2011 planet SUN being at its “lowest” point … you dear “ARCHER” can gain your greatest achievement from December 23rd 2011 thru midnight March 22nd 2012 by: #1 purchasing items that are needed rather than spending for things you know you do not need; and #2 listen more rather than jumping to conclusions in mid-stream!

SCORPIO --- based on planet transits, your ruling constellation, your ruling planet “PLUTO” and the effectives from December 22nd 2011 planet SUN being at its “lowest” point … you dear “SCORPION” can gain your greatest achievement from December 23rd 2011 thru midnight March 22nd 2012 by: #1 making sure to speak truth even in the midst of challenges; and #2 not displaying a negative attitude when things take a different turn than you expected!

TAURUS --- based on planet transits, your ruling constellation, your ruling planet “VENUS” and the effectives from December 22nd 2011 planet SUN being at its “lowest” point … you dear “TAURUS” can gain your greatest achievement from December 23rd 2011 thru midnight March 22nd 2012 by: #1 being a bit more secretive; and, #2 continue to put away a financial stash for a rainy day!

VIRGO --- based on planet transits, your ruling constellation, your ruling planet “MERCURY” and the effectives from December 22nd 2011 planet SUN being at its “lowest” point … you dear “VIRGO” can gain your greatest achievement from December 23rd 2011 thru midnight March 22nd 2012 by: #1 not trying to figure out every detail that have nothing to do with your well being; and #2 avoiding counsel when needed!

>< ><… ><… >< >< ><… >< ><… ><… ><>< ><… >< ><…

******* THE 2012 WINNERS - Oh, one more thing, Pluto is continuing it’s slow (very slow) transit high in the alpha skies and we are asking you to please stay with us … … we’ll have accurate news for you as to who the next leader of the free world is gonna be! Yes, we are closing watching the clean-up planet Pluto and as the eclipses fold and meteor showers end, and Saturn reduces its degrees, we will give you the 2012 WINNERS in the next posting - but for now the planets indicates Mr. Obama with a very-very strong lead and "holding"!
Clue: The planets compel - they are "as is" and changes take hold based on planet transits!
>< ><… >< ><… ><… >< >< ><… >< ><… ><… ><>< ><… >< ><…

BOTTOM LINE IS THIS: There will be more unexpected occurrences and if you are NOT willing to be governed by the angels you will not survive!

CLOSING: There is a need to apply wisdom and if you do not possess cosmic consciousness you can become stronger mentally and will act out in negative ways. Keep in mind, there is always a higher power that guards your path with or without your endeavors!
Warm regards to all my visitors, and please retain your glow and watch for updates!
Evelyn H. Mack, Forecaster
Posted: Saturday, November 26th 2011


Title: This Changing Earth
Posted: May 1st, 2011
Effective: May 2011 thru November 2011
Next Posting: Late November 2011
Spinning and rotating through this dark void we call UNIVERSE – planet EARTH is the consistent force in our lives – it’s always there! - However, there can be an exception – yep, EARTHQUAKES! – Earthquakes can be horrifying – it is an experience like none …… you cannot compare it …. So don’t even try! Just "don’t take the EARTH for granted" – cause when the EARTH moves beneath your feet – you feel lost – there’s really no place to go – all you can do is “be still”! Well, earthquakes are gonna be more prevalent beginning May 2011 thru December 2012 – so just get prepared for a shifting earth ‘cause it’s gonna happen!
Now, let's get on with what else is new: --------- The earth is changing – it’s moving – you can feel it if and only if you maintain a closer relationship with that power which is greater than man. So let’s look at how planet SATURN is gonna cause some problems. For starters, the planet of limitations (known as SATURN) will not allow you to take a risk as cycle year 2011 continues to unfold. – Saturn is gonna be acting extremely logical ... it is gonna show individuals who the boss is ... remember planet Saturn is the employee for us all. Saturn gives you a just wage – it’s known as karma - you will get what you've paid for ... if you sow it allows you a harvest - but you are the judge as to what you wanna reap.
Beginning May 1st 2011 thru July 29th 2012 for all zodiacal signs – there's a forewarning for you to simply “be careful what you put in the universe” - watch those actions and be cautious of those thoughts because the slow Saturn transit is gonna be harsh AFTER during this cycle and it’s gonna repay you for "some" (not all) but for some of your (sown) deeds. (It does not matter if your deeds have been good or bad - Saturn is not gonna wait ... SATURN BEGINS THE PAYMENT PLAN ON MAY 1ST AND WILL CONTINUE ISSUING OUT REFUNDS UNTIL JULY 29TH 2012) After 2012 July 29th if you've been really-realy evil "you've a chance to breathe" - just sit tight .... Saturn will be taking a short rest - then it's gonna start back with the re-payment plans. Additionally, if you start having good luck during this cycle – it’s your good karma returning – if you experience hindrances and challenges – yep, it’s Saturn giving you a reality repayment for some (just some) of your past deeds! -There is no reason to get comfortable (if you've been bad) - you cannot and will not escape the cause and effect formula - yep, repay is coming!

One more thing – currently as of this posting planet SATURN is in the sign of Libra – and my message to Libra is - limitations and restrictions are in the air - so if you've been good - you're okay - and if you've been kinna bad - "well" ... you can expect to reap your JUST reward. So dear Libra this is gonna be a rather restrictive force for you while Saturn is your visitor – but remember if you’ve planted good seeds – your harvest will be filled with rich rewards.

PLANET EARTH: ------- The EARTH signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are rather steady and reliable – and these earth signs will gain financially as cycle year 2011 continues to unfold. If there are financial problems – hold firm to your faith and maintain a positive attitude because your (financial) needs will be supplied. During the month of June 2011 – hang in there dear Taurus – you will be able to pull Virgo and Capricorn with you when it comes to gaining the financial edge. (Yep, you are gonna reap the benefits – so stop the (money) worry – it’s really gonna change for the better.

Prediction: - The US Southern States
HARSH WEATHER CONDITIONS FOR THE SOUTH: ------- Massive flooding and heavy thunder storms will hit the Southern states beginning May 2011 - there is something amiss about what the weather patterns are for the southern states - I wonder is this is a repay for some unjust deeds? - SATURN is gonna his the Southern States like a whirlwind - destructions is taking hold for this part of our country - something with a toggling MOON and shifts in the earth - yep, something is definitely gonna be taking hold with the weather - destructions are ahead for the south - yep, SATURN is headed in that direction. (Remember: Saturn is the great teacher for karma ... you be the judge)!
Update - June 2011: It is mandatory to update this posting due to the harshness for cities in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Missouri (destructions took hold with mass floodings and hurricanes with blowing winds wiping out whole town, i.e. in Alabama and Missiour) - our prayers are with the people in these states

Moving on, there’s planet URANUS – this slow planet is like “quick-sand” when it strikes! = Beginning May 14th thru midnight August 14th 2011 FOR ALL SIGNS – “BE CAREFUL”! Uranus is the “know-it-all” of the zodiac – it brings the unexpected – during this May 14-August 14 cycle planet Uranus is gonna endow the mind – you will have the ability to comprehend (even with adverse aspects from planet Mercury). Use your telepathic ideas as a guide toward victory this cycle – if you want something changed for the better in your life – “think it” and watch how Uranus is gonna work for you! - Uranus will bring FOR ALL SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC some positive occurrences if and only if you utilize set aside time to visualize your way toward fulfillment! (In other words: Meditate or pray … … if there is a problem (you feel you simply have no control to rid yourself of) well, that problem can be permanently removed during this May 14-August 14 cycle – this is truly a wonderful force of nature taking hold and a fantastic personal timetable to bring positive “permanent” changes within your existence)!

RELIGION - religious leaders:
The Pope - Something is amiss – severe health problems
Pat Robinson – problems around the chest

H & R Block – (shows promise) Birth date: Oct 13th 1969 – got a good chart for rewards this year. This company provides accounting and tax services – this will move in a positive manner during summer solstice – so if you can wait it out – the payoff will be worthy.

Cooper Companies (COO on the market) Birth date: December 6th 1983 – this is company does a lot in the healthcare field – provides lots of healthcare products – if you wanna good return and got the patience to watch your money work for you … … well, this is a good buy! (Don’t over invest – just do something and watch it work for you)!
Respectfully submitted, peace and retain your glow,
Evelyn H. Mack
Posted: May 1st, 2011
Next Posting: Late November


Posted: 4 April 2011 - The State of WISCONSIN / The (newly elected Governor)
Forecast/Prediction based specifically on Pluto, Saturn and Neptune planet influences. The influences touching this state, its' govenor and the political landscape in the State of Wisconsin are as follows: (keep in mind, this is based specifically on planet analysis)... ... ...
The newly based planet influences, in my opinion and according to my analysis shows that there is defiintely some things that are amiss: Instance is this: "There's something regarding new planet influences" these influences are from Mercury which governs communication; Pluto which is the planet that's gonna tear-down "everything that's going-on wrong; and the expansiveness of planet Jupiter with very-very strong influences from Uranus which is gonna bring about some unexpected occurrences .... with these planet influences in tow, there is a belief there's "news" coming about in regards to this State of Wisconsin and its' governor. Yep, there's some new news and due to planet influences of Mercury, no-no the news ain't pretty! Yep, new planet transits from Uranus is bringing about "new news" - and the news contains something to do with MONEY. The money thing is gonna come out at the expansiveness from planet JUPITER makes' its orbit touching other actions taking hold in that state. And yep, other new planet influences from MERCURY's orbit are gonna bring some kind of evil news (not gossip - not a lie but some hidden facts) .... The news (from Mercury's transit) will likely have little or nothing to do with the budget; nothing to do with the protesters; nothing to do with union-busting; and nothing to do with the unions' disagreements; nor wiill this new news have anything to do with the "already" massive budget cuts. Brace yourself because this forecast and predictions will more than liley have a strange way of bringing changes AFTER the dust is calmed! ... As the days of cycle year 2011 continues to unfold, influences from planet URANUS is and planet MERCURY are definietly gonna bring out that there's something amiss with around officials new news regarding "actions that were taken" by some elected officials along with approval of the head of state which is the Governor. Wisconsin is gonna be faced with lots of "new news"! And yep, the unions and the massive cuts re the Wisconsin "budget problems" are not the cause of this news. The planets are gonna rule and there is gonna be something amiss and the news is gonna travel like wild fire. Planet transits is gonna bring about news regarding something going on that might cause a very-very bad influence on some people that may have been taking extra cash for their use, yep, bad news (scandles) that will have much to do with election campaigns; bad-bad news that have much to do with cash for favors in the form of cash donations; and yep, it is definitely NOT a pretty picture! You are gonna have to wait and see how the planets' new influences are gonna be taking hold. "BUT" the new transits are gonna rule. So, re a toggling planet MOON and the transit of MERCURY around the skies with URANUS and new planet changes taking hold high in the Alpha skies with planet PLUTO --- the news is gonna flow like water! ... ... ... Yep, the MOON and it's toggle will cause some mixed emotions with some elected officials ... ... but I believe this particular forecast regarding "money, cash for favors and the like are gonna be on target as the days of cycle year 2011 continues to unfold. And yep, we'll know the details as the MOON continues it's toggle now in 2011 and thruout cycle year 2012 as new eclipses add more fuel to the already harsh situations! So as the slower moving planets continue there will be sudden unexpected news coming outta this State re planet Uranus - and it's not good news re, Mercury and the illusiveness from planet Neptune. And yep, Pluto is playing a very-very big role - Pluto is in the cleaning-house business and there's likely to be some upsets in elected positions coming forward along with some unexpected "amiss" news! - Stay focused and watch what's happening in this State - it aint a pretty picture cause the emotional MOON is gonna give some disappointing news to those that feel that got it in the bag. Yep, the people are gonna be the winners!

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The Effects of the planets on World Events
Post Date: February 5th 2011
Effective: Feb 5th thru April 30th 2011
Next Posting: May 1st, 2011

Welcome to a New 2011 Year and the transit of planet Saturn in Libra and Uranus in Pisces. The transit slow moving planet Saturn in Libra (the balance) and slow moving planet Uranus in Pisces (the fishes) will be felt in untold ways by individuals around the world.

PLANETS PLUTO and URANUS– Change or Perish:
As of this writing planet Pluto is within the sign of Capricorn @ 00-degrees putting in motion the kinds of events to bring dramatic changes on the earth. In my opinion, if firm foundations are not built on foundations that will uphold justice – you will begin to see a transformation taking hold around the world. People are gonna rebel and the 4 elements (air, earth, water and fire) are gonna take hold in adverse manners. Additionally, because planet Pluto is resting in practical Capricorn those false ideals and aspirations presented to the masses will be challenged by the masses as cycle year 2011 continues to unfold. AFTER the January 2011 eclipses fraud and corruption will be uncovered unexpectedly due to the transit of URANUS in Pisces. The transit of planet Pluto and planet Uranus will slowly take apart corrupt empires that are ungovernable. These transits will slowly cleans at corruption and the ungovernable and bring charlatans to the fore-front and corruption to the center of attention. The transit of this planet will be felt because you will witness (after the January 2011 eclipse) lots of challenges that must be overcome. In fact, you will witness empires falling – a cleansing is gonna take hold!

PLANET VENUS –Color Chart for Prosperity:
Color is actually a powerful healing agent – specifically shades of green! Every day “mentally” surround yourself with brightness when you are fearful because with positiveness your mental state will be “protective”.
Color plays as important a role in our lives the same as the light and love. When you understand the meaning of colors and the vibration frequencies associated with each, you will be able to unleash their power in your lives as cycle year 2011 continues to unfold. The colors of the spectrum also represent a series of seven vibrations in a logical and orderly sequence, as do the notes of the musical scale. Planet Venus is closely associated with “love” and all that contains beauty; so, during it’s transit through the zodiacal sphere this year – beginning March 1st take a chance and begin wearing a bright green or bold pink on the days that you feel not so happy! Wear red only when you want to make a power play or close a deal or re-introduce that sex appeal to the special individual in your life. In the study of the sciences – it is understood how every shade is associated with specific vibrations and frequencies. As such, every shade is normally associated with a musical note (or tone); so, when there is a dominance of 1color and supremacy of 2 colors in your environment, the vibration frequency qualities are associated with that frequency. The color will influence the activities conducted in the environment. So, use color to enhance your opportunities as each day of this New 2011 Year unfolds and changes your attitude in terms of what colors you like or dislike – but use the colors to enhance your opportunities so you can gain your deserved successes. Visualize yourself in a soapy tub of bubbles – put on the cool tones of green when you want to attract, love, romance - and money! When you want to generate healing wear cool tones of green – when you wanna send light to anyone you know who might need healing be sure you are wearing a cool tone of green! Wear any shade of brown, green, and lemon when you want people to notice you. Wear any shade of blue – (especially turquoise or simmering shades of yellow when you want to occurrences to go your way. And finally, this is the year where planet Venus will guard your (LOVE PATHWAY) when you wear shades of light shades of purple. Light shades of purple will allow you to gain advantages you did not know were within your grasp and you can definitely wear LILAC or light tones of lilac when you want that lover of yours to take action on your ideas!
Because I have visions, I have come to understand the imperativeness and impact of different shades which has assisted me greatly to interpret and understand what I foresee. Visions are powerful and so are the colors of the earth. Just remember, in my opinion, I have come to believe that the shades of “green” for cycle year 2011 will provide you with fantastic auras and assist in you gaining those things that are rightfully yours.

There is something to think of when it comes to the nation of Egypt … … I have read that the oldest relics of human creation on Earth are located in Egypt … … but as of this writing … … the masses are at a cross-roads and disturbances are taking hold. . The uprising is a sign that the inequalities between the HAVES and the HAVE NOTS are now at odds! Yep, it seems as though the rope is being tightened between the RICH and the POOR – so let’s watch this closely = because the way the planets are transiting – I firmly believe we are gonna be seeing more blood shedded in the streets of Cairo and other towns in this country! Occurrences taking hold I fell are gonna send chills down the spines other world leaders (let’s watch this closely). … … … The Suez Canal runs through Egypt (this is Northern Africa), connecting the Red Sea with the Mediterranean Sea. The Suez Canal makes it possible to get from the East to the West without going around the southern tip of the country of Africa. This water-transit is a supply line for food, oil and other human needs around the world. Yep, Egypt has one of the most strategic locations on the planet, and under the current treaty, the canal may be used in times of war or peace, by any ship that can pay the toll to get through. Oh boy, this takes in a lotta tankers – so we’ve gotta watch this closely as well. On the zodiacal wheel the 7th house is relationships (partners and of open enemies), and URANUS is gonna be moving into the head of the ram (ARIES) … and I believe behind the scenes discussions are about that “CANAL” and not the people… … so let’s watch this closely in the coming days as well

It’s a fact big changes are brewing in the world. Numerous ongoing transits that would have massive and sweeping effects as the transit of Uranus continue thru the fish Pisces. As of this writing (February 2nd 2011) the occurrences taking hold in the Middle East (Egypt) is up in the air and the confrontations are continuing in noticeable high-pressure manners as we witness a New Moon toggling in the water-bearer (Aquarius) @ 00-degrees and in my opinion, this transit is causing lots of (rash) tension to build amid the people of that nation. The toggle of planet MOON in Aquarius foretells the apparent respect between an Egyptian army and demonstrating people. Planet MOON governs emotions causing some instability but the transit of Mercury gives me cause to be a bit leery because illusive planet Neptune is gonna cause relationships on all sides to become unstable in the long run.
Our forecast on the outcome will be in the May 2011 posting; so stay with us - as the Spring Equinox pulls in the forces - Uranus is gonna be in the fire sign Aries - and the lots and dies are cast - so let's see what the transits brings us and we'll share the news with you in May.

THE 2011 ECLIPESES - Korea: -
The 2011 Eclipses brings about some strange occurrences; any coupled with the North Node in the head of the goat (Capricorn), it is likely there’s gonna be some harsh conflicts taking hold with North Korea and South Korea. The North Node in Capricorn is a cleanser and it’s transit is cleansing the way for negotiations - but the leaders of these 2 nations are not gonna wanna compromise and because of the stubbornness of the goat (Capricorn) … yep, conflict will more than likely occur during cycle year 2011.

SOUTHERN US REGION – Nature is definitely taking it’s time and there is definitely gonna be some extreme “uncompromising” and uncompromising weather conditions taking hold in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas – the elements AIR and WATER are gonna be fierce – so just watch the winds and the rains take hold!
On November 26th 2008 Pluto moved into Capricorn will remain there for very long time. (There will be a brief visit to Aquarius Jan 20th 2024 to September 1st 2024). … … … Anyway, the goat (Capricorn) governs the 10th astrological house and deals with business, professionals, leadership and individuals who run large corporations … … yep, and it will rule the concepts of government too. … … The astrological sign Capricorn will have a guest known as planet PLUTO for a very long time.

– If you can, get pencil and paper do your WISH LIST for cycle year 2012 because with planet MOON in Taurus, and JUPITER in Taurus you can be assured your request will be granted. Taurus is the banker of the zodiac – so the significance of this date, (11-11-11) will allow you to close the windows on those situations that are frustrating in your life and open the window for new opportunities for those “realistic” desires to appear within your existence so that you can gain your much deserved victories.

PLANETS JUPITER – Global Finances
Whoops watch planet JUPITER … … you think its bad in the US – yep, Europe is in a flux and 2011 will bring into existence some extreme harshness for the Brits and you will more than likely read about China bailing Europe outta the waters!

Something is amiss –
Health Watch:
Al Pacino, Arnold Swarzenhagger, Barry Manilow,
Brad Pitt (over-worked), Bill Cosby, Doris Day, Pink, Ed Asner, Barbra Bush, Larry King, Nelson Mandella, Penny Marshall, Billy Graham, Brittany Spears, Burt Reynolds,
Clint Eastwood, Hulk Hogan, Elton John, Hugh Hefner, Jack Nicolson, Former, President Jimmy Carter (watch blood pressure) Jerry Lewis, Latoya Jackson,
John Travolta, Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga. Larry King,
Michael J. Fox, Mick Jagger, Nicole Richie,
Mickey Rooney, Nancy Reagan, Dick Cheney,
Dick Clark, George Bush Senior,
Pamela Anderson, Phyllis Diller, Robert D’Niro,
Woody Allen, Prince of Purple Rain,

PLANET NEPTUNE = Illusive Thinking in 2011
The major caution is planet Neptune being in the mix during cycle year 2011 causing lots of unheard of natural disasters. Neptune will posture as the gas giant and will rule spirituality in all its many exalted forms this cycle. And because of its illusiveness, you will witness mindless fantasy and delusional thinking from individuals in positions of power as the March 2011 Spring Equinox takes hold; so dear visitor, sit back, relax (and re-read this posting for clarity) cause beginning this posting, cycle year 2011 is gonna be a bumpy ride for people around the world and this illusiveness will take hold thru midnight November 27th!

Alaska - tsunamis
California - Tsunami in Malibu
California (Southern California) tsunami effects
Update: March 2011 shattering effects from Japan's tsunami

California – mudslides and lots of tornadoes
California – wild fires in Beverly Hills
Canada – an earthquake in Alberta; in Toronto; and, in Quebec
Canada – severe earthquake in British Columbia
Florida – tornadoes/hurricanes will wipe the city of Miami

Hawaii - tsunamis..............Update: Yep - effects from the Japan March 2011 tsunamis was felt in Hawaii

Illinois – watch Chicago for a “massive” earthquake
Italy – severe earthquakes in Rome, and Naples

Japan – tsunamis -
update: Yep March 2011 the biggest disaster in Japan's history

Nevada - Tahoe – earthquake
Oregon – Mt. St. Helen is ready to erupt again
Oregon - tsunamis -
Update - Yep, effects from Japan hit Oregan March 2011

Washington – a severe earthquake in Seattle
Yosemite and Yellowstone – severe earthquakes/volcano explosions

PLANET PLUTO –The God of Hell – Predictions
Air Travel Tiger Woods needs to be cautious
Collapse Spain, Portugal, Germany (economic collapse)
Coal Mine Pittsburgh will see a horrific mine disaster
Crash -Something is amiss with the HOLLYWOOD letters
Divorce -Tom Cruise will call it quits
Engagement – Bristol Palin – yep, marriage not coming
Fire -Famous Casino will likely see a blazing fire 2011
Horses -Accidents with the horse or the jockey at the Derby
Medical - Pharmaceutical companies will restructure or close
Movies -Remake of movie Godfather
Movies -A remake of the movie Cleopatra
Oil -Horrific spill likely in the Persian Gulf
Parks -A roller coaster /outta control killing kids
TV-Buffs -Imus and Glenn Beck will likely be ousted
TV-Buff -Whoppi Goldberg is gonna exit from the VIEW
Prizes -Hillary Clinton - World Peace Prize
Religion – Churches will be forced into paying taxes.
Queasy - Loretta Lynn has to watch her more health
Scandal - Unexpected sex scandal with a famous politician
Sickness Something amiss with Fidel Castro his health

Solar – Storms will hit US coast cities re,solar increases
Unrest - In France, Italy, Japan, China and US
War – Watch Syria - rumbles of war

We will definitely witness some spectacular, (dramatic) exploding of the waters; disproportionate (extreme) outta control breezes from the wind causing the element AIR to become massively destructive. There is gonna be an unsympathetic, (adverse) exploding of the element EARTH causing the mountains to rumble and explode its’ ashes. And, “shocking” (shocking) unexpected overflows from the element WATER causing the oceans and seas to rumble and over-flow in manners never before witnessed by man. I firmly believe the mountains will explode causing the element FIRE to bring volcanoes to unheard of explosions.

THE NORTH NODE – Conclusion:
Hold fast to the mental image of your success and refer to it often when the material evidence of its accomplishment is beyond your physical sight. In ways which are invisible to your real eyes, the vision created in your mind’s eye will sustain your momentum toward your deserved goals and objectives.

Please revisit, re-read for clarity, we will be updating again soon.
This Posting: Effective, 02/05 thru 04/30/2011
Peace and retain your glow.
Evelyn H. Mack, Forecaster
Next Posting: May 1st 2011
============================================ CHANGES ON THE EARTH
Posted: June 17th 2010
In this posting I want to discuss the ill wills taking hold among people that are inconsiderate of their fellowman. It is so sad during these times how man can be so destructive to himself and to those around him. Sometimes when we see things taking place that are unjust we wonder if there are consciences amid the people.
I remember reading within pages of the scriptures there are indications of destruction of cities the scriptures foretell of a scattering of the people. In the holy bible, I remember reading about a house called Israel and the discussion was about some of the people and their sins. Even though the Scriptures were written a long-long time ago; there adverse situations taking hold (among people) NOW.
FORECAST – NEWNESS – WHAT’S NEXT: - I remember a few year ago reading in the newspapers about “something strange found in the galaxies”. There were indications in this article where our space folks at NASA had found something in our galaxy that they had been looking for the past 60 years. My question is: Was that something the new Planet called “unknown” that’s causing so many NATURAL devastations to the earth as it transits through our solar system? (I wonder?)
FORECAST – ANNIHILATION: - Each day, we witness some kinna weather changes! – Climate changes are apparent because we see how the 4-elements of the earth (air, water, fire and earth) are causing some devastation! For instance, the element called water ……. Our oceans are roaring! …………. The element called fire …… The forests are burning to ashes and we are loosing the trees! The element called earth ……
******* CHANGES ON THE EARTH - The earth is being shattered with earthquakes; and the element called air....... The tornados and hurricanes are roaring destroying entire towns. Something strange AT THE HAND OF A POWER THAT IS GREATER THAN MAN is trying so very-very hard to get mans’ attention – and he is NOT listening. So you see Annihilation is taking place more and more and more. And as we approach the 2010 September “Autumnal Equinox” we will see the world facing destructions caused by the 4 elements.
FORECAST – MONEY AND WAR: - In the book of Scripture called Revelation the 6th chapter talks about the beast (a RED HORSE) … and how this RED HORSE was given a sword so he could take peace and tranquility from the earth. It reads how the RED HORSE had a purpose to “KILL”.

******* CHANGES ON THE EARTH - I wonder if the financiers of the world (your international bankers) … I wonder if they are using our money to finance world rebellion? What’s taking place on earth are wars and each day we read about rumors of wars taking hold around the globe …. So, are people around the world financing this new rise of the Red Horse? (Think about it … if you make another country mad they prepare for war)!
EARTH CHANGES - WHAT’S COMING? Will we see a massive change where many multitudes of people will become one nation? = This is something to think about as you look at the changes on the earth! CONSTRUCTION FOR a NEW NORTH AMERICAN POPULATION: - The North American POPULATION is Mexico, United States, and Canada.
******* CHANGES ON THE EARTH - Here’s another question of this earth change ….. WILL WE NEED NEW MONEY? – What’s coming to replace the dollar? Will a new currency be called Amero? Oh, a few more things, the 106+ million citizens of Mexico the millions in the US and the millions in Canada …. How is this gonna work? Just think about it, there’re a lot of people living South of the Border, plus there’s lots more in the millions living in the US so if you couple the Canadian population ------------ whoops, that’s a lot of people – so will this be the new nation ………… will this be the new North America ---------- what are they gonna be called ---------------???????????????
******* CHANGES ON THE EARTH - Set aside some time to think about this because the world as you currently know it is changing ------------ don’t fall asleep and wake up being called a new nation! MORE WILL BE POSTED ON THIS – BUT I WANT YOU TO THINK ABOUT CHANGES TAKING PLACE ON THIS EARTH (and the coming of riders on red, white and black horses as written in the book of Revelations)!
FORECAST – NATURE AND THE ELEMENTS: - A Higher Power that’s far greater than man completed the renewal of the planet called EARTH and when he did this he told man to multiply and replenish the earth. Many things lay under our feet that we cannot explain but what’s so ironic is man is doing things on this earth to destroy not only himself (and us too) but he’s trying to destroy the earth as we currently know it. (The Holy Bible – Scripture: Proverbs - Chapter: 14 Verse: 34) reads: - “Righteousness exalts a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people”!
ULTIMATE: - Keep in mind, the choices we all make NOW are up to us; but it’s always informative to listen or read new points of view!
During a lecture given Dr. Martin Luther King, he said: - “Change does not roll in on the wheel of inevitability, but it comes through continuous struggle”. And, so “we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom”. Dr. King ended his speech with these words: “A man can’t ride you unless your back is bent”.
******* CONCLUSION - CHANGES ON THE EARTH - Continue to use your free-will to solve your personal problems and take all the advantages available to you to gain success. It is a know fact so often used “so a man think, so he is” – with this in mind; the head, the hands, and the feet are the projection points and the brain and heart are the points of his positive energy. So let’s straighten-up and respect this earth and continue to believe in freedom and above all LET US ALL PROTECT THE EARTH!
Keep your glow, and PEACE!
Evelyn H. Mack – Forecaster
(Posted: 18 June 2010)
Posted: Sept. 2009
Because of the position of PLUTO within the Capricorn sphere; I believe the following forecast need to be watched closely:
Barbara Walters (TV hostess) something is amiss re health
*Update on Barbara - June 2010 news indicated she had some medical work done on herself - now she's up and doing well Bob Barker (former TV personality from the game shows)
Debbie Reynolds (the actress)
*Dick Cheney (because of his recent heart problems)
*Update on Dick Cheney - I read there was something with his heart - an operation in June
Dick Clark (the singer)
Hugh Heffner (the ladies man)
Jerry Lewis (the comedian)
Jimmy Carter (he looks like he’s tired)
Larry King (he’s looking tired)
Loretta Lynn (the country western singer)
Oprah Winfrey (something around the neck is a problem)
Nancy Reagan (former first lady)
*Update on Nancy Reagan - May 2010 - heard she has not been feeling well
Nelson Mandela (world leader)
*Update - Nelson Mandela passed-away 2013Dec
*Update August 2010 heard Mr. Mandela has not been feeling well and also he had a death in his family in June 2010
Willie Nelson (country western singer)
Gabor (something with her failing health)
*Update on Ms. Gabor June 2010) She fell outta bed in June and broke something .... now she's in the hospital according to the news
(This is just a few of the (famous) people I see being restricted due to planet forcement coming from Uranus, Pluto and, or for sure, SATURN the staller!
I firmly believe PLUTO is the planet that destroys everything in its’ path in order to re-establish newness in the lives of all individuals and to lay a more solid foundations for successes and attainments. What I also believe is with this September 20th 2009 World Events posting “we are in the process of acknowledging some sweeping transformations taking hold (not only within the boarders of the free world but, sweeping transformations are taking hold around the globe to all other nations). Instance is, “we are witnessing people that once possessed financial means to care for themselves and their families NOW residing in tents, (take a look at the state of California); we are witnessing currently mothers with small children sleeping in boxes and some are sleeping in abandoned old worn out cars; yet, at one time we only saw homeless men under the expressways; now we are witnessing entire families sleeping under the viaducts of this nation, and if you look close enough as you travel each day, there are individuals who are walking the streets with all of their possessions in a paper/plastic bag NOT knowing where they will sleep, not knowing what they will eat, and not knowing where they can go for human necessities, their only source of food is from a garbage can on the street. We are seeing these situations NOW and as planet Pluto continues its’ slow (very-very slow) transit through Capricorn …… believe me, it is gonna get worst and you will see the meaning of worst when the 2010 March “Spring Ingress” takes hold when another major planet (seasonal) change makes a path in the skies!
.......... Remember the old say, “prayer changes things” … … well, there’s something else that goes with it … and that is HOW YOU LIVE! Even though the US dollars is not firmly secured by anything, the avalanche of debt is enormous; but, Karma has its advantages. If and only if you’ve paid those tithes, treated your fellow-man right and done what you know justly to the best of your knowledge, YOU WILL GAIN mental, spiritual, financial, physical and personal VICTORIES as each day continues to unfold. We will see the masses that are destined to reap good Karma waking-up “mentally” around the world. We will also witness some very-very awesome progressive events taking hold (after 2009 the December 22nd Winter Solstice) in the form of moving those in political office OUT and replacing them with “progressive” individuals that will protect the masses by the way the introduce legislation and by the way they vote on legislation.
Keep your glow, and PEACE!
Evelyn H. Mack,Forecaster
Specializing in World Events and the Forces of Nature

*****PREDICTION: - RECONSTRUCTION WATCH: ............ “After the 2009 September 21st Autumnal Equinox, I believe we will witness a toppling and uprooting of political systems that are corrupt.
The number eleven (astrologically and numerically) will closely be connected to the PLANET PLUTO (slow) transit. This planet aspect will be bringing about a reconstruction of society’s fraudulent ways. We are witnessing amends like we’ve never send before taking hold in the credit card industry; and wages and employment along with the banking and real estate industries are still filtering. “After the 2009 September 21st Autumnal Equinox, I believe we will witness a toppling and uprooting of political systems that are corrupt. Clue: More news will be coming out about TV-broadcast host and their “love lives on the side” as well as some southern (critical) politicians will be found out for what they really are …. More than likely there’ll be some MORE love lives and sweeties on the side exposed BEFORE the winter solstice! – Watch this closely!

This posting: Effective: September 25th 2009 thru 2012
*****ELECTION – PREDICTION: - The position of the North Node in Capricorn will bring out the truth-fighters (which are the youth voters). I believe they will show their interest in what’s taking hold. Instance is, the college young adults, and the higher educated youth voters (21 yrs+) that helped (a great deal) to elect our President, Barak H. Obama are theoretically astute and politically knowledgeable and these young folks will NOT tolerate these old political leaders that are corrupt to continue hiding behind their famous names. Because the sign of Capricorn has much to do with politics, economics, structure, frugal values, life endings and the like; we’ve seen so many-many calamities taking hold. It becomes mandatory for man to understand the confusion taking place around them and why it is a necessity for setting aside time for SELF in order to think your way through the chaos and awkwardness. The youth will, ensure political leaders that do not have the interest of the citizens when they make these crazy votes and decisions … … these old “thought they could never be removed” political leaders will be called out by name by these young folks and those old do-nothing political leaders will NOT be re-elected in their upcoming elections. Clue: Watch year 20”10 closely. As well, watch closely the US map on the southern boarder how it will change its’ elected Republican leaders in the upcoming elections. Planet Pluto in 2010 will be a transit to be reckoned with as new candidates begin to announce their candidacy ….. Then, dear web viewers make a point to watch closely the progressive voters …. These folk are gonna go into action like you’ve not seen before!

The planets are created by a power that is greater than man. We can never understand how creation works because it is not within the realm of our understanding; therefore, when man is ignorant of the how the forces of nature works, in my opinion, “man becomes ignorant of his (own) power,; man becomes unaware of his (own) destructive-actions; and thereby, human beings decide their actions to the best of their worldly knowledge and believe that their free will is key. But all actions by human beings are allowed by a power that is greater than man; therefore, when human beings fail to even try and comprehend what effect the elements have on their lives they make the kinds of mistakes that can not be repaired. Mistakes are in the free will category of man’s mind – but man must understand he is earth, which is one of the elements and I don’t care how much he study nature he can never understand HOW a power greater than man allows the forces of nature to take hold in our lives. To put it simple, your inability to NOT understand a heavenly creator causes you to fault; you then become eligible to destroy your (own) self. When you allow your ways to become priority you are not allowing your true potential. As such, when you do not HONOR a heavenly creator, your own silly actions in your daily life allows you to become ignorant to your true potential this is when you begin making mistakes in life. Quiet moments produce life changes. And what’s mandatory in life is to remember HOW the forces of nature can enforce occurrences within your daily life. Such (mental) enforcement can give you open doors to opportunities and successes. – Consequently it becomes mandatory (every day of your life) to watch how you treat those still inner thoughts. Because it is your still inner-thought that will guide you safely toward successful attainment (regardless to circumstances you encounter).Remember, it’s really all in what you believe – but it must be wisely understood that nothing happens without a cause and an effect - - - “absolutely nothing”!

SPECIAL NOTATION: - PLUTO is a planet; Capricorn is an astrological Sun sign; and the North Node is where the orbit of planet Moon intersects the ecliptic path of the Sun. Remember: Knowledge is power!
CLOSING: ................... Continue to use your free-will to solver your personal problems and take all the advantages available to you to gain success. It is a know fact so often used “so a man think, so he is” – with this in mind; man must understand his 5 points of projection and his 4 points of positive energy which really makes up the man. The head, the hands, and the feet are the projection points and the brain and heart are the points of his positive energy. Keep in mind, the choices we all make are up to us; but it’s always information to listen or read new points of view!-------------- "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER" -
Respectfully, and retain your glow,

Evelyn H. Mack, Forecaster
This posting: Effective:
Sept 25th 2009 thru Dec 31 2013


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