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Tuesday – Feb 18th 2020

New Planet Influences as of 02-18-2020

Emphasis: Jupiter-Saturn Transits
Pluto-Uranus Transits
2020 Eclipses

Get ready ... you will begin seeing a global Currency Revolution take hold during this prediction cycle.

Planet Saturn brings about challenges that will need to be overcome; and, Planet Pluto will remove all that’s of no value, turn things upside down, and clean out the garbage. Instance is this: More than likely it’s going to be a harsh push against corporations that have been mistreating their employees and getting away with it, such as having bundles of attorneys to do the dirty work ... employees that file lawsuits have not been able to right the wrongs ... ... but hold on! During this prediction cycle planet Saturn will take control and since Saturn is the master of karma … … the Class Action cases will be won … watch for Breaking News re, large corporations getting their “just due”! As the prediction cycle continues to unfold, Planet Pluto sets in motion … in other words “let the drama begin”! There will be harsh pushes against corporations by large groups of individuals ...such as bringing to light the dirt-deeds that have suppressed individuals in the work place. You will see the “equal pay credo actually being enforced”. Give thanks to the forces of nature … planets do compel!


Happening in the U. S. and around the world – the effect of new planet analysis re the position of Planet Uranus in Taurus this forecast cycle will affect 100% of the folks making vast amounts of monies … ... adverse effects will trickle down the mases at the bottom of the income scale as well. Instance is this:

A reconstruction of the banking and taxation rules will cause a whole lot of anxiety … … remember policies were put in place by political leaders to put the poor in check. Keep in mind “no system which keeps the majority low income people down will be successful under a Uranus (in Taurus) transit. Back lashes will be felt by those that suppress the poor. Since Uranus is already in Taurus as of this writing “A STORM CLOUD IS BUILDING” such occurrences will introduce “karma” . No reason for those that are being suppress to be upset … … the forces of nature will do your bidding. Payback will come in the form of “flooding” ... “mudslides” … “wind storms” and “heavy rain falls”. These forces of nature will wipe out entire communities. So, sit back and watch a Higher Power kick arches of the enemies.


Individuals on the AMISS LISTING FOR YEAR 2020 as noted below… … …
I don’t mean folks are going to start passing-away – it means during this year of “unexpected occurrence” – they will need to pay close attention to their wellbeing …. … … and of course, some will pass away but ???????????????? As such, the following 2020 AMISS LISTING applies:

Anderson Cooper, Barbara Streisand, Barack Obama, Barbara Walters,
Betty White, Clint Eastwood, Dick Cheney, Bill Cosby, Carol Burnett,
Celine Dion, Chancellor of Germany (Angela Merkel) Charlie Sheen,
Harry Belafonte, Jane Fonda, Jennifer Lopez, Jerry Springer, Jimmy Fallon, Joanne Woodward, Liza Minnelli, Mel Gibson, Michelle Obama, Mick Jagger, Pamela Anderson, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Shirley MacLaine, Vladimir Putin.
Loretta Lynn, and Whoopi Goldberg,


Upcoming World Events)
Bank robberies – hub cities i.e. St. Louis, Newark, Nashville (numerous/city-wide)
Birds, will invade a midwestern city
Bridge collapse in Panama (killing vast number of people)
Deaths: Unexpected (Monarchy of Britain) funerals causing chaotic conditions
Disastrous shooting at Harvard University
Disastrous shooting at the Venice Film Festival
Drone attack, around the nation’s capital
Earth-Collapse, coal mine in Virginia and in southern state
Earthquake, (devastating) in Ecuador
Earthquake, Bosnia (devastating) Spain, West Virginia
Earthquake, destruction to the Pyramids (Egypt)
Earthquake, in mainland China
Fire, devastating, cruise ship catches fire on the hi seas
Fire, Memphis, (Graceland will be destroyed) (lightening)
Fires, Disneyland (flames) - hotel in Vegas
Flooding, Atlantic City
Flooding, New Orleans under water (again)
Flying Geese will attack people in a Canada
Highway collapses, San Bernardino
Race Track – horses run wild
Riots, in Panama
Riots, Uganda, Africa (huge uprising by the youth)
Robbery, in one of New Hampshire’s colleges
Sinkhole, Las Vegas, Reno and Carson City
Sports, a boxer will collapse in the ring
Storms, destruction of entire suburban cities (Boston), Mobile, Atlanta (whole towns are gonna be blown away - the wind is gonna be rough on the southern states this spring and summer -
Storms, Nova Scotia (very bad flooding lots of deaths)
Tornado, destroys suburban city (Alabama); NY City, and Newark,Mobile, Nashville, Northern Missouri
Tragedy, Big Sur, California
Turkeys, will attack people New Hampshire
Volcanic, eruption in Iceland and Hawaii; Norway and Denmark

Well man cannot do everything. There are 4 major elements; BUT there are 3 elements during year 2020 man will not be capable of controlling. They are Forces of Nature ... the main focus for year 2020 will be
Element #1 - Air …
Element #2 - Water … and
Element #3 - Fire
Good news! The 3 elements will introduce “Karma to the wicket during this prediction 2020 cycle.
The context for Uranus in Taurus (year 2018 thru year 2026) places in motion – THE END OF SHADY GOVERNMENTS AND SHADY BUSINESS SYSTEMS and the instances are as follows: A fake system will come crashing-down. People and buildings – even those individuals and buildings that seemed impossible to topple … will, for sure, make a dramatic fall to the ground. The forces of nature will take care of all thing wrong; you will witness the elements becoming rulers of the land.

***** THE PENTHOUSE MENTALITY … those in positions of power putting in place policies that suppress the have-nots will be exposed. In fact, do not rule out Breaking News of political figures headed to the jail houses.
Yep, the new clothing apparel will change from the pin-stripe outfit to prison-wear, the comfort shirt and pants garb. – Stripes will likely be costume-wear!

Here’s information others fear discussing … but we are living in a time-period where facts matter – and depending on what you believe or who you think you are “ the truth hurts” – but get real you are living in the Uranus years now … so, try to live long enough to witness and hope for betterment (hope fora better country). Instance is this: The 2000 Census Bureau have already fore-warned that as year 2020 comes into existence, the majority population in American is fading into the minority. The face of the majority population will be Brown and this is not only in the USA but around the world. The majority population began shrinking as early as year 2000. Not only in the USA; but, around the world the majority populations’ which are elderly females, they (the older females) are passing away in record numbers, younger majority females are not reproducing (that is why in the USA your political leaders want to stymie Planned Parenthood). Bottom line is this: The face of the world is now Yellow, Brown and Black; and, within a few short years (by the end of year 2025) the current majority population … not only in the USA – but around the world, the majority population will become the permanent minority.
ILL-LEGAL IMMIGRATION - The fight over a new ill-legal immigration bill is a myth. Its kina late to put the numbers in the wrong place – the Census forewarned – but major corporations need low-pay workers; and guess what, now, all U.S. major cities are populated with Brown people and people of “all other different nationalities. Kind of late to focus on races – the numbers are increasing with people of other races; their skin color is different and they now make up the majority population (around the world). And finally, majority by numbers the faces of the USA are now Yellow, Brown and Black. It’s race …. It’s a reason for voter suppression. It’s all in the numbers!


For discussion … … let’ deal with the hypocrites. (The financial fund raisers for local, state and federal politicians.
*** Some people fail to discuss major American companies especially in the southern states and the states in the western part of the country … . these companies are complaining in public and behind closed doors they are hiring illegal immigrants … Their companies will not and cannot survive without illegal immigrant workers. They are screaming about paying minimum wages … but behind closed doors these same major companies are paying below average wages to their illegal immigrant employees. These same hypocrites are the ones that bank roll elections for your elected officials … that’s why nothing is ever going to be done politically and legally … your elected officials are in the hip pocket of the wealthy Donors. Wealthy political fund raisers and Donors are going to the bank with full pockets of “profits”. Whoops!
*** Some people might believe the U.S. will soon become the “welfare magnet of the world”.
*** Some people might believe folks from all parts of the globe are packing their bags and headed to the U. S.
*** Some people might believe the price for illegal immigration in the U.S. is causing major cities to go bankrupt.

BOTTOM LINE IS THIS: Oh well … … this is not kitchen table issue for discussion … … Question: Is this a sovereignty issue that too late to fix????????
Wake up America – it’s your elected officials that are causing the problem … … they could solve this immediately … … Are you really on the verge of losing your nation ….
Too late for that according to the Census Analysis!
And it’s all occurring with the stamp of approval from your elected official(s).
Posted 02-18-2020


POSTED: 03-15-2019 UPDATES
It’s really time for individuals to awaken from a deep sleep of obliviousness and take a closer look around them as to what is changing not only in this nation but around the world. Planet Uranus (now in the earth sign of Taurus) is bringing about an “extreme” transformation in governments, elected officials and in individuals’ personal lives. It’s a karma thing; if you’ve been in an altered state and in need – and you’ve been a good person – Uranus will bring into existence your desires.
Uranus is in the steady earth sign Taurus and will rest there until April year 2026 … Even though Taurus is steadfast by nature; the planets will compel and Uranus is issuing radical changes in the form of unexpected destructive occurrences around the world … “BUT” now what’s happening in government – look at the earth smatterings taking place; take a look at the plant closings that are wiping out whole communities … folks don’t know where their next meal is coming from or if they will have housing because they’ve lost their jobs …. Unexpected adverse things are happening to families throughout the United States.

This Uranus occurrence is causing a transformation in all things … i.e. sickness, health, career and the unexpected; but this sudden Uranus effect is really only a wake-up call for all to come from under a deep sleep of ignorance.
Altered adverse Instances are happening; for instance: It is now time to accept circumstances that you know you are unable to change. The Forces of Nature are taking hold now:

1) Prior chaos and confusion were at the hand of Uranus in Aries …. That placement of Uranus in Aries brought out hidden influences – causing wise people to take notice of what was going on around them.

2) Now the real thing is here for a long-long stay ... … Uranus is not pleased being in Taurus because Uranus brings restlessness and Taurus craves “stability and stability” - Taurus is so staunch it hates to be interrupted – but now it has no choice but accept this visitor and look at the combustible things taking place.


UPDATE 03/15/2019 –

Airplane – wings falling off the plane– engine problems in the skies – terrifying passengers
Birds – birds will fly into famous buildings in the Washington D C area
Company – a company merge is not outta question Apple … (could be Apple/Samsung)
Cuba – working on becoming the 51st U S State
Earth – large sink holes (cars going under) in Manhattan, New York
Earthquake - shattering of earth in North Carolina and South Carolina –
Earthquake – around Niagara Falls, Chicago, Colorado
Earthquake – Kansas, St. Louis, Utah, Tahoe, Memphis, London, Seattle, Portland, Guatemala, and Nicaragua, Oklahoma and Thailand
Fire -the skies will send bolts of lightening on golf courses – injury to a famous person
Fires – lightening, earth-shattering – (fires in Havana)
Mountains – Mt. Etna will begin erupting
Mountains – Mt. Everest will start making noises …. Earth shattering
Mountains – Mt. Hood … an avalanche
Mountains – Mt. Saint Helen is ready to start erupting
Relationships – Divorce is in the works – Kellyanne
Royalty – a second baby coming for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Royalty – yep! There’ll be a change taking place – the Monarchy in England
Scandal – famous political leader – sex scandal – call girls – sex parties
Stars/Fire in the skies – Meteor Showers will cause lightening (star-fall -east coast)
Unexpected – famous politician will tell the world he’s changing into a female
Unexpected – famous political leader – stripping) embarrassed (no clothes)
Unexpected – famous political leader ... secret out – “dominatrix”
Unexpected – famous political leader will be headed to jail
Unexpected – the ceiling falling in Carnegie Hall
Unexpected – horses/race track: horses running wild into crowds – folks will be hurt
Water - the city of New Orleans “again being under water”
Water – another famous city will experience same water problems as Flint, Mich.
Water – Malibu will go under water – watch for an overwhelming tsunami
Water – Mississippi River will experience an oil spill (fires burning on the water)
Water – Mississippi River will reach peak and its rise will cause flooding
Water – the Dam … Hoover Dam … flooding
Water - unbelievable hurricanes in North Carolina and South Carolina


Update: 03-15-2019 SOMETHING IS AMISS:
Anderson Cooper, Bill Cosby headed to the ER, Carol Burnett,
Celine Dion, Cher, Danny Glover, Doris Day, George Clooney headed for divorce;
Harry Belafonte, Heather Locklear, Joanne Woodward,
JZ and Beyoncé will separate, Kim and Kenya headed for divorce;
Lorretta Lynn, Mick Jagger, OJ Simpson getting into more trouble,
OJ Simpson headed back to jail; Randy Jackson and Wille Nelson

Evelyn H. Mack, Forecaster
Posted: 03/15/2019


Note: Coming Soon - new "updates" for Predictions
Information is NOT necessarily power; but, "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER" - It is always wise to take the mind to new levels everyday in order to grow mentally. - It's wise to listen and watch for signs; but, "it is ignorant to not listen; it is ignorant to see signs and not believe; it is ignorant to fall into a mental waste and allow yourself to become mentally dead!

The mind will perish if it is not expanded by using your efforts to learn.

We will be posting new Updates re the Uranus 8 year transit thru the earth sign Taurus ... ... - This massive (Uranus) transit will effect every sign of the zodiac ...... i.e. Uranus will occupy one or more of your natal charts' zodiacal houses as the days ahead continues to unfold ... ... As well, the Uranus aspect in one of the zodiacal houses (Aries thru Pisces) will, for sure, WILL bring about "unexpected changes" in an individuals' life. -

Further, - world leaders and World Events will also be effected in both positive and negative manners - effective 3/21/2019 thru December 21st 2027!

Peace to you - retain your glow.
Evelyn H. Mack, Forecaster
Posted: 03/10/2019

Evelyn H. Mack
Venus by Evelyn


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