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If today is your birthday, you are a Cancer.

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******* TITLE:
>>> PLANET URANUS IN TAURUS – Changes forever

******* POST Effective: Year 2022 thru Dec 31, 2027
(re: transit of planet Uranus)

And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.

Because of the unexpected occurrences brought forth by the transit of disruptive planet Uranus nestled in the stable sign of Taurus from year 2022 thru year 2026 … this planet influence shall bring forth global transformation in all areas of society.

And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.
And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see.

Very, very, very sad implications on the rise when it comes to hunger. We are going to experience the Rider of a Black Horse – and is name is famine! Food shortages coupled with climate change affecting the farmers’ crops are more evident than a few years ago. The shortage of food on the grocery shelves is seen now. Hunger will sweep the earth! Pay attention, shortage of food, and the element water around the globe is becoming more apparent.

From what’s happening now with some of these off-balance politicians, we are beginning to witness elected leaders make bad policy decisions for the masses. With the transit of Saturn in Aquarius, there are strong possibilities you will witness governments fall. There are changes in cultures on a global basis. And there will also be transformations in surprising ways that have much to do with technology, science, hospitals and all areas of the business sectors. It’s the tomorrows that count … VOTE … because and it is necessary to pay attention today to what’s happening around you!

Planet Pluto in Aquarius Yr.2023-through Yr. 2044:
During the Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Aquarius planet influence we will witness dramatic changes taking hold May 22, 2022 thru the end of year 2024 Also taking hold now is:

>>> Stock: Now is the time to purchase silver and gold … … it will be wise to purchase in smaller denominations during year 2022 and this effort will yield fantastic financial results later beginning August 8 2023 and forward …

>>> Health: A need for all to begin taking better care of yourselves – [too many new diseases occurring that cannot be identified]

>>> Revolutions: Nations that do not have free elected systems …

>>> Revolutions: Counties that are dominated by fear, fear oppression and oppression … …

>>> Hierarchies will fail – they will be dissolved and newer systems put in place during the Pluto/Aquarius transit … …

>>> Consistent Demonstrations and Revolts re bad political policies will begin taking hold more with the Neptune transit into Aries … (lotta upsets re removal of political unqualified elected) … … will be more evident during the March 2025 vernal equinox days … …

>>> Social justice reforms will take hold late November 2024 [elected female political leaders will be on the move for justice changes] … ... Uranus/Taurus transit will cause immediate (lasting change) due to females in the halls of the US Congress

All things that are dishonest and disingenuous will be exposed as the transit of Uranus in Taurus continues now through April 2026. Crooked and elected politicians that are not qualified to lead that are doing ill-
will against the masses will be exposed.

>>> When it comes to wrong doing elected political individuals, we will witness overwhelming numbers of whistleblowers bringing to light the ill-will taking hold behind closed doors.

>>> Protesting and revolt are evident due to the uncovering of so much wrong doing … watch for mass revolt to take hold.
>>> The political system is getting crazy. No need to complain if you don’t vote! When you vote you try to elect the official that will introduce policies that will assist in making much needed life-changes for the masses, [You vote to help … not only help yourself but your vote may have been the decider to help make the world a better place]. Remember, “if you didn’t vote – no need to complain”!
The Aspect of Uranus in the zodiacal sign of Taurus:
Planet Uranus is currently nestled in the zodiac sign of Taurus, during this planet position, I firmly believe we will see the wrath of planet Uranus taking hold around the world.

******* PREDICTIONS- 2022 thru 2026
-A female politician faces severe life threat experience
-Artificial meat products to counter climate change
-Autocratic governments will fall (masses will rise-up)
-Break up social media
-Catastrophically damaging (major earthquakes – St. Louis area)
-Climate Change – New Policies (forced by UN for the World)
-Climate Change – New Policies (California takes the lead)
-Climate Change – New Policies (activist, demonstrations)
-Computers (mini pocket computers is the new trend)
-Epicenter (within US borders – Dec. “caution”)
-Marijuana medical sales rises
-New Madrid earthquake zone (also ,Yellowstone, Wyoming)
-Office Spaces (falter-more at home workers)
-San Andreas fault, (concern due to west coast population)
-Seismic earthquake zones (Utah)
-Working from home continues
-World population reach +8,000,000,000 by 2024

The patriarchal controlling ways of doing things is on the rise. Old (racist) out- dated (elected) political leaders with an inadequacy understanding of the world will be ousted by the masses. Watch demonstrations and ousting of flawed elected political leaders (that had no business in positions of power in the first place).

And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

>>> Health needs a caution are necessary for:
-Calvin Klein, Jane Seymour, Richard Simmons,
-Clint Eastwood, Willie Nelson, Loretta Lynn,
-Harry Belafonte, Carol Burnett, Bill Cosby
-Kim Jong-Un, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt,
-Randy Jackson, Sean Combs, Michael Douglas,
-Pope [needs to watch his health]

-Discrimination against LGBT elected official goes to court
-Infant abuses scheme uncovered
-Life threatening tactics against children continue
-Reparations for US-African Americans takes a firmer stance
-Vaccine (people will be tracked by State I.D.)

>>> Water Damages:
-Alaska – will face tsunami conditions
-Buffalo – un-imagined flooding
-Florida – hurricanes - wipes away communities
-India – harsh flooding (tornado)
-Malibu – overflowed by the ocean
-Niagara - Severe tornadoes

>>> Fire Damages:
-Canada in British Columbia – harsh wildfire
-Mount St. Helen – volcano eruption

>>> Earthquake Damages:
-Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Arkansas (severe quakes)
-Alaska reports a 7+ earthquake
-Atlantic Ocean earthquakes are felt in N.Y.
-Buffalo – unimagined earthquake
-Iran – harsh breakup of the earth
-Japan – severe earthquake causing alarm (possible radiation)
-National Park – earthquake (damaging the animals)
-South Africa – large earthquake
-Tennessee/Georgia border region (a series of 4.0 quakes)
-Yellowstone Park – very-very large earthquake

Planet Uranus will spend a long time in the sign of Taurus … in fact Uranus will be in Taurus until year 2026 … During that 4-yr time [Uranus in Taurus] … this aspect will afford negative confrontations and positive encounters for all 12 signs of the zodiac. Every sign in the zodiac has the planet Uranus and therefore the unexpected occurrences will be felt in some way or other! … And so, the following Forecast for each of the 12 zodiac signs applies year May 2022 through the 19th of April year 2026.

- How planet Uranus touches each of the above 12 signs of the zodiac will have much to do with how each individual is able to resist the events that take place in unexpected manners. The influences of Uranus’ slow moving while nestled in Taurus shall also afford [for each of the 12 signs probabilities to deal with unforeseen incidence in positive manners]. … … Finally, keep in mind the 4-year transit of planet Uranus through the sign of Taurus serves as a force of interference and transformation for all the 12 signs – reason is – “all signs contain the planet Uranus.

These are the times when we are really thankful to be alive. Everything is working in harmony right now, so show yourself off and be in the right places. Sow your seeds now so that you can have a great harvest later.

Talk about having a sense of the future! You can feel the influence from planet Uranus paving the way for “more” wonderful things. During Uranus in Taurus you will suffer some loss – reason is – Uranus will permanently remove ”all” things and people that do not belong in your life. (that’s Uranus’ job “to cleans-out and pave better pathways for more favorable [life] outcomes). Make plans within timely fashions and rearrange to have yourself positioned to be able to accept advantages of the unexpected positive occurrences. Uranus is with Taurus until 19th day of April year 2026. So just be mentally prepared for unexpected occurrence and be prepared physically to be at the right place at the right time – but with challenges “you will be able to overcome them”.

>>> Gemini
Year 2022 thru 2026 is the time in your life to make the decision that “if it feels good, do it”. That's the kind of days ahead you can expect. Don't think twice (or even once!) because this is your time for feeling good and doing things that make your happy and prosperous. This is a good time for you now through year 2026 if you take finances seriously - you’ll benefit in positive ways!

These are the times when we are really thankful to be alive. Everything is working in harmony right now, so show yourself off and be in the right places. Sow your seeds now so that you can have a great harvest later. Effective June 8 2022 through March 9, 2026 “you can expect almost everything you touch to turn out favorably for you”. But watch all those sugar foods – take care of any bad eating habit and keep those primary doctor appointments (as needed) and you’ll be just fine! (Continue to be thankful where you are in life now and watch for a continuation of being highly favored … because you are now entering (as of September 8, 2023) you season for goodness and betterment.

>>> LEO
This is a time on life to take well-being and your future seriously. Physically life feels great but watch the calories closely. Enjoy your high energy, but take note that making life-decisions that have to do with things and people that you are uncomfortable with (either mentally or emotionally … … you really have to be more alert) – Also, rush decisions should be avoided at all cost. Any life-decisions will have to be re-thought closely. Remember your future is more important – so use caution with life-decisions!

Beginning July 2022 through April 2026 you will be able to do things that produce betterment for you. Stand back everyone, because you are in high gear. You can feel the extra drive you need to carry your latest ideas (and self) out into the world. Positive rewards are within your grasp. “Do it – and always base all your undertakings on fact not on supposition because of the planet Mercury influences it is a must that you will need to think all things out before you take action and there is a must to leave nothing to chance”. The coming 4 years effective June 9th 2022 through April 19, 2026 are times when you can go all out – but gout out using caution and careful thinking before taking action! “Do your thing – [think before you speak] you’ll come out prosperous if you have facts to back up your actions”!

Get back world! Here you come. A big switch in attitude coupled with some real power puts you in the driver's seat for the coming 4 years. No need to hold back. You have an unbeatable attitude just now. Right on the money! Additionally there are major opportunities within your grasp for a rewarding future during the August 8, 2022 through April 19, 2026 cycle. Take advantages of the new opportunities that will come your way. However, the time is effective now where the ways of waiting to make major decisions are over. New planet influences will give you chances to avoid making life-mistakes. Creative and studious pursuits actions represent good investments that will turn out favorably … … [get a move on]! … … Your rewards will be absolutely fabulous so go forth and cease the procrastinating!

There was a Full Moon in Scorpio on May 15, 2022 … … This planet aspect is really called a Flower Full Moon and it will afford “ease” and betterment for you for the coming 4 years. You have been facing some uncertain days – but relief is on the way. New planet transits indicate you will gain victories beginning September through April 19, 2026. Hold your head up and go forth because new transits show betterment in all areas of your life are in store.

Mutual investment, mutual trust, and relaxed progress are all in the atmosphere beginning July 2022 through 19 April 2026... Additionally, beginning August 2022 becomes a good time for agreements and generally putting things on tract that have to do with your future. Positive actions you put in place now will being positive (financial) results during this 4-year transit. One more thing … … keep those (as necessary) primary care health appointments and you’ll be just fine!

Watch out for conflicting goals and energy-wasting diminishing returns during the next 4 years. What may seem like deceit could be just mixed emotions, or vice versa. Jumping into action without thinking is not a good idea. And please for your peace of mind begin making better decisions when it comes to your future. Additionally, taking it easy and letting things that are more realistic happen will allow new opportunities to come your way.
June 2022 through April 10, 2026 becomes an excellent time for whipping up great faith in whatever new trip you are onto, regardless of its apparent merits. Basically, even in the midst of challenges, beginning August 6, 2022 through March 9 2024, the transit of restrictive planet Saturn will afford you success … ... (Cease getting discouraged because moving forward effective September 29th 2022 through April 19, 2026 you will gain personal victories … … “hang on to your ability to generate good ideas – cease getting discouraged because through it all, you are headed for unexpected life-successes!

Faith is the word beginning September 11th 2022 through April 19, 2026. During this time, new planet transits indicate if you instill enough of your time planning your latter years … there will be more financial-gain opportunities beginning with new planet influences around the 22nd of October through April 19, 2026 ; therefore, NOW is a time to focus on your future. Use idea that are realistic … use ideas that can get you the results you can use for your latter-year successes. There's a certain stability in the general atmosphere that makes it safe to say what you feel, but don’t talk too much … there will be times when you know fact from fiction and want to speak out ... but the influences from planet Mercury and Neptune indicates it shall be necessary to hold your opinions. Go forth and gain victories – you are headed for betterment!

>>>Prayer, Meditation, Visualization and Quiet Moments are essential for us all! Prayer, Meditation, Visualization and Quiet Moments are a personal way to feel how near our Angels are … … … It is now more than ever a time to prepare for the unknown. I am again fore-warning please store some food, water, cash, protection-pieces, gold, toiletries, batteries, books, medications and keep gathering truthful information before it becomes illegal

****** CLOSING
We are living in harsh times. Weather conditions are removing whole zip codes …. People are being misplaced due to the forces of nature in so many instances. Grocery store food shelves are scarce … get focused and see what is currently taking place. In most instances the correction can only take place at the hands of a Higher Power. . We have the feeling of a Power that’s Greater than Man watching over us during these times of uncertainty.
Copyright 2022
Trademark and Copyright Protected 2022
Respectfully Submitted,
Evelyn H. Mack, Forecaster
May 21st 2022

MARCH 2021 SPRING EQUINOX THRU DEC 31 2022 In this posting we are looking at: What’s in store, re new planet influences as the entrance on earth of a new Horse brings famine (re too many head of household out of work and American is in crisis –the destruction can only be explained “as it really is” which is this: Some head of households are facing unexpected conditions and with no employment this causes “harm” in the family in an adverse manner.

PREDICTIONS – 2020 September 11th
PLANETS: JUPITER and SATURN 2020-2021-2022

And so, “Yes”, unemployment in America!
No national leadership in America!
Yes, (non-performance) is happening in America in this century … ... NOT BEING REPETITIVE BUT AGAIN, this is not bad news, this is not negative talk … THIS IS REAL!
And so, we still have within our midst The Rider of a Pale Horse and his name is death. And yes, we shall all witness effective October 1st what the Rider of a Black Horse brings. … (He brings famine)!
And yes “death” shall continue as the Pale Horse rides …... but the ranger is here now and he’s famine!
And he’s the black horse joining the visit across the lands with the pale horse. As well, the Forces of Nature are taking hold – it’s the element “fire” ……. fires are sweeping across the Pacific Rim – it’s in California, Oregon and Washington ….
But the effects are taking on the element “air” and the flow of the wind is taking the smell of fire across the world.
But in this posting, we want to discuss what shall take hold soon… and very-very soon in America. Hunger – Starvation – Endless Fasting (its famine)!

I want to give some examples but first I want to share something have been reading, In the Holy Book of Scripture I have been reading where it is written in Chapter 26 of the book called Leviticus regarding promises: Promises for blessings and for doing what is right even in the midst of adversity; try to do what is right and you shall be blessed.
Same is true in this century by doing what is right … you always come out with a clean feeling.
Yesterday I was reading (Leviticus 26:3-9). It is stated "I will give peace in the land, and you shall lie down, and none will make you afraid; I will rid the land of evil beasts, and the sword will not go through your land ... For I will look on you favorably and make you fruitful, multiply you and confirm My covenant with you" .
Today, we are living in CURRENT times where it is mandatory to hold firm to your faith … … hold-on, because the Prophecy as written in the Holy Books is a life-map for todays’ world – for instance:
#1) there is no peace in the land because there are so many people outta works; We are watching a new “on earth power” take control over the lives of man. It may seem hard to acknowledge but as of this writing (September 7th 2020) it is mandatory for all individuals to become (more) realistic. The time is long past for a “it seems” attitude. … … … No …no … no the acknowledgement attitude time is NOW … “it’s real”!
02) unemployment is overwhelming in America – and parents cannot lie down unafraid because their families are facing hunger
03) all around us there are wars and rumors of wars and parents can’t rest in peace knowing their children may be called off to war; - December 21, 2020 presents the universe with a reason to step back and allow man to acknowledge that there is a Greater than Man Power in control. In my opinion, we shall witness the “foundations of power” in Governments become in total disarray.
04) even in the midst of adversity we all try to do what is right and by doing so, our rewards are blessings … even in the midst of adversity, some way or somehow, we yield favorable results because of our faith;
05) there are always adversities in life but through it all when we do what is right ... we can reap “favor” … we yield “favorable end-results”; And so, in my opinion, there’s a new horse riding across the land and he will cause situations on earth to continue unraveling with no direct solutions to the problems.
05a) That new horse IN 2020-2021-2023 is known as “FAMINE”.
There’s a need to remember the readings from the book of Leviticus and hold firm to your faith because we are about to witness October 1st new planet influences and the Forces of Nature taking hold; and we shall witness the coming of: THE RIDER OF A BLACK HORSE; AND, THE HORSES’ NAME IS “FAMINE”.

Effective: 2020-2021 thru year 2027
In the Holy Book of Scriptures it is written the 3rd Seal of the 6th chapter called Revelation the symbol of a black horse, depicts a horrendous appearance.

PREDICTIONS – What’s in store –
Major Planet Influences
2020 Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction The conceivable idea for US and other rich countries to feed the planet makes it very hard to envision starvation. But as the Forces of Nature takes hold and the Rider of a Black Horse travel around the earth there will with certainty be a “global crisis and global crisis of FAMINE. (triggers years: 2021-2022-2023 and 2024)

PREDICTIONS – Rider of a Pale Horse will bring death to the earth; as such, the following applies: During the years 2020-2021-2023 and 2024 - (Watch Uranus, the planet of uncertainty bring about unheard of destruction. There will be a shattering of the earth taking hold as the Pale Hors4e rides .. (the pale horse in astrology is the saddle-less rider symbol for "Sagittarius" .... during the Uranus transit stationed in Taurus for along-long time - you will see how the earth will be shattering - bringing about unheard of deaths ...
Anti - Semitisim (revolts will run wild among extremist
Banking System – crisis … changes …
Controversy – political leaders openly verbal spats
Earthquake –Kansas – destructive - parts of Africa in Syria
Earthquake –Memphis St. Louis and Southern Illinois
Earthquake –Oklahoma, (destroying a whole town)
Earthquake –Southern California, parts of Russia
Earthquake –Utah and Oregon and Utah ...... Georgia
Watch the Pale Horse riding into parts of Africa - parts of Turkey, Egypt and some parts of Syria ... bringing about earth-shattering ("earthquakes) - planet Pluto will bring about the unheard of number of deaths due to planet Earth being shattered - watch closely during year 2022 and 2023. (But 2024-2025 thru end of year 2027 - unexpected situations bringing death as the Pale Horse rides).
Earthquake –Guam, Philippines- Thailand and Indonesia
Earthquake –London, England, parts of Africa in Turkey
Earthquake –Panama and Nicaragua and Hawaii
Earthquake –Seattle, Chicago, St. Louis and Missouri
Financial Crisis- France the USA – Japan and Israel
Labor –new laws, mostly designed against the workers

During the balance of year 2020 and into year 2021, there shall be so many Governments not only in the US but Governments in other countries around the world … … you shall witness the elements called air, water and fire bring about unexplained adverse situations.
During the balance of year 2020 and into year 2021 - Some of the adverse situations will be due to the Forces of Nature taking hold, bringing about: severe wind storms (taking out whole communities); extreme flooding, (rushing water with overflowing lakes, rivers and streams); and, wild fires (tearing apart entire zip codes).

During the balance of year 2020 and into year 2021 and years -2022-2023-2024 thru year end of 2027 - Added to all the destructive you will witness political leaders not knowing or not having answers as to how to bring about stability for their countries. Along with all this, the Rider of a Black Horse will bring more Famine! Political Leaders will no longer give the people concrete answers to what is taking hold on in their governments at unexpected levels.

PREDICTIONS – 2022 thru July 2027
What’s in store – Major Planet Influences
2020-Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction
The following applies: 2020-2021-2022-2023
Earthquakes - The Philippines Hawaii and California more than 2 earthquakes!
Major Flooding – around the SE coast of the US
Major Flooding – the 2 Carolina States - Texas and Arkansas
Racism (not only black people but "all"person of color)
Revolts – up-risings causing protest against law enforcement
Stock Market – crisis – outta control - falls below avg
Tornado – major flooding Texas, Arkansas Missouri Tennessee
Tornado – Miami (Category 5 or 6 ) like a Tsunami
Tsunami – Malibu, Alaska, Russia (rushing waters outta control)

We can always control our own motivation and effort but there are always outside factors to be taken under consideration.
Outside (negative) forces can (and do) hinder our EXPECTATIONS. There is nothing more disappointing than seeing our objectives become deteriorating-factors.
Deteriorating-factors causes us to NOT achieve a personal goal … … and deteriorating-factors are known as “reasons beyond our control”. “Reasons beyond our control” do lead to:
#1) bad business environments;
#2) listening to poor judgment from those we trust; injury, or just plain bad circumstances.

RE; MARCH 2021 SPRING EQUINOX THRU DEC 31 2022 thru 2027
The influences from the Forces of Nature are compelling, new planet influences are forewarning to all that something adverse is coming along with the Rider of a Black Horse … but it seems as though men are not listening – so the Forces of nature will begin to compel bring about more adverse situations.

PREDICTIONS – Effective: Dec 2022 thru December 31, 2027
– There are billions of people with a lack of water. Europe will be shaken with earthquakes and some nations will have their economies ruined .............
The FAR EAST-2020-2021, 2023, 2024 – China will continue promoting farming and soon the US will more than likely be purchasing food from them in 2021 ..................

MOON –vs- EARTH: we will more than likely see the possibility of an enormous earthquake in Oklahoma due to this earth-MOON new planet influence during 2020 thru 2022.
rain and hail storms including mass flooding will continue to hinder food production within the United States.

This prediction is really a proxy for, “Plant-based meats.
The trends that drove plant-based meat’s success in 2019 — consumer interest, concern with sustainability, and new, tastier plant-based options — are still in effect, and Beyond Meat is still talked about - watch this closely!

MOON-vs- AIR: Harsh wind storm along the 2 Carolina States – all along their coast lines – as well – along coast line for thew state of Alabama – harsh rains along with blowing winds causing some rash tornado actions after the Sept 2020 Autumnal Equinox … and a toggling moon touching air signs during 2021-2020 can lead to horrendous adverse results for wiping out whole towns via flooding.

MOON –vs- WATER: Some sort of natural disaster is likely for (Portugal and Spain)and 2 or 3 other countries that are surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea.
Because the Black Horse will begin to cross the land it will be wise to learn how to survive: EVERY SINGLE PERSON ALIVE will be affected. Is your house in order? Keep in the pantry survival things. Be sure to have the beans and rice in surmountable amounts when the alarm is sounded – get the pantry ready! You've seen the handwriting on the wall and you still refuse to do anything about it? Okay remember the food shelves in your major grocery chain stores can become empty again, just a reminder! Again, get your survival foods on the shelves at home.

BOTTOM LINE IS THIS - If possible, try to not base your goals on personal performance, you must keep control over the achievement of your goals and draw more satisfaction from them by holding firm to your “EXPECTATIONS” while living in a world that is in crisis. Peace to you; be safe be blessed and retain your glow.
Respectfully submitted –
2020 September 11th
By, Evelyn H. Mack,
Forecaster and Keynote Speaker
Specializing in World Events and the Forces of Nature

Evelyn H. Mack
Venus by Evelyn


all contents © copyright 2003-2024 Evelyn H. Mack
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